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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Photo Criteria for Andorra Passport

How to Quickly and Easily Take your Andorra Passport Photo
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 73 %
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 7 %
Is it printable?
Background Color
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More about Andorra Passport Photo - Requirements

Photo Criteria for Andorra Passport

For your passport application to be approved, you must provide a correct passport photo. Although passport photos are similar for most countries, there are specific requirements which t need to be addressed. When taking an Andorra passport photo it is essential to follow the government guidelines so that your application will not be denied. 

Andorran passport photo format & size

For the Andorran passport, the applicant must be facing forward, looking straight ahead. 

Second, the image must measure 4.5 cm in height and 3.5 cm in width. The applicant's full face must be visible from forehead to chin with visible ears. Seventy percent of the picture must be the candidate's face. Pictures older than six months will not be accepted. Portrait format images are also not allowed.

The following table presents what applicants can and can’t do in an official Andorra passport photo:

Can do:

Can’t do:

Keep a neutral facial expression

Smile or frown

Tie hair back or neatly put them behind the ears

Have hair visible on the face

Look straight into the camera lens

Have eyes closed or look away

Keep mouth closed and neutral

Have mouth open

Photo quality & resolution

The quality of the photo must be high. Blurry and unclear images will be rejected. The picture must be printed on high-quality paper at least 600 dpi. Photos should not be edited or have any filters visible. The image must clearly show the applicants' natural skin tone, eye colour and hair colour, and facial features. In addition, a photo cannot be damaged in any way, and pictures with creases or smudges won’t be accepted.

Background & lightning

Like for most other official documents, the Andorran passport photo must be in colour and the background must be white. Any other background colour, even grey, willbe rejected. . Regarding the lighting, faces must be evenly lit. No shadows or reflections can be visible as they are considered a distortion of the image. 

Headwear & eyewear

Eyes must be perfectly visible for the image. Applicant’s with glasses may only keep them on if they have a prescription. Eyeglass frames must not cover the face, and lenses may not be tinted. Sunglasses are always forbidden, even if prescribed as a medical necessity.

 Similar rules apply to headwear. Caps, hats, headbands, helmets, or bonnets are not allowed to be worn. Headwear may only be kept if a person has a religious belief or medical condition (and provides a doctor's note).

Appropriate clothing for Andorra passport photo

As with other official document photos, uniforms are prohibited. People cannot wear white clothes that will disappear into the background. Hair accessories are also not allowed. Those applicants who have beards may keep their beards for their photos. However, any changes to an applicant's appearance (such as shaving the beard off or getting a new facial tattoo) will force the applicant to take a new photo and get a new passport. This is because applicants' current appearance must be reflected in the image.

Common mistakes when taking a passport photo

Applicants must follow specific photo guidelines to get an acceptable photograph. It’s easy to make a mistake and get something wrong. Here are the top three most common mistakes made when taking an Andorra passport photo.

Incorrect photo format & sizing

The most common mistake is incorrect sizing or format. The picture must measure the required size, not be damaged, be in colour, and have a white background with even lightning. The quality of the photo must be high and the face should be visible from forehead to chin. If any one of these is wrong, , the picture will not be accepted.

Photo is edited

Photos that have been edited using color filters and effects or other graphic tools will automatically result in your photo being rejected. It is illegal to edit any official document photo. The photo must show the candidate’s true colours and facial features. Changing your eye colour, hair colour, or Photoshopping your cheekbones to look skinnier will result in instant refusal. This particularly applies to social media filters such as Snapchat or Instagram.

Picture does not reflect current appearance

Another problem is when a passport holder changes their appearance drastically. A passport photo must reflect the candidate's current looks. If a traveller gets a new facial tattoo, gains or loses a lot of weight, shaves off a beard or undergoes plastic surgery, then a new passport photo is in order. The border security agents may not accept your old passport if it no longer looks like you.

Taking an Andorra passport photo at home

Thanks to modern technology, it is now easy for people to take their own official document photos. You can take your passport picture using your smartphone! 

Passport photo online  provides tools which enable applicants to scan their snapshots and turn them into government-approved passport-ready photographs in seconds.

Passport Photo Online tool

The Passport Photo Online website allows you to choose which document the picture is for, and then upload the picture from your device. This can be done from a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. The website provides artificial scanning, cropping, background cleanup and red-eye removal. Passport Photo Online not only speeds up the process but also makes candidates' lives easier. You won’t have to worry about the white background, the red-eye effect, or if you are following the specific Andorra picture guideline.

Passport photo checker & editor

Our passport photo checker and other tools enable each candidate to comfortably take their picture anywhere and edit it to the desired standard. We scan your picture and give you information about what is wrong with the picture (if anything) and what needs to be improved. If the picture is usable, scanning will accept the picture. Then editing may be done to the picture to get it to match the required specifications. 

Mobile app for Andorra passport photo

Mobile apps generally aim to speed up a certain process. For instance, instead of visiting a bank, people may see their bank statements on their mobile app. Well, the same thing applies to photo booths - the “digital photo booth” speeds up the process of getting passport pictures taken and makes the life of the user easier and more comfortable.

iPhone passport photo app

The iPhone passport photo app is available for download in the app store. It works exactly the same as the website service. App requires IOS 12 system or above (this applies to iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac). It is free for download and its size is 47,4 MB.

Android passport photo app

For Android users, the Android passport photo app is available in the google play store. The app size is 13M, it is also free of charge, and the system requires it to be a version 5 or above. The app is also available in many languages.

Last update: 1/27/23

About the document

A passport is the strongest type of document any individual can hold. Not only it allows individuals to travel abroad, but it is also a legal form of verifying identity or citizenship which is useful for things like opening a bank account or getting a job. According to Henley Passport Index, an Andorra passport holder can enter 168 destinations without a visa. It ranks 19th out of 199 passports. Note - Andora is not part of Schengen or the European Union (similar to Monaco or Vatican City).

Eligibility for Andorra passport

Eligible individuals for an Andorra passport are the ones who hold residency (active or passive) for at least 20 years in Andorra and have a clean criminal record. Those who study in Andorra’s educational institution, and are a resident for 10 years may apply for an Andorra passport if they renounce their original nationality. Lastly, individuals who end up marrying an Andorran citizen may apply for citizenship and passport after three years of marriage.

Note: Andorra does not grant citizenship by investment.

Application process for Andorra passport

After spending the required time in Andorra and renouncing their original nationality, people may apply for an Andorra passport. Required documents for a passport include:

  • Andorran birth certificate or certificate of immigration and established citizenship
  • A civil document presenting name change, eg marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • If none of the above is available then new copies should be ordered

The official passport application is issued by Tramits Comu D’Ordino and it must be completed in person using black or blue ink. The Andorran government requires all applicants to fill out the application in capital letters and a passport photo must be attached. The application form will ask about the applicant’s name, date and place of birth, identity proof and address.

Andorra Passport Fee 

Andorra passport fee is 49.31 euros for 10-year passports and 32.16 euros for a 5 years passport.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can I edit my Andorra passport photo using an Instagram filter?

+ -
The same rules apply to using any other social media platform for editing purposes. Any editing done to the original copy of the photo will result in instant rejection.

Do I need to keep a straight face do Andorra Passport Photo?

+ -
Like for any other passport photo, the candidate is required to keep a neutral facial expression for the duration of the photo.

Is wearing a cap for Andorra Passport Photo allowed?

+ -
No, under any circumstances people are not allowed to wear caps, hats, headbands or other headwear for a passport photo. The only exemption applies when a person has a medical condition.
Although this is not a requirement, candidates are required to neatly put their hair back behind their ears or tie them back so they don’t obstruct the face. This is particularly important for applicants with long hair.
Apart from passport photo online service and app, candidates may also use photo booths located in shopping centres and supermarkets, professional photography studios and post offices.
Individuals must first familiarize themselves with passport photo guidelines, to make sure they avoid common mistakes. Passport Photo Online service also offers tips on how to take a photo by providing step by step instructions.
Similarly to iPhone holders, Android users can also enjoy app services. They can download the app in Google Play Store at no charge.
People are able to download their passport photo app in the Apple Store free of charge.
The passport photo app was designed to bring comfort to all digital users. It works exactly like a photo booth but online/via an app. Therefore, yes passport photo app is legit service
Yes, it is possible to take a passport photo using a mobile device, tablet, or iPad at home! Once the picture is taken, candidates are then able to use a special passport photo app or an online service to check their photo - if it follows specific passport photo guidelines. Service also allows editing (cropping, background removal) to be done if needed.
No, Andorra stayed outside of the Schengen Agreement. Yet, all incomers have to pass through Schengen Area. Andorra however, does not require a visa. Hence, entry procedures are similar to the Schengen area.
Any editing done to the original picture is strictly prohibited and will result in instant denial.
It is normally required to change a passport photo if any drastic changes to appearance are being made. This includes facial tattoos, beard shaving, gaining or losing weight etc.
Yes, if beard is a part of person’s identity, it must be kept for the picture. If however, the candidate decides to shave it off, then appearance changes and a new passport photo will be required.
Glasses are only permitted for the picture if the applicant provides a doctors note or prescription. This, however, only applies to normal everyday glasses as tinted/sunglasses are strictly prohibited.
No, a photo requires to be high quality with no damages. Any small creases or ink spillages will result in photo rejection.
Due to strict photo guidelines, applicants are not allowed to smile or frown in their passport photo. Candidates must keep neutral facial expression, have their eyes open, and mouth shut.
The size of the photo must measure 4,5x3,5 cm. The overall format of the photo is that it must be in colour and have a white background present.
Compared to other countries, the UK offer citizenship by investment option, where individual who invests a minimum of £2 million may be eligible for citizenship and therefore passport. This is not the case in Andorra.
As with any other country, citizenship is required to obtain a passport. A person must first be living 20 years in Andorra, have a clean criminal record, and renounce original nationality. Citizenship by marriage is also an option - where an individual may obtain citizenship after 3 years of marriage.