Visa-Free Countries for Bulgarian Passport Holders in 2023

Visa-free Countries for Bulgarian Passport Holders

Passport holders from Bulgaria are not required to have a visa in more than 100 countries. The Bulgarian passport permits entry into the majority of European, Central- and South American destinations without the obligation for a visa in advance. Traveling around the world is made relatively easy by the fact that many nations allow visa-free access to Bulgarian citizens, grant visas on arrival, or even issue eVisas for Bulgarian travelers. 

Continue reading for a list of countries that do not require a visa from holders of Bulgarian passports in 2023, as well as those that do!☀️

In this article on the topic of world accessibility for Bulgarian passport holders, you will learn about:
Map and chart showing the percentage distribution of visa requirements for Bulgarian citizens
Visa-Free Countries108 (54,5%)
Visa-On-Arrival Countries39 (20%)
eVisa Countries18 (9%)
eTA Countries6 (3%)
Visa Countries27 (14%)

How many countries can Bulgarian citizens travel to visa-free?

Exactly 108 states do not require a visa for inhabitants of Bulgaria. As a citizen of Bulgaria, one can travel to that many places without encountering any issues or needing to apply for a visa. The majority of destinations do not require a visa for entry, and Bulgarian residents do not need to take any additional steps to enter. Most of the European territories, as well as the majority of South American states, guarantee admission without a visa.

Map of countries Bulgarian citizens can travel to visa-free

What countries can Bulgarian citizens visit without a visa?

The list below contains all states Bulgarian passport holders can visit without a visa. The specific number of days in brackets shows how long travelers can stay in the given country visa-free.

Albania (90 days)Malaysia (90 days)
Antigua and Barbuda (180 days)Marshall Islands (90 days)
Argentina (90 days)Mauritius (90 days)
Armenia (180 days)Mexico (180 days)
AustriaMicronesia (90 days)
Bahamas (90 days)Moldova (90 days)
Barbados (90 days)Monaco
Belarus (30 days)Montenegro (90 days)
BelgiumMorocco (90 days)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (90 days)Nicaragua (90 days)
Botswana (90 days)North Macedonia (90 days)
Brazil (90 days)Norway
Brunei (90 days)Palau (90 days)
Cape Verde (30 days)Palestinian Territories
Chile (90 days)Panama (90 days)
Colombia (90 days)Paraguay (90 days)
Costa Rica (90 days)Peru (90 days)
CroatiaPhilippines (30 days)
Czech RepublicPortugal
DenmarkQatar (90 days)
Dominica (180 days)Romania
Dominican RepublicSaint Kitts and Nevis (90 days)
Ecuador (90 days)Saint Lucia (90 days)
El Salvador (90 days)Samoa (90 days)
EstoniaSan Marino
Fiji (120 days)Sao Tome and Principe (15 days)
FinlandSenegal (90 days)
FranceSerbia (90 days)
Gambia (90 days)Singapore (90 days)
Georgia (360 days)Slovakia
GreeceSolomon Islands (90 days)
Grenada (90 days)Spain
Guatemala (90 days)St. Vincent and the Grenadines (90 days)
Haiti (90 days)Sweden
Honduras (90 days)Switzerland
Hong Kong (90 days)Taiwan (90 days)
HungaryTimor-Leste (90 days)
IcelandTonga (90 days)
IrelandTrinidad and Tobago (90 days)
Israel (90 days)Tunisia (60 days)
ItalyTurkey (90 days)
Japan (90 days)Tuvalu (90 days)
Kazakhstan (30 days)Ukraine (90 days)
Kiribati (120 days)United Arab Emirates (90 days)
Kosovo (90 days)United Kingdom (180 days)
Kyrgyzstan (60 days)Uruguay (90 days)
LatviaUzbekistan (30 days)
LiechtensteinVanuatu (90 days)
LithuaniaVatican City
LuxembourgVenezuela (90 days)

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How many countries can Bulgarian citizens visit with a visa on arrival?

Some states require visa applications to be filled out right after an individual arrives in the country. Holders of Bulgarian passports will receive a visa after submitting the necessary paperwork at the border of the desired destination. This kind of visa is known as a visa on arrival and is valid for a specific period. Bulgarian nationals are eligible for visa-on-arrival in 39 countries.

Map of countries Bulgarian citizens can visit with a visa on arrival

What countries can Bulgarian citizens go to with a visa on arrival?

Visa on arrival for Bulgarians mainly concerns Central African countries as well as some South Asian areas. We have prepared a full list of states that grant a visa on arrival to Bulgarian passport holders together with the number of days it is valid.

Bahrain (30 days)Mongolia (30 days)
Bangladesh (30 days)Mozambique (30 days)
Bolivia (90 days)Namibia (90 days)
Burundi (30 days)Nepal (90 days)
Comoros (45 days)Nigeria
Cuba (tourist card, 30 days)Oman (14 days)
Egypt (30 days)Papua New Guinea (60 days)
Gabon (90 days)Rwanda (30 days)
Guinea-Bissau (90 days)Saudi Arabia (90 days)
GuyanaSeychelles (tourist registration, 90 days)
Indonesia (30 days)Sierra Leone (30 days)
Iraq (60 days)Somalia (30 days)
Jamaica (30 days)Tajikistan (45 days)
Laos (30 days)Thailand (15 days)
Lebanon (30 days)Togo (7 days)
Madagascar (90 days)Zambia (90 days)
Malawi (30 days)Zimbabwe (90 days)
Maldives (30 days)

How many countries can Bulgarian citizens visit with an eVisa?

Bulgarian passport holders are required to have an eVisa to enter 18 countries.

An eVisa or electronic visa is a type of electronic travel permission that can be requested and granted online. It can be used for brief stays in the destination country for transit, business, or tourism purposes. Since the entire process is done online, all necessary documents should be photocopied rather than shipped or provided physically. Unlike a visa-on-arrival, an eVisa needs to be obtained before the trip.

Map of countries Bulgarian citizens can visit with an eVisa

Which countries require Bulgarian citizens to obtain an eVisa?

Places that expect Bulgarians to obtain an eVisa are located primarily in Africa and Asia. Below you can find a complete list of the countries that require Bulgarian travelers to get an eVisa before crossing their borders.

Azerbaijan (30 days)Kenya (90 days)
BeninKuwait (90 days)
Cambodia (30 days)Lesotho (14 days)
Congo Dem. Rep. (90 days)Myanmar [Burma]
Ethiopia (90 days)South Sudan
Guinea (90 days)Suriname
India (30 days)Uganda
Iran (30 days)Viet Nam (30 days)

In how many countries Bulgarian citizens are required to have a visa to visit?

Bulgarian citizens are required to have a visa in 27 territories. Although more than half of destinations around the globe grant Bulgarian passport holders access without a visa, some destinations still require this document. Travelers will need to apply for a visa in advance, as the journey can only begin once it is authorized. It is always a good idea to check the official website of a given country for up-to-date visa information. 

Map of countries Bulgarian citizens are required to have a visa or eTA to visit

What countries require Bulgarian citizens to get a visa?

Most of the states where a visa is essential for Bulgarian citizens are located in Africa and Asia. Below you can find a list of the countries where Bulgarian passport holders are required to have a visa to enter.

Burkina FasoNauru
Central African RepublicNorth Korea
ChadRussian Federation
ChinaSouth Africa
Equatorial GuineaSyria
EswatiniUnited States of America

Bulgarian citizens can travel to 6 countries with an eTA authorization

Firstly, let´s explain what eTA actually means. Sometimes travelers are required to obtain an electronic travel authorization (eTA), which is used to number the attendance in a given country. It is connected with the passport and thus security is enhanced by checking travelers arriving by air before they land. Bulgarian passport holders can enter the following countries with an eTA:

Australia (90 days)New Zealand (90 days)
Canada (180 days)South Korea (90 days)
Cote d’Ivoire (pre-enrollment, 90 days)Sri Lanka (30 days)

Key takeaway on visa-free countries for Bulgarian citizens

The Bulgarian passport is able to grant its owner high mobility and opens doors to many countries around the world. In 2023 Bulgarian passport holders can travel to 108 countries without a visa. 39 nations offer visa-on-arrival. 18 states can be entered with a valid eVisa, with 6 others granting Bulgarian citizens entry using the eTA system. Only 27 destinations require Bulgarians to get a visa.

To sum it up, this means that Bulgarian passport holders can visit more than 54% of the countries without the necessity to obtain a visa, and considering the more accessible types of visa and eTA, the percentage increases to more than 86%! 😎

FAQ – World accessibility for Bulgarian passport holders

✅ How many countries grant visa-free entry to Bulgarian passport holders?

108 destinations in the world offer visa-free entry to Bulgarian citizens.

🧳 Can Bulgarian travelers get a visa after coming to a specific country?

Yes, this type of visa is called a visa-on-arrival, and Bulgarians can get it in 39 states.

US Flag Do Bulgarian citizens have to have a visa in the USA?

Yes. The United States is among the countries that require Bulgarians to obtain a visa before crossing the border.

What is an eTA and which countries require it from Bulgarian passport holders?

eTA is an electronic travel authorization and is used to record the number of visitors. The following countries require an eTA from Bulgarian travelers: Australia, Canada, Cote d’Ivoire, New Zealand, South Korea, and Sri Lanka. 

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