Review: is ePassportPhoto the right site where to get my free passport photo?

Are you willing to get your passport or ID photo online? ePassportPhoto is one of the main leaders in the world right now if it comes to online photobooths; this is, passport photo tool, passport photo generator or however you would like to call them. Although an app version is still not available in order to use ePassportPhoto, the site has been operating efficiently since its creation in 2005 and millions of users have already benefited from its services. What is it that makes this online photobooth so distinguished? The following paragraphs will help to understand what are, from our point of view, its most discerned advantages and disadvantages.

ePassportPhoto site´s interface – the best one I found so far

If referring to the interface, I have visited plenty of online photo tool sites recently and ePassportPhoto was defenitely quite a surprise to my eyes as I certainly consider it to be the most user-friendly interface I found till the date. It’s exceedingly easy to use, information is clear and well-organized, which makes you go straight to the point unlike other sites having a more blurry interface. Sometimes what it’s supposed to be a 1 minute task ends up being 15 minutes long but ePassportPhoto is actually handy for users of different ages. Moreover, we thank its lack of extra frills, which usually lead the users to a misunderstanding or uncertainty about how to use the online photobooth. Moreover, it looks up-to-date and not excessively colourful, which gives it an elegant touch as well as it makes it pleasantly simple and clear.

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ePassportPhoto Content – What does it include?

ePassportPhoto site offers lots of options for those interested in getting a photo and to submit an application for a passport or visa. In fact, they personally claim that – unlike other photo sites – “its system currently supports the exact government requirements of over 60 countries on the planet”. In order to do that, they provide its users with guidelines concerning the different documents so as to inform them of the many official requirements stated by its corresponding government. If using its free “do it yourself” service, you can also find universal instructions on how to make your passport photo. In turn, both alternative options (paid services) include professional validation and 99.5% approval rate.

Price – Free version, drugstore pickup and mail home services

How much do I need to pay for a passport photo online? ePassportPhoto offers three options: its free “do it yourself” service, drugstore pickup option – only available in the US – and mail home too. But for these couple of last ones, you will need to pay. The “do it yourself” service only contains guidelines on how to take your photo and official requirements stated for the concerning document, while the other options offer the same advantages making the only difference on how to get your passport photos. Drugstore pickup option is available at Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

Premium Service – Should I better pay in order to get my passport photo?

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Although the paid service includes professional verification in order to make your photo look perfect – right image cropping, required passport photo size, appropriate contrast level and brightness… -, we can think about a few missing features probably making the online tool unsatisfactory for many of us.

  • They do not provide users with background removal so you will need to take your sample picture against a white blank wall no matter if you´re paying or not.
  • No automatic support about the quality of image. Thus, any kind of image from users can be uploaded.
  • No app available, which I consider as a “must” at this time.

Privacy – is ePassportPhoto a safe site?

So, when it comes to privacy, ePassportPhoto´s policy is nothing unusual. They claim to only share customer information to those third party intermediaries helping them to run its service. Moreover, they do retain or access your customer information with the only purpose of providing the client its service but they will never share it without your consent. Additionally, advertisers on ePassportPhoto do never have access to your personal information and ePassportPhoto employees or partner companies´ employees are the only ones who may see your photos. As usual, they do also use IP addresses and cookies. They do neither spam your email or personal accounts with annoying messages since they will only contact you in order to provide information about order status that may be relevant to you.

Summary – Advantages, disadvantages, final grade and comments

Advantages of ePassportPhoto – What are its best features?

  • Free version available
  • Outstanding interface
  • Reasonable privacy policy

Disadvantages of ePassportPhoto – What can be improved?

  • Expensive premium service
  • No background removal
  • No app available

ePassportPhoto Review – Final grade: 7/10

Although we can list plenty of advantages, you can similarly benefit from most of them at other online photobooth sites, what implies that ePassportPhoto is just a regular site where to get your free passport photo. Besides, I consider both paid services to be excessively expensive. If you would like to benefit from a cheaper online photo tool having background removal function and app available, then you should definitely try Passport Photo Online. In case your photo is not accepted, you will receive 100% of the paid amount. Pay for a trustworthy service and forget about the rest!