Visa-Free Countries for Hungarian Passport Holders in 2023

Visa-free Countries for Hungarian Passport Holders

As a holder of a Hungarian passport, you can enter more than 100 countries without applying for any visa! These include all members of the EU and several states in South America, Africa, and Asia. A valid Hungarian passport opens many doors, all over the world. Even if your destination doesn’t offer you a completely visa-free entry, many grant visa-on-arrival or allow permission by filling in an eTA.

Keep reading to find out which countries you, as a Hungarian citizen, can enter freely or with some form of visa in 2023.

In this article we’ll show you which destinations Hungarian citizens can enter freely or with a respective visa:
Map and chart showing the percentage distribution of visa requirements for Hungarian citizens
Visa-Free Countries113 (57%)
Visa-On-Arrival Countries33 (17%)
eVisa Countries28 (14%)
eTA Countries7 (3,5%)
Visa Countries27 (14%)

How many countries can Hungarian citizens travel to visa-free?

Hungarian citizens can enter a total of 113 countries without having to apply for any visa. Many of them are located within the borders of the European Union. If you want to travel to one of these member states, you neither need a visa nor a passport! A valid ID is more than enough for traveling between countries that are part of the EU.

For any other destination outside of the EU which is stated on the following list, you do need to bring a valid passport but can still enter without a visa.

Map of countries Hungarian citizens can travel to visa-free

What countries can Hungarian citizens go to without a visa?

Hungarian passport holders can enter nearly 60% of all the countries in the world visa-free. Most of them are members of the EU, where you can stay as long as you want if you’ve got a valid ID or passport with you.

Apart from EU member states, there are many more destinations that allow you to cross their borders without having to apply for a visa. We’ve put them all in a list and added the information on how long you can stay without a visa – there are no limitations for EU countries.

Albania (90 days)Malta (90 days)
AndorraMarshall Islands (90 days)
Antigua and Barbuda (180 days)Mauritius (90 days)
Argentina (90 days)Mexico (180 days)
Armenia (180 days)Micronesia (90 days)
AustriaMoldova (90 days)
Bahamas (90 days)Monaco
Barbados (90 days)Montenegro (90 days)
Belarus (30 days)Morocco (90 days)
BelizeNicaragua (90 days)
Bolivia (90 days)North Macedonia (90 days)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (90 days)Norway
Botswana (90 days)Palau (90 days)
Brazil (90 days)Palestinian Territories
Brunei (90 days)Panama (90 days)
BulgariaParaguay (90 days)
Cape Verde (30 days)Peru (180 days)
Chile (90 days)Philippines (30 days)
Colombia (90 days)Poland
Costa Rica (90 days)Portugal
CroatiaQatar (90 days)
Czech RepublicSaint Kitts and Nevis (90 days)
DenmarkSaint Lucia (90 days)
Dominica (180 days)Samoa (90 days)
Dominican RepublicSan Marino
Ecuador (90 days)Sao Tome and Principe (15 days)
El Salvador (90 days)Senegal (90 days)
EstoniaSerbia (90 days)
Eswatini (30 days)Singapore (90 days)
FranceSolomon Islands (90 days)
Gambia (90 days)South Africa (30 days)
Georgia (360 days)Spain
GermanySt. Vincent and the Grenadines (90 days)
Grenada (90 days)Switzerland
Guatemala (90 days)Taiwan (90 days)
Haiti (90 days)Tajikistan (30 days)
Honduras (90 days)Thailand (30 days)
Hong Kong (90 days)Timor-Leste (90 days)
IcelandTonga (90 days)
IrelandTrinidad and Tobago (90 days)
Israel (90 days)Tunisia (90 days)
ItalyTurkey (90 days)
Jamaica (30 days)Tuvalu (90 days)
Kazakhstan (30 days)Ukraine (90 days)
Kiribati (120 days)United Arab Emirates (90 days)
Kosovo (90 days)United Kingdom (180 days)
Kyrgyzstan (60 days)Uruguay (90 days)
LatviaUzbekistan (30 days)
LiechtensteinVanuatu (90 days)
LithuaniaVatican City
LuxembourgVenezuela (90 days)
Malaysia (90 days)

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How many countries can Hungarian citizens visit with a visa on arrival?

Hungarian citizens are granted a visa on arrival in 33 countries. This means that you don’t have to apply beforehand for a visa but can do so as soon as you’ve arrived at the airport, seaport, or land border of a given states that offers visa-on-arrival.

This procedure often doesn’t take much time and in most cases consists of filling in a specific form that is given to you at your point of arrival. Please note, however, that waiting times can vary depending on where you’re traveling to and when. So you should definitely allow for some delays under certain circumstances.

Map of countries hungarian citizens can visit with a visa on arrival

What countries can Hungarian citizens go to with a visa on arrival?

Most of the countries that Hungarian citizens need to get a visa-on-arrival for are located in Africa and some parts of Asia. The visa-on-arrival comes with a certain validity period that mustn’t be exceeded. To our list we added all the information on how long the visa is valid:

Angola (pre-visa on arrival)Maldives (30 days)
Bahrain (30 days)Mauritania
Bangladesh (30 days)Mozambique (30 days)
Burkina Faso (30 days)Namibia (90 days)
Burundi (30 days)Nepal (90 days)
Comoros (45 days)Nigeria
Egypt (30 days)Oman (14 days)
Gabon (90 days)Papua New Guinea (60 days)
Guinea-Bissau (90 days)Rwanda (30 days)
Guyana (pre-visa on arrival)Saudi Arabia (90 days)
Indonesia (30 days)Sierra Leone (30 days)
Iraq (60 days)Somalia (30 days)
Laos (30 days)Togo (7 days)
Lebanon (30 days)Zambia (90 days)
Madagascar (90 days)Zimbabwe (90 days)
Malawi (30 days)

How many countries can Hungarian citizens visit with an eVisa?

As a Hungarian citizen, you need to apply for an eVisa in 28 countries. This type of visa is acquired online via a simplified process. In comparison to a regular visa, the applicant doesn’t need to make an appointment at an embassy and show up personally. Instead, all the documents can be uploaded online which makes the eVisa a far more convenient option. However, don’t forget to apply ahead of your trip as permission needs to be granted before you enter the country.

Map of countries Hungarian citizens can visit with an eVisa

Which countries require Hungarian citizens to obtain an eVisa?

Most of the countries that Hungarian citizens need an eVisa for are located in Africa and Asia. Check out the complete list down below so you can prepare for your visit and avoid any unpleasant surprises:

Azerbaijan (30 days)Rwanda (30 days)
Lesotho (14 days)Guinea (90 days)
Bahrain (30 days)Saudi Arabia (90 days)
Madagascar (90 days)Guinea-Bissau (90 days)
Malawi (30 days)South Sudan
Cambodia (30 days)India (30 days)
Mongolia (30 days)Tanzania
Congo (Dem. Rep.) (90 days)Iran (30 days)
Oman (14 days)Kenya (90 days)
Egypt (30 days)Vietnam (30 days)
EthiopiaKuwait (90 days)
Papua New Guinea (60 days)Zambia (90 days)
Gabon (90 days)Laos (30 days)
Azerbaijan (30 days)Rwanda (30 days)
Lesotho (14 days)Guinea (90 days)

How many countries require Hungarian citizens to have a visa to visit?

There are currently 27 countries that Hungarian passport holders can’t enter without a proper visa.

In these cases, it’s not possible to obtain a visa online or upon arrival. Instead, you need to book an appointment at the embassy or consulate of the given country and provide all the necessary documents in person. Oftentimes even a short interview will take place to inquire about your travel purposes. To prepare for the appointment and to get a full list of all documents required, it’s always best to visit the official website of the country you’re traveling to.

Map of countries Hungarian citizens are required to have a visa or eTA to visit

What countries require Hungarian citizens to get a visa?

There are just a few countries in the world that still ask Hungarian citizens to apply for a visa before entering their territory. Here is a complete list so you can plan your journey ahead of time:

AlgeriaMacao (COVID-19 ban)
Benin (eVisa)Mali
BhutanMyanmar [Burma] (eVisa)
Central African RepublicNiger
ChadNorth Korea
ChinaPakistan (eVisa)
CongoRussian Federation
Equatorial GuineaSudan

Hungarian citizens can travel to 7 countries with eTA authorization

Technically, an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is not a visa but rather a requirement that visa-exempt travelers (including Hungarian nationals) need to fill in before entering the given country. The main purpose of an eTA is to check all the incoming visitors before they even physically arrive on the territory. When filling in an eTA you need to provide your passport number so authorities can monitor your arrival.

At the moment, there are 7 countries that require an eTA for Hungarian travelers:

Australia (90 days)South Korea (90 days)
Canada (180 days)Sri Lanka (30 days)
Ivory Coast (90 days)United States of America (90 days)
New Zealand (90 days)

Key takeaway on visa-free countries for Hungarian citizens

As a Hungarian citizen, you can travel to 113 countries completely visa-free in 2023. Currently, there are just 26 countries that do require a proper visa if you want to enter their territory, in 33 you can obtain a visa-on-arrival and in 27 countries it’s possible to get your eVisa via a simplified online process. There are also just 7 countries that ask you to fill in an eTA in order to monitor your arrival and departure. This means, you – the holder of a Hungarian passport – can travel 86% of the world without the need to apply for a proper visa.


Which countries can I visit with a Hungarian passport?

As the holder of a Hungarian passport, you can visit any country in the world. However, for some, a visa is still necessary. There are currently 27 states where Hungarians need to provide a proper visa if they want to cross the border.

How many countries can Hungarians enter without a visa?

As of today, there are 113 countries in the world that Hungarian citizens can enter freely without the need for a visa. There are 33 where a visa-on-arrival can be granted and 28 more where you need to obtain an eVisa before entering the state.

Do Hungarian citizens need to get a visa to enter the USA?

Yes, Hungarian citizens need to get entry permission if they want to travel to the USA. However, technically, this permission is not a visa but an eTA. Unlike a proper visa, an eTA can be obtained online and fulfills the purpose of screening incoming visitors.


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