Review: Make passport photo online free with IDPhotoDIY

Do you have to take a passport photo for your ID and you are not in the mood? Don’t worry! Today we will review for you IDPhotoDIY, an app that allows you to take passport photo online free from your home and from wherever you are, so when you will feel like you want to take a picture for your ID, you won’t have any excuses! We prepared a review for you, so you will be able to choose which app is the best to take your passport photo online directly from wherever you are.

Interface & content of the IDPhotoDIY

The interface of IDPhotoDIY is really nice and it’s super easy to understand it! Let’s start with the name. The name of this website suggests something that you can “do by yourself”, so it’s something that should be explained in an easy way, so that everyone can be able to understand how to take a passport photo online by themselves.

Following the website name’s idea, the website interface it’s colorful, it is in purples and blues shades. The example that it provides about how to create your own passport photo online is a nice drawing of a child: I would say that through this drawing, the IDPhotoDIY website wishes to suggest that everyone can use their website, they want to highlight that the website is super easy and that even a child could be able to use it.

The website offers clear instructions to make passport photo online free if you scroll on the home page, but also if you click on the “upload” section, you can find a video that will explain you exactly how to take a passport photo.

Make passport photo online free: Quality & price

The website doesn’t allow you to take a passport photo online. If you want to take it, you have to do it alone, being careful at the background, at the expression on your face and so on. The only thing that IDPhotoDIY provides is cropping the image: it will automatically crop the image according to what you need, depending on what you select. The quality of the uploaded picture differs from the photo that you upload.The silver lining about this website is that it will automatically crop your passport photo online free.

Now, if you want to print, you will have to do it by yourself. As you can see on the picture here above, the website recommends you how to print your passport photo and it also recommends you some other websites that offers online photo printing services.

Privacy on IDPhotoDIY

IDPhotoDIY privacy assures that the passport photo will be automatically deleted within 1 hour but it also says that uploaded photos may be accessed by their employees for the purpose of improving the quality of the service.

Final grade for Passport Photo Now: 6/10

  • It will automatically crop your picture
  • The interface is foolproof
  • You will have to use something else to print your passport photo
  • Cannot change background
  • Do-it-yourself ID photos by users, as the website names suggests.

I would recommend you this website if you are able to take a passport photo by yourself and if you want to print it alone. Well, actually it’s all do-it-yourself with this website. Now that you read this review, maybe you will want to try some others website/app to make passport photo online by your own with Passport photo online or some other interesting tools. Check it out and save a large amount of money for ID photos!