Italian Passport Renewal in NYC – All You Need to Do

Italian Passport Renewal in NYC - All You Need to Do

An Italian citizen who is living in New York and registered to AIRE (Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all’Estero) can easily renew an expired passport at the appropriate office. The process is very similar to the one you would have to follow in Italy, however, there are some differences.

Italian passport renewal in NYC will require some additional documents that you will need to submit at the Italian Consulate General.

Follow our guide to learn exactly what you need to do to get a new Italian passport through consular services, without any problems or delays.

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Who can renew their Italian passport in NYC?

Not everyone who has Italian citizenship can request a passport renewal at the Consulate in NYC. If you are just traveling in the U.S. and you need to get a new document, you will not be able to follow the regular procedure, the only document that can be issued to you is an ETD (Emergency Travel Document), not a full valid passport.

The only people who can renew their Italian passport in NYC are the nationals registered to AIRE, a register of all Italian citizens that have official permanent residence in another country (acquired after 1 year of residency). 

Specifically, you will need to be registered through the Consulate General of New York, which covers New York, Connecticut, New Jersey (only the counties of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Warren) and Bermuda.

You can find the Italian Consulate General in New York at 690 Park Avenue.

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How to renew an Italian passport in NYC

First of all, you will need to make an appointment at the Consulate through the [email protected] system, offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After a date is set, you will need to remember to confirm it between 3 (three) and 10 (ten) days before the appointment.

On the agreed-upon date, you have to provide:

  • A completed application form (available on the Consulate’s website).
  • 2 (two) recent Italian passport photos.
  • Your old Italian passport.
  • A copy of your United States Permanent Resident Card or entry visa (if you only have Italian citizenship).
  • If you have dual citizenship, you will need to provide a copy of your U.S. passport and your Naturalization Certificate (if you were born in Italy).
  • A prepaid Priority Mail envelope with a tracking number.
  • A money order for the consular fees (cash, debit/credit cards, or checks will not be accepted).

If you are the parent of a minor, you will also need a signed consent form from the other parent and, if the other parent can’t come in person to the Consulate and is not an E.U. citizen, the signature will need to be notarized by a Notary Public.

For a lost or stolen passport, you will need to add the following documents:

  • a police report from the local police
  • the report form (available on the Consulate’s website)
  • acopy of your lost or stolen passport or another form of photo ID (a driver’s license will do).

In case of emergency, you are allowed to request a renewal in a different consular jurisdiction, however, you will need authorization from the embassy or consulate that holds jurisdiction in the area you live.

You can take the passport pictures for the application with your smartphone, by using Passport Photo Online, an app with a built-in AI that will ensure that you are following all the requirements for any document you might need. 

How to renew an Italian passport in NYC – minors

If the applicant is a minor, in addition to the documents indicated above, they will need the form for applicants under 18 years of age and both parents’ passports.

If the minor is over 12 (twelve) years of age, their presence will be mandatory.

Remember also that both parents need to be present to apply for a minor’s passport.

Renew an Italian passport in NYC – fees and processing time

If you apply for a new passport at the Italian Consulate, whether it’s a first time application or a renewal, you will have to pay the passport fee and an additional administrative fee.

The cost of a 48 pages passport booklet is $48.70, for a smaller 16 pages booklet you’ll have to pay $6. To one of these prices, you will have to add the standard administrative fee of $84.10.

You will generally have to wait at least 4 (four) weeks for your passport application to be processed, however, if you need it in a shorter time, the Consulate General offers an expedited service for an additional fee of $57.30.

When to renew an Italian passport in NYC

When you need a new passport, you should consider that consular services can take weeks. If you are planning to travel, you should make sure you start booking your appointment months in advance. Always avoid applying right before or during travel season, there will be fewer appointments available and the processing time can be longer.

You can renew your Italian passport starting 6 (six) months before the expiration date, so it’s always a good idea to apply before it expires.

Renewal of an Italian passport in NYC – closing thoughts

The process to renew an Italian passport in New York is quite straightforward, all you need to do is make an appointment for the consular services and gather the necessary documentation.

You can request a renewal 6 (six) months before the document expires and it’s better to send in your passport application as soon as you can.


How do I renew my Italian passport in New York?

If you are registered in the AIRE, you need to make an appointment at the Consulate General on the [email protected] portal and bring all the requested documents, to prove Italian citizenship and lawful permanent residence in the USA.

After you turn in your documentation, the passport will be processed and shipped to the Consulate in around 4 (four) weeks, or, for an additional fee in 2 (two) weeks.

How do I make an appointment to renew an Italian passport in New York?

You need to book a date through the [email protected] system, also accessible through the Consulate’s website.

How long does it take to renew my Italian passport in NY?

Italian passport renewal will take at least 4 (four) weeks, but during travel season, it can take longer. This is, near 2 (two) months.


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