MakePassportPhoto – a good passport photo tool to generate pictures for your document

Is MakePassportPhoto a convenient passport photo editor that will save you some money and nerves when taking a photo for your document? Are there any tricks to know when you use it to generate a passport picture? Are there ways to get free passport photos using MakePassportPhoto? Do you get a guarantee that your photos will be accepted? Read this article to discover more about this tool, its interface, advantages and the privacy of your photos!

MakePassportPhoto’s interface

The interface of this passport photo editor is modern and good-looking, green being the color that dominates on the page. The main information is presented on the homepage. You can find the free and paid services, their descriptions and price there. On the same page, there are the steps to follow when preparing a photo using MakePassportPhoto and the reasons to choose this passport photo editor. On the bottom of the page, there are some customer reviews and answers to frequently asked questions regarding ID, visa and passport photos.

Free and paid passport photos using MakePassportPhoto

MakePassportPhoto offers free and paid services to prepare passport photos and photos for other types of documents in other countries. You can upload a photo to manually crop it and adjust the lighting, being able to download a free passport photo. If you want automatic background correction and a passport photo template to be prepared, you will have to pay $1,99 for the digital photo. It includes 2 biometric photos and 7 photo grids. There is also an option to get the printouts to be delivered at your address for $9,99, the photos having a high acceptance rate. Also, the paid options allow preparing passport photo templates of different sizes, for example, 6×5, 7×5 or 3,5×5 inches.

The quality of the resulting photos

As you can see in the picture above, that presents an example of an edited photo using MakePassportPhoto, the result is satisfactory. The thing that could be improved is the sharp contour of the face and shoulders, which makes it obvious that the photo has been edited and can result in photo rejection if the office is strict. The photo used is random, so make sure your hair does not cover the face on your photo and maybe the editing result will be better.

If you use the free service, you will have to crop and adjust the photo manually to download a free passport photo immediately. There are passport photo guidelines provided when you edit the photo. Still, using an option of automatic editing will guarantee that the photo is edited correctly and will be accepted. There is also an option to choose clothes and dress up yourself on the passport photo.

Information and photo privacy

MakePassportPhoto is secure enough to use it. The passport photos made on the site are deleted in 24 hours. The information asked will not be offered to other services to identify you. You don’t have to be worried for your child using MakePassportPhoto, as his/her service request will be deleted if he is under 13. Overall, this passport photo editor is responsible, informing its users about the privacy policy and what will happen to their data.

The final grade: 7/10

There are no doubts that MakePassportPhoto is a good passport photo tool to use when preparing document photos. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this passport photo maker to consider before using its services:


  • Nice and user-friendly interface
  • Free passport photo service
  • Additional explanations and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Many types of photos and countries to choose from
  • Background correction looks too obvious
  • Getting a free passport photo implies cropping and adjusting the lighting manually
  • You will see ads if you choose to use the free option
  • The $9,99 option is more expensive than what other sites offer
  • There is no passport photo app to download and use on your phone
  • The choice of documents for the US includes 8 types of photos only
Even if the use of this site has many advantages, could be that you want to get a free digital passport photo template, which is possible with Passport Photo Online! This passport photo editor offers the option of background correction, a warranty and human expert checking for only $4,99. You can also get a 4-passport photo template delivered to your address for $6,99!