Using Oddprints, an easy way to get ID photos printed out and more!

It is always stressful when we have to prepare an ID photo for official documents. You either have to go into a photography studio and ask someone to take pictures of you, which can be very expensive. Besides, we’re not all comfortable in front of a lens, I can admit that. You can also go to a photo booth, less expensive but not very comfortable either. Nowadays fortunately, there are more and more websites that offer ID photos. Today I tried for you Oddprints, let’s see what this website looks like! Is it worth it or not?

Oddprints interface review

The website is quite easy to use and very intuitive. You can easily find the kind of photo you are looking for. The website has nice smooth colours that makes it very catchy compared to other websites. There’s not too much information on the main page, and that’s great because something too much information at the same time can get you a little bit confused.

Easy printing

As you can see, the interface is very well organised and you can easily see that the process will be easy. They go straight to the point : You only need three steps to get your ID photo! Fast right? What’s more? There’s no advertisement which is a plus, all the information you need to know is focused on the middle. In less than 1 minute you’ll understand what this website offers you.

Oddprints Content review

What can offer me if I need an official ID photo?

This website offers, preset standard frame size depending on the country you live in, just import the photo you took with your phone beforehand. You can also choose other standard photo sizes. The crop tool is automatic but you can adjust it manually if you’re not satisfied enough. You also get an instant preview, that’s a really great thing because if you’re not happy with the size of the photo or with the cropping tool you can restart straight away.

This website does not only offer ID photos, you can also use it for any kind of photo prints you want, an option that few competing websites offer. You can download the photo for free! You’ll get a template with eight photos on it!

Photo prints delivery option on Oddprints

However, you’ll have to pay for delivery. Fair enough, the price already appears on the main page so you won’t be surprised! The price appears in pounds £2,99, which is about 3,40€. In the checkout, each passport photo will cost an additional £0,60.

Print your own passport photos

Oddprints’ privacy policy

Oddprints ensures that your privacy is protected. However they do collect some information such as : email address, postal address, uploaded images and other information relevant to placed photo prints orders. They advise you to check their privacy page from time to time because some changes concerning privacy may be made from time to time as well.

In a nutshell, advantages and disadvantages of Oddprints

Let’s sum up what are the advantages and disadvantages of this website :

Advantages of

  • The interface is very intuitive and easy to use
  • You can easily crop your photo, and select frame size
  • The photos are free if you want to print them by yourself
  • The delivery price is reasonable compared to photography studios
  • A time saver

Disadvantages of

  • No guarantee it will be accepted as an official ID
  • No background correction
  • No mobile app available
  • Delivery only available in 3 countries

Although Oddprints appears as one of the best websites for ID picture I tried, the disadvantages as you can see remain quite numerous and can be improved. I advise you to check out Passport Photo Online website. It’s just as fast, cheap, easy to use, and doesn’t have all the disadvantages I mentioned before!