Review: do I save money and time with Paspic?

We all know how much of a hussle it is whenever we make a requirement for a passport or a visa, and one of the most stressing issues is to find a suitable ID photo, especially one that is compliant with the passport regulations of a certain country. The passport photo taking process takes a lot of time, because you have to find a photo studio at an acceptable price, that takes an acceptable passport photo which doesn’t make you look like a potato! Good thing that we are are now in 2021, where there are a lot of websites/ apps that help you make passport photo online

What’s the deal with paspic?

What is interesting about paspic is that it has been on the market for over 20 years, being previously known as PhotoMagic. It was founded by Managing Director Yehuda Hecht and was bought by Photo-Me, which turned it into a system of business card kiosks. In 2000 it was named Paspic and it mainly deals with ID photos for passports, baby’s first passports, bus passes, club memberships, driving licenses, visas, students cards and much more.

The website has a simple interface, with plain colors, blue being the dominant one of the menu bar, with white writings over it. Otherwise, the rest of the text ist black on a white/grey background. It might seem boring and old-fashioned, but the users are able to read the text alright. However, one thing I was able to notice while browsing paspic is the absence of advertisements, which is a big advantage.

Online passport photos
Baby passport photo tool

The website is easy to use, because there are textual or even video explanations of how to to create a passport photo online, it also offers tips and instructions and enlists the requirement for the perfect ID photo, one that meets all the legal regulations. Thus, users will find it so easy to take a photo themselves at home.

How does paspic work though?

There are more detailed explanations on the website, but on short, you have to choose a country in the world, because the regulations regarding the passport photos are very different from one country to another. Then, you have to upload an ID photo of yourself from your gallery and the system will automatically tell you if the ID photo meets the requirements or not. If they do, you will have to order the hard format, and if by any chance the passport photos are found to be biometrically incompliant by the passport authorities, you can get a refund, or you can make a passport photo online free of charge. You will receive a set of three or four passport photo prints and you can pay with mainstream cards or PayPal. It’s that simple.


What are some of the advantages and disadvantages?

Taking all these into considerations, let’s see why you should choose this website to create your passport photo from home:


  • It is cheap: a maximum of £6.00 with free postage to over 65 countries
  • You can use it quickly and easily
  • All passport photos are printed on photo-quality paper
  • There are videos and explanations of how to create an ID photo
  • The website tells you automatically if the ID photo chosen by you meets the requirements of a certain country
  • Paspic tells you exactly how to take a suitable passport photo
  • You can also visit their website blog for further details
  • Even if you ordered the passport photo and it still doesn’t meet the requirements, you will get a full refund or you can create another passport photo online for free
  • The ID photos will be manually inspected before being shipped to you


  • There is no paspic app
  • Boring and plain interface
  • English is the only available language
  • You can’t make the adjustments yourself, paspic will correct the head size/position and the background will be adjusted before printing, which means that you get no preview of the final result until it is shipped to you
  • The registered email address cannot be changed once you placed the order

All in all, the website is a great place where you can upload and order a suitable passport photo because it’s super easy, fast and cheap. If you know that you usually need a lot of instructions in order to do something, then this website is for you. Maybe the greatest advantage is that Paspic tells you right after you upload your photo if it’s suitable for a passport and the fact that it tells you exactly how to take a photo.

But you can also enjoy other online photo booths! Benefit from app right now (available in different languages). Make the appropiate adjustments yourself, get a preview and see how you look like before generating your photo!