Review: is Persofoto the best online photo tool available?

I believe most people don’t enjoy anything about obtaining official documents. Whether we’re talking about visa, driving license, ID, there’s not a huge difference between them: apart from the dreadful bureaucracy work, getting good professional photos that won’t make your friends, family and colleagues make fun of you is also a priority. But we bet you’re tired of having to look for a photographer in town, right? It has to be cheap, but of good quality, nearby, efficient, without many people waiting in front of you – because we know how annoying it is to wait in line when you’re in a hurry… such a big, stressful deal. Do we want to talk about photo boots? We all got traumatized by them at least once in our lives. Having to get into this dark cabin, posing, praying for everything to go smoothly, waiting for the countdown, feeling hopeful for the pictures about to be taken… and there you go, you accidentally blink, sneeze or look away right at the worst moment and your whole picture is ruined – and therefore your money wasted. That’s why we’re coming at you with a piece of advice that will make you save money, time and grey hair: have you ever thought about doing it all without having to stress too much about it? It is possible, we promise we’re not fooling you. Why make it so stressful when you can easily do everything from the comfort of your sofa? “How?”, you might ask. No, there’s no photo booth that will refund you in case your pictures turn out badly. And no, no professional photographer will come to your house and take pictures of you for free. But they say “If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed”, right? Well, there are tonnes of tools that give you the chance to take professional pictures for your documents right from your phone or laptop. All you have to do is take a selfie and let the apps edit, crop and fix it until it looks as good as the pictures a photographer would take – or even better than them!

Today we’re reviewing one of the tools that might help you with everything we’ve just told you about.

ID photos tool

What is PersoFoto photo tool?

PersoFoto is a German website that allows you to take professional pictures for your official documents. The aim of the app is providing a useful and stress-free tool that will substitute any photographer or photo booth. You can use it on your phone, your laptop or even on your tablet.

Exploring the website

The website’s design is clearly one of its main strong suites. The site is catchy, colorful and it immediately draws the attention of the user: it does make you want to discover and try out all the website’s features. From the main homepage you can either create photos for a cv, a visa for many different countries (almost 200!) or a passport.

The types of documents available on

Once you’ve chosen the country you’re interested in, you can decide what type of document you need: you can also create pictures for a health card, a rail card or even a boat license! The variety of documents available is definitely a big plus.

Creating your picture with PersoFoto

It’s now time to create your passport photo. You can then either select a picture from your laptop and optimize it in order to make it suitable for your document or you can take a brand-new one using either the laptop’s webcam or your phone camera, depending on what device you’re using the website from. The app will think about meeting the Passport photo requirements and you won’t have to worry about the Passport photo size, that’s what the app is there for! You’ll be able to immediately download your professional pictures for free or you can have them printed and shipped to you in a few days.

Upsides and downsides of PersoFoto

I personally had some issues using the website from my laptop, as it couldn’t find or activate my webcam, which has never happened with any other website before. I am currently using an HP laptop but we had the same issues on an Apple device. That’s why I recommend you to try that feature out for yourself and see whether it works for you. From my phone it worked better, even if I was hoping I could just take a selfie – as it happens with other apps like Passport-Photo Online, for example, and since it is the easiest and quickest way to take a picture. It is stated in the homepage of PersoFoto, though, that taking a normal selfie just won’t work, so it is recommended to use a proper digital camera, or a selfie-stick. Of course, it is slightly less automatic than an app that lets you take a selfie and fix that picture straight away, since the app’s official tutorial advises you to take it with another device and upload it on your computer.

I liked the fact that it was totally ads-free – even if you can enjoy most features of the app without having to pay for it.

PersoFoto review – Summary

  • ✔️ Great-looking, ads-free website
  • ✔️ Pretty easy to use and intuitive
  • ✔️ Explanatory video in the homepage to learn how to use it
  • ✔️ Useful, makes you save time and money
  • ❌ Many issues with the webcam
  • ❌ Selfie-option not available

Although it is a valuable website to get professional pictures for your documents, we’d recommend you to browse the internet and your app store in order to find the most suitable passport photo editor for you, since there is such a wide range of different apps available. As PersoFoto wrote in their website, it’s now selfie time!