Walgreens hates this App – a Passport Photo at the price of a 4×6 inch photo

The Passport Photo Tool app generates a 4×6 inch passport photo printout and steals 14 bucks from Walgreens. Continue reading to find out how!

How to get a passport photo for free?

Isn’t $14,99 much for a passport photo? This question concerns millions of people because, as every American citizen will know, that is the price you need to pay at a Walgreens store to get a 2×2 inch photo; this is, a passport photo. Speaking frankly, that is really a big amount of money for many of us. Well, any internet user should give us a hand, right? Life is getting easier since tasks such as scanning documents, doing shopping or any other task that tended to be an ordeal for most of us some years ago can be done remotely nowadays. Not just that, but in a cheaper and better way. This is why not much ago we thought: “Why not create a photo tool to help people get a passport photo size easier?”. Of course, one that is fulfilling every single US passport photo requirement. The idea of making this whole passport photo process online was, in fact, a brilliant idea. People could get their 2×2 inch photo in a couple of minutes for free. Therefore, we would avoid the Walgreens photo price or going back to Walmart forever.

We came up with Passport-Photo.online: a free, easy and handy way of getting your passport photo size; taking every US passport photo requirement into consideration. A new way of creating your 2×2 inch photo online. Once you have your photo, you will just have to print it at the price of a 4×6 inch photo; this is, just $0,35! AMAAAZING!

Look for the nearest Walgreens pharmacy and go get your passport photo for $0,35!

But wait. How is that possible? Does it make sense to get your 2×2 inch photo at the price of a 4×6 photo? Let me explain. The idea with this money-saving trick is that you would usually have to pay for a passport photo which will be delivered in its corresponding size. And this was the crucial point back to when we were planning all this matter. There isn’t any regulation within these big companies policy stating that you cannot put 4 of those photos on a postcard-size template, go there and print it out with 4 photos for the price of a normal photo. Exactly! You will even get 4 photos. You are welcome. And no, we are not scamming anyone. You would technically have a 4×6 inch photo printed, not a passport photo, and this is legal.

Use the best passport photo app ever and avoid paying $14,99 at Walgreens

Passport-Photo.online is the best photo editing app you can choose. Our app is easy to use and control. You will find every instruction to get a perfect US passport photo online just in a few minutes from home. Our photo editing app is already being used worldwide. You can use it in order to get your 2×2 inch photo just by printing a 4×6 photo template afterwards.

See how to get your passport photo at a Walgreens Store for 35¢

It is the cheapest way to get your passport photo! When using Passport-Photo.online, you have the possibility to choose among the 3 following options to get your passport photo online:
  • Just the suitable framing for your passport photo – FREE!
  • The approval by the competent authorities will be 100% guaranteed. In case the photo is not approved, you will be given back 200% of the money you paid for the service. You will get the perfect passport photo in digital format: right framing, any flaw will be corrected, the background will be cleaned, etc. for only $4,99!
  • In addition, you will receive the passport photo in physical format at home for only $6,99!
So considering that the cost of a passport photo at Walgreens is $14,99, it should not be a big deal to pay that money for our Premium Service and an additional cost of $0,35 for the 4×6 inch photo printed out at Walgreens. You would be saving $9,65 on a digital photo! And you can get it in physical format at home for just a couple of bucks! C´MON!

In any case, whether you decide to get your free passport photo online or to use our Premium Service, visit the Passport-Photo.online website or download the Passport-Photo.online app for Android and start using the best photo editor to get your passport photo at the price of a 4×6 inch photo. We hope you enjoy it!