How to get an invitation letter for a US visa?

A letter of invitation is a formal statement issued by a United States citizen, welcoming people that they know such as friends or family to the United States. In the statement that confirms the relationship, the one who is admitting the guest must state their willingness to make the individual a part of their family. The guest host must promise that after the visa expires they will return to their home country.

This invitation letter does not, by any way, ensure that the applicant will be given a visa. In order to be issued a visa, the candidate must comply with other US visa conditions and go through the process of applying for a US visa.

It is important to write the letter with ink in paper or type it in a computer and print it. The best choice though is generally to print the message. Be aware that the invitation letter has some requirements to fulfill when writing it. Not to worry though, in this article we will share with you some samples that can help you in this process.

Are you looking to get an invitation letter for US visa? This guide will show you how you can get one easily!

Why is a visa invitation letter necessary?

A letter of invitation will not be necessarily asked, but it has its own benefits.  For example, for travelers in the United States, it is beneficial. If they do not have a close relative or acquaintance in the United States, they may ask a relative at home to send a letter of support. This increases the likelihood of a visa being issued.

Another reason why the letter is beneficial to you is because the person you are visiting will confirm that you are not going to remain illegally in the country. Also they will define the relationship between both sides and will financially support you.

Broadly speaking, someone who intends to temporarily join the United States will also benefit from a letter of invitation.

The requirements of an invitation letter for a us visa.

What are the requirements of an Invitation letter for a US visa?

Generally, for a US Travel Visa, the visa applicant would need to request a letter of invitation.  For a letter of invitation to be legitimate, the prerequisite is to be closely associated with the person that the letter of invitation is intended for.

The requirements of the associate you are sending the letter of invitation are as below: 

  • They must be an American citizen
  • Has to be a relative of yours such as a friend or family.
  • Have a house, apartment or a place with enough space for the applicant

Every claimant should show that they meet the terms of U.S. immigration law in order to qualify for a visa to the United States: 

  • they have a residency in a different country to which they will return after their temporary visit; 
  • they wish to immigrate to The United states for a strictly temporary duration;

The first criteria which is evidence of residency is decided by determining the applicant’s connections to their country. Education, property rights, academic work, or family relations. The relations of the applicant are important and are personally regarded by a consular officer.

How to Write a US Visa Invitation Letter?

For both the host and the visitor, typing a letter of invitation can be seen as difficult. The method of writing it, however, is quite easy. It  should be directed either to the visitor or to an officer of the consulate.

The visitor should be careful to write all the necessary details in the invitation letter. 

Here is what you should include in your letter:

  • Date on which the letter has been written
  • Name of the Embassy
  • Contact details of the embassy (phone number and address) (phone number and address)
  • Greetings and statements opening
  • Name of the inviter 
  • Status of the inviter (citizen or permanent resident)
  • Contact details of the inviter such as an address, email, or phone number
  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Passport Number of the applicant
  • Reasons why you’re traveling
  • Relationships you have with the inviter
  • Travel dates
  • Traveling Itinerary
  • Closing Greetings
  • Signature of the inviter
  • Required attachments or enclosures of documents

How to write an invitation letter? Types of invitation letters and samples.

Types of invitation letters

There are different types of invitation letters which can be for tourism, business or academic purposes. Each type of letter is different and must be written in the way that it corresponds to.

Business invitation letter for US visa

Most people travel for business purposes. You could have a conference with an investor or with your colleagues abroad.

The invitation letter must state your relationship with the individual you are visiting and what you are going to do while staying in the country. 

What you can add on the invitation letter is the purpose while you are travelling and what sort of business you are going to handle. It would be best to also include the business activity you’re going to do.

Tourism invitation letter

Another reason why people travel abroad is because of tourism or meeting their relatives. This invitation letter must be written by your relative. It should state the relationship you have with each other and the purpose of your visit.

College invitation letter

This invitation letter will be needed if you are studying in a university or doing academic research. An acceptance letter must be sent to you by the college you attend. All the specifics of your stay there must be in the letter, such as the subject you are studying for, how long you are studying for, financial support, accomodation and more.

Sample of invitation letter to visit USA

Letter of invitation to consular

To:                                                                                                           Date:

(Name of the embassy)

(Address of the embassy)

(Phone number of the embassy)

Invitation Letter for (Name of the applicant) with Passport No. _________

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, (Inviting Person’s Address), currently residing at (Address) and a permanent citizen of (Country Name), am writing this letter in support of my relative’s visa application.

The intention of my relative’s visit, (the name of the applicant), is to visit and take part in tourism in (the name of the country). Distance and time have made our relationship weaker, and we have decided that my relative comes to (Name of the country) so we can once again relive our old memories.   

(Name of applicant) and I have had a strong relationship for (Period of time). We have (write a sentence of different activities you have done with your relative ). This has driven us to establish a strong bond and we have since kept in contact.

(Name of applicant) will access (Country’s name) in these dates: from (Date of when you are starting your visit in format DD/MM/YY) to (Date you are ending your visit DD/MM/YY).

We will visit (Specify City/Location Names) during the mentioned trip dates above. In addition, (Name of the applicant) will remain at (Write the address of the inviting person).


  • Inviter’s passport copy
  • Inviter’s copy of other ID documents
  • Relationship evidence 
  • Evidence of accomodation
  • Evidence that you are going to return to your country of residence.
  • Other documentation

We respectfully request that you approve the visa application of (Name of the person applying) and please message me about any question at (Inviter’s phone number) or (Inviter’s email address)

Kind regards,

(Signature of the inviter)

(Name of the inviter)

(Address of the inviter)

(Contact details of the inviter: email or phone number)

What else do I need for my US visa application?

The reasons you might want to travel to another country can be different and the invitation letter should be written according to what it corresponds to. Every type of invitation letter requires additional supporting documents to confirm that what is written is true. The Embassies are very specific about this and, without documents supporting their claims, they will not take into account an invitation letter.

The invitation letter is not a must therefore the host is not required to supplement it with other documents. Although, it would be very helpful if, including the Letter of Invitation, the applicant sent any of the mentioned documents below:

  • Passport or ID copy that is scanned
  • Evidence, whether the applicant is financially, supported
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • US Visa Application Flight Itinerary

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