Visa-Free Countries for Vietnamese Passport Holders in 2023

Visa-free Countries for Vietnamese Passport Holders

The Vietnamese passport allows its holders visa-free entry to 19 countries. It permits access to some nations located in Asia without having to acquire a visa before starting your travels. This means that only taking your passport with you should be enough. Other nations would still require some type of authorization, but some use easier-to-obtain types than the regular visa, such as visa-on-arrival, eVisa, or eTA.

Keep reading to see the list of Vietnamese passport visa-free countries and the nations for which some type of authorization is required in 2023.

Map and chart showing the percentage distribution of visa requirements for Vietnamese citizens
Visa-Free Countries19 (10%)
Visa-On-Arrival Countries31 (16%)
eVisa Countries23 (12%)
eTA Countries3 (1,5%)
Visa Countries130 (66%)

How many countries can Vietnamese citizens travel to visa-free?

After Vietnam opened its borders after COVID, Vietnamese citizens were allowed to enter exactly 19 countries visa-free. They can do so just using their ID or passport. The Vietnamese are part of ASEAN, and as such, the country is included in the regional bloc’s negotiations for FTAs with South Korea, the EU, China, Japan, and India. 

Map of countries Vietnamese citizens can travel to visa-free

What countries can Vietnamese citizens go to without a visa?

Many of the countries that allow Vietnamese citizens to enter their territories visa-free are located in South Africa and Asia. Below you can find a list of all the nations that Vietnamese passport holders can visit without a visa. After the name of the country, the round brackets indicate the length of possible stay in the destination without a need to apply for a visa.

Barbados (90 days)Malaysia (30 days)
Brunei (14 days)Micronesia (30 days)
Cambodia (30 days)Myanmar (14 days)
Chile (90 days)Palestina
Dominica (21 days)Panama (90 days)
Haiti (90 days)Philippines (30 days)
Indonesia (30 days)Singapore (30 days)
Kazakhastan (30 days)St. Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days)
Kyrgyzstan (60 days)Thailand (30 days)
Laos (30 days)

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How many countries can Vietnamese citizens visit with a visa on arrival?

Vietnamese citizens are eligible to enter 31 countries with a visa on arrival.

The term “visa-on-arrival” is used to indicate that the country allows Vietnamese citizens to apply for a visa after they arrive. As a Vietnamese national, you can obtain it at the airport, seaport, or land border while crossing. With this option, Vietnamese don’t need to apply for a visa before their trip. As soon as the visa is granted at the border, visitors can begin their travels, but they should keep in mind that their stay cannot exceed the validity of the visa.

Map of countries Vietnamese citizens can visit with a visa on arrival

What countries can Vietnamese citizens enter with a visa on arrival?

In the following list, you can find all the countries that grant a visa on arrival to Vietnamese citizens with the number of days they could stay at every destination.

Angola (pre-visa)Nepal (90 days)
Azerbaijan (30 days)Nigeria (pre-visa)
Bolivia (90 days)Palau (30 days)
Burundi (30 days)Rwanda (30 days)
Cape Verde (EASE)Saint Lucia (42 days)
Comoros (45 days)Samoa (60 days)
Cuba (tourist card, 30 days)Seychelles (tourist registration, 90 days)
Guinea-Bissau (90 days)Sierra Leone (30 days)
Madagascar (90 days)Somalia (30 days)
Malawi (30 days)Tajikistan (45 days)
Maldives (30 days)Tanzania
Marshall Islands (90 days)Timor-Leste (30 days)
MauritaniaTogo (7 days)
Mauritius (60 days)Tuvalu (30 days)
Mozambique (30 days)Zambia (90 days)
Namibia (90 days)

How many countries can Vietnamese citizens visit with an eVisa?

Vietnamese passport holders are required to present an eVisa to enter 23 countries.

Electronic visas, also known as eVisas, are digital documents that authorize travel. This type of visa may be granted for short stays in a destination country for tourism, business, or transit purposes. All applications must be completed online, therefore photocopies of all documents are required rather than paper versions. Prior to traveling, the electronic eVisa must be applied for.

Map of countries Vietnamese citizens can visit with an eVisa

Which countries require Vietnamese citizens to obtain an eVisa?

In the following list, you can find the countries that require Vietnamese citizens to get an eVisa before attempting to enter their territory. 

ArmeniaMadagascar (90 days)
Bolivia (90 days)Malawi (30 days)
Congo (90 days)Papua New Guinea (30 days)
DjiboutiRwanda (30 days)
Ethiopia (90 days)South Sudan
Guinea (90 days)Tajikistan (45 days)
Guinea-Bissau (90 days)Tanzania
India (30 days)Uganda
Iran (30 days)Uzbekistan (30 days)
Kenya (90 days)Zambia (90 days)
Lesotho (14 days)

In how many countries Vietnamese citizens are required to have a visa to enter?

130 countries request Vietnamese citizens to have a visa.

Although it is true that Vietnam receives many tourists throughout the year, as of today, the country has no agreements with other nations and therefore, Vietnamese still need a visa to enter many destinations. You should ensure that you have all the required documents before traveling. We advise you to always check the official government website before you depart to make sure you have all the necessary information.

Map of countries Vietnamese citizens are required to have a visa or eTA to visit

What countries require Vietnamese citizens to get a visa?

Below you can find a list of all the countries that require Vietnamese citizens to have a visa to access their territory.

Antigua and BarbudaLibya
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMorocco
BulgariaNew Zealand
Burkina FasoNicaragua
CanadaNorth Korea
Central African RepublicNorth Macedonia
Costa RicaPeru
Czech RepublicQatar
Dominican RepublicRussia
EcuadorSaint Kitts and Nevis
EgyptSan Marino
El SalvadorSao Tome and Principe
Equatorial GuineaSaudi Arabia
FinlandSolomon Islands
FranceSouth Africa
GambiaSouth Korea
GuyanaTrinidad and Tobago
Hong KongTurkey
IraqUnited Arab Emirates
IrelandUnited Kingdom
IsraelUnited states of America
JapanVatican City

Vietnamese citizens can travel to 3 countries with an eTA authorization

In some destinations, travelers who are visa-exempt are required to obtain an electronic travel authorization (eTA), which is used to track the number of visitors. eTA monitors the number of travelers entering the territory by air and ensures the nation’s safety. By synchronizing it with the visitor’s passport, the authorities can screen incoming Vietnamese tourists.

3 countries that grant eTA authorization for Vietnamese passport holders:

Ivory Coast Taiwan 
Sri Lanka 

Summary of world accessibility for Vietnamese passport holders

Vietnamese travelers need a visa to travel to 130 countries. Although it is a larger number, there are other facilities such as visa on arrival which is allowed in 31 destinations, eVisa in 23, and eTA in 3. However, travelers can go to 19 nations without a visa. Most of the nations granting visa-free access to Vietnamese citizens are located in Asia.

FAQ: Visa-free countries for Vietnamese nationals

How many countries can the Vietnamese visit without a visa?

Vietnamese passport holders can travel to 19 countries without obtaining any kind of visa. These nations are mostly located in Asia.

Can Vietnamese citizens get a visa after coming to the country?

Yes, this type of visa is called a visa-on-arrival, and Vietnamese citizens can apply for it in 31 countries.

Can the Vietnamese get a visa online?

Yes, this type of visa is called an eVisa and Vietnamese passport owners can obtain it in 23 countries.

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