Visafoto – an easy tool to create your own passport pictures online!

If you want to renew your passport or your ID card, you’re probably wondering “where should I get my passport photo?” or “how to take a passport photo?”. Well, this article is here to help you out with one of the online existing tools to create your own passport photo. You won’t need to step outside to get a Walgreens passport photo, a Tesco passport photo or a Timpsons passport photo, nope! Many tools exist on the online market today and you can be your own professional photographer. This is what I decided to do now, I’ll pay all my attention to the online maker tool Visafoto!

The interface of Visafoto

Visafoto was created in 2013. The website offers many possibilities when you want to create an official document passport photos, ID photos, visa photos, or driving licence photos. You can easily choose your country and the picture that you need, hovering your mouse over the various possibilities.

When you scroll down the page, everything is clear and specific. There isn’t too much to read — which I like, as the goal is to save time and not to waste time online. You can see that the photo is guaranteed to be accepted, and that everything will be automatic in terms of cropping. And automatic sounds good to me. It’s my personal preference of course, but I genuinely think that cropping your photo manually can represent a problem of size and adjustments for instance…

You also have access to the Photographer’s Guide for free, which is nice to have a look at if you don’t have your picture taken yet. And also, you can find their blog easily at the bottom of the page. You can have access to other types of advice like “How to take a passport photo for a baby”but also updated news about the world like “How to extend my US visa during the coronavirus lockdown?” — a big plus, as you know that there are still people behind, working, improving and updating the data.

The photo-making process on VisaFoto

As it was pretty simple for me, my explanation will be very quick and straight to the point.

Once you have selected your chosen document on the landing page, you can upload a photo from the drive of your computer/laptop! Pretty simple, right? The promise is that the software can transform your photo into a professional one in 2 seconds. Well, it’s true! It is very intuitive, you can’t go wrong. Within two seconds, you get a picture with a white background, which respects the passport photo requirements of your country.

Pricing of Visafoto

BUT, as there has to be a little disadvantage… The photo is cropped and modified but you have watermarks on the picture, which doesn’t allow you to use it. You have to pay 4,50€ to be able to download it instantly without watermarks. So, after payment you will get both versions: online and printable.

Visafoto also recommends you to download the image and print it on a standard matte 4×6″ (10x15cm) photo paper at any photo printing service (photo center, drugstore) or on a colour printer. Generally, you can find these services in your supermarket and print your picture for about 0,25€

Plus, Visafoto provides you with 100% money back guarantee if the photo is not accepted by a government agency.

Is it possible to contact Visafoto?

Is is very easy to find them for contact support. Their address email is listed on the website. Visafoto is also present on many social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and believe it or not, Tik Tok!

The language used on the website is English, but you can easily use Google Translate by clicking on the button at the top-right of the page, to have the various pages translated into your native language.


If you don’t want to pay for a passport photo online, I would recommend you to first check your picture’s validity thanks to Photo Passport Online’s automatic verification system, another online passport making tool. I think that both websites are as efficient and as good. The real advantage is that your picture is free on Passport Photo Online, you can check out Passport Photo Online website. It’s just as fast, cheap, easy to use. Anyway, both Passport Photo Online and Visafoto offer very professional pictures with a blank background.

No efforts needed, you can just chill on your sofa and create your passport photo!