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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Cambodian Visa - Size and requirements

Digital Photo for the Cambodian Visa
Width: 2 in
Height: 2 in
300 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 1.29 in
Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 1.18 in
Is it printable?
Background Color
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Very good service. They manually checked and sent note to me for picture look and offered free service on next picture along with the suggestions. I took printout and it came very nice. Thanks for the excellent support.
Fast prompt and professional service. I initially had issues with my pics but received advice on how to correct and once I resubmitted I received the finished product within 30mins. Thanks again
Excellent service. I suggest you wait 24H or so after using the service before sending your photo off for your passport etc. This is so that they can contact you if the photo might not be accepted by the relevant authority - in that case they offer for you to send another.

More about Cambodian Visa Photo - Requirements

Cambodian visa is a document that allows people to enter the country of Cambodia. Different types of visas are available to enter the country, in accordance with your period of stay and the aim of your trip. Even with a visa, you have to make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your arrival in Cambodia. 

In order to get a Cambodian visa you need to submit some documents and one passport-style photo of yourself. But be aware that there are many requirements about this visa photograph. Photos not complying with the criteria for a Cambodian Visa Photo will be automatically rejected. Keep reading carefully our Cambodian Visa Photo guide to know everything about the visa photos and eliminate the risk of denial for your application.

General Cambodian Visa Photo Size and Requirements

  • Two photos are necessary for your visa application 
  • Those photos have to be identical 
  • The background must be white or off-white 
  • There should be no patterns, objects or other people on the background 
  • The photos must be of high quality and resolution 
  • Your eyes must be visible and clearly opened 
  • Your facial expression must be neutral 
  • No headgears can be worn 

We are going to give you a complete Cambodian visa photo guide in which you will be able to find all the information to take a good photo and get your application accepted!

Technical Cambodian visa photo requirements 

  • Dimensions and size: A required Cambodian visa photo must measure 50 x 50 mm (2x2 inches). 
  • Colours: Your photos can be in black and white or in colors
  • Resolution: Your photos must have at least 600 DPI 

Take your Cambodian Visa photo at home!

There is no requirement about where and how to take a photograph for the visa to Cambodia, so you can take it wherever you want. Of course, the place you choose to take your photo has to respect the official criteria of the visa photo. You can also go to a professional photography studio and pay for a professional photo session but there is a more convenient way to do it. You can save your time and money by taking a Cambodian visa photo on your own. Do it at home, in the office, in the garden or wherever you wish. The only things you need are:

  • a smartphone (or any other device that has a digital camera)
  • someone to take your photo or a tripod if you prefer to take your photo alone (selfies are not allowed)
  • the visa photo requirements guidelines

Cambodian Visa photo background and lighting

If you want to obtain your visa quickly and without any problems, you need to check twice in your embassy or consulate how the requested size of the visa photo is and whether your photo satisfies all standards. We offer you assistance with creating a Cambodian visa photo and check if you meet all the demandings. When you are uploading a photo to our smart photo creator, please remember that your photo must be:

  • in correct resolution
  • properly exposed (not to dark, not to light)
  • focus and sharp
  • original (not the photocopy, not altered, not cut out from a larger image)

Please keep in mind that you cannot take a selfie or use a webcam to take the picture.

Cambodian visa photo size 

A required Cambodian visa photo must measure 50 x 50 mm (2x2 inches). 

Head must be between 70 to 80 % of the photograph from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. 

If you use the resizing visa photo app, you do not have to be worried about a proper size as resizing will be done for you automatically. 

Lights for the Cambodian visa photo

Daylight is recommended because it decreases skin reflections. Bear in mind that all sides of the face must be illuminated equally. Some shadows on the forehead or in the background must be avoided. A flash lamp triggers “red eyes”, so take the photo of natural light to prevent this. 

Background in the visa photo for Cambodia

White or white-off are the only background color appropriate. Any other colours, shapes or shadows are not permissible and will result in the submission being denied. Since finding a plain, solid white color in a photograph can be difficult, utilizing a dedicated visa background photo editor, which automatically eliminates an inappropriate background and replaces it with a white one. This is permissible and reasonable, just do it using a competent method rather than Photoshop. A visa photo background remover can be found in the AppStore or Google Play Store. 

Headgears in visa photo for Cambodia

To create a proper contrast, whether you are wearing a head covering for religious or medical purposes, it should be black in color on a white background. Any other headgear, such as hats or gloves, is banned. If you wear a head covering (such as a turban, scarf, yarmulke or other religious headgear), make sure it doesn’t mask or throw shadow on your skin. 

Eyeglasses in the Cambodian visa photo

If you wear prescription glasses, you should keep them on when having your visa photo taken. Only bear in mind that your pupils must be visible, and the lenses of your glasses must not shield or glare your eyes. Sunglasses and tinted lenses are not allowed in the photo. 

Head position and facial expression in Cambodian visa photo

In your Cambodian visa photo you need to look straight at the camera lens, which must be positioned at the level of your eyes.

Your shoulders must be straight, and you must not turn away or move your head in any direction. It is illegal to grin, frown, or make grimaces. It is important to retain a neutral facial expression. It is prohibited to expose teeth, open mouths, tighten them, or close eyes. The only thing you can do is loosen your facial muscles and wait a second with your eyes opened. 

Jewels and piercings in the Cambodian Visa photo

If you have a permanent facial piercing you do not have to remove it to the needs of a Cambodian visa photo.

Piercings as well as jewels, can be worn as long as they do not cover any aspect of the face. Instead, stop wearing large or reflective earrings because they will shine on your face and create reflects. Remove any headbands or big colorful hair accessories that could obscure or cover your face. 

Cambodian Visa photo near me

If you want to know where you can get a visa photo near you, we have the answer.

You do not have to track down photo booths or take a visa picture in a professional photo studio and empty your wallet. You can do it all yourself, just with your digital camera or smartphone.

Choose an appropriate time and place and prepare your perfect visa photo with an easy to use online visa photo maker.

Surely if you are taking your photograph with your smartphone, you must satisfy Cambodian visa application photo requirements about the size, crop, head position, background color etc. However it is really easy, so you don’t have to worry about all these requirements. Just take a photograph and upload it to the visa photo app. It is cropping, resizing, background erasing photo tools which makes you save your money and time!

What are the biggest mistakes in the Cambodian visa photos? - List of the most common mistakes

Nowadays people often decide to capture a photograph to visa by themselves at home and a major part of those pictures are impossible to distinguish from photographs taken professionally in studios. But there are still some photos which are rejected during the visa application process. Check out which are most commonly made mistakes to avoid them:

  • head tilted or wrong posture 
  • smile and open mouth
  • alterations by Photoshop or other computer software
  • wrong exposition (photos overexposed or underexposed)
  • wrong background

Now, when you know all the list, you can avoid the mistakes and take your perfect picture for the Cambodian visa in a couple of seconds without going anywhere. Start your visa application process right now and get it quickly!

Cambodian Visa photo maker online

If you want to pay only for 100% correct photos with a guarantee of acceptance by authorities and save time and money, we have the best solution for you! 

Examine the ingenious web visa photo editor! It allows people all over the world to take and prepare visa or passport photos at any time and from any place. This tool will extract an unsuitable background and replace it with a required one in a fraction of a second, as well as resize and crop any image. 

Our tool is based on artificial intelligence, which is the same technology that embassies and consulates use to validate applicant photos. Enable our online photo app to check the image attached to your application form if you want to make sure it’s right! With us “right” means “correct”, and if your photo is denied for some reason, we will refund your money.

Last update: 1/31/23

About the document

Prepare a professional biometric photo online for your Cambodian Visa! The document is issued in the form of an e-visa and is required to enter Cambodia. 

There are two types available: Tourist visa (Type T) and ordinary visa (Type E) - both valid for 3 months and allowing a stay in Cambodia for up to 30 days. Type T costs 30USD + a 6USD processing charge, and can be extended one time for an extra 30 days for a fee of 50USD admin. The Ordinary Visa (Type E) is often referred to as a business visa and costs 35USD + a 7USD processing charge. It can be extended indefinitely for up to one year - for extra costs of between 50USD and 290USD (depending on the length of extension). Both visas require documents including a passport with more than 6 months validity at time of entry, a recent digital passport-size photo (in JPEG or PNG format), valid credit card (Visa/MasterCard) - with the Type E visa also requiring proof of health insurance and supporting documents such as: a letter of invitation, letter of employment, letter of sponsorship, letter of labor contract, investment project, and a patent certificate. 

With our passport photo editor, we use automatic cropping and editing features to verify that your picture meets all of the official requirements for the biometric photo needed when applying for a Cambodian visa. Some of the criteria includes a size requirement of 2x2 inches, a white background, a natural facial expression and a maximum of 800x1200 pixels. Use our app to save time and money and get a biometric photograph that will be approved by any Cambodian visa office.