Belgian Baby Passport Photo

Belgian Baby Passport Photo

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Belgium Baby Passport Photo - Size & Requirements

Belgian Baby Passport Photo Online
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 34.5 mm
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to take a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Belgian Baby Passport Photo Guidelines

If you want to travel internationally with your newborn baby or a child, they need to have a passport like every citizen of Belgium. The photo in the baby's passport must also be biometric and this means that it must meet certain requirements to be valid and correct. as it might be not easy to take a correct picture of a very small child, there are some facilitations. Read the article below to know everything about taking a perfect passport picture for your child.

Can the Belgium Baby Passport Photo be taken at home?

Of course! There is no requirement of taking the infant’s photo for a Belgian passport in a professional photo studio. You can prepare your private atelier at home and capture a picture with your phone. You will need only:

  • a smartphone or a digital camera
  • a list of requirements for Belgium Baby Passport Photo
  • a passport photo online maker to facilitate your work

Belgian Baby Passport Photo - List of Requirements

Rules for the baby’s photo for a passport in Belgium are the same as for adults because the picture has to comply with International Civil Aviation Organization Standards valid worldwide. These standards are very strict and this is your responsibility to know them. Unfortunately, if the photo doesn’t comply, the passport office will have to reject it.

Read about the main rules about baby biometric passport photos.

Rule #1 about facial expression

Rule #2 about head and shoulders

Rule #3 about the background

Rule #4 about size and crop

Rule #5 about the visibility of the face

#1. Facial expression in the Belgian Baby’s Passport Photo

In the Belgian passport photo the baby's mouth must not be opened, eyes must not be closed. No smiling or frowning is allowed. Sometimes it takes a bit of time because very small babies do not “cooperate” but you cannot avoid this rule. Our tip is to show a baby a toy behind a camera to gather their attention to motivate them to open their eyes. If the baby is crying or making faces, you need to wait and take the shot when the baby will look calmly as the neutral facial expression is demanded.

#2. Position of the head and shoulders in the Belgian Baby Passport Photo

The photographed child’s head and shoulders must be straight, right in front of the camera. If an infant is too small to lay on a surface or to sit or stand against a surface - you are allowed to take his/her photos while the baby is in its car seat. However, the baby’s head must not be tilted and a child must look straight at the camera.

#3. Background in the Belgian Baby’s Passport Photo

Exactly as in the case of photos of adults, the background must be light but not necessarily white. It must be also plain and not patterned, free of shadow and spots. The child must be photographed alone, no other person must be visible in the photo. If you photograph a newborn unable to keep their head straight, you can take the photo while a baby is sitting in a car carrier or stroller. But even in such a case the background still must be clear and plain. How to do it? You can take a picture on any background, even in a dark stroller if you have to and then use a background eraser photo app to “clean” the wrong background. This tool removes all the incorrect background and exchanges it into a required one in one second! It is fast and easy and in the case of photographing infants, this help is really precious.

 #4. Size and crop of the Belgian Baby and Child Passport Photo

The required dimensions of the baby’s passport photo are 35 x 45 mm. The minimum resolution for a digital photo is 400 dpi.

The head of the infant or child must fulfill 70-80% of the image and be centred. there must be a minimum 3 mm of the space left between the crown and the upper edge of the picture. How to obtain this crop if your “model” is a baby? All you need to do is take a picture of your baby’s head and upper part of the shoulders and download the resizing and cropping photo online tool. Once you choose one from our templates the one you are interested in (here is a Belgian Baby Passport Photo) and the App will automatically adjust the size and crop to the given requirements. Using this smart photo tool you may focus on what is important: capture a correct and pretty shot of your baby.

#5. Visibility of the face in the Belgian Baby’s Passport Photo

In the Belgian Baby’s Passport Photo all the forehead, chin and the part towards the ears must be clearly visible. No child’s face part can be obscured. If your child wears eyeglasses, the good idea is to take them off for a moment of capturing the shot. If you decide not to remove them, make sure that the child’s eyes are clearly visible and the glasses do not give any glare or shadow. As in the case of photos of adults, glasses must be transparent.

Headgears and clothing in the BE Baby’s Passport Photo

The photographed infant must have the head undercovered. Children’s caps or hats are prohibited in the Belgian Baby’s Passport Photo. Bands and headbands are not allowed either. Make sure that the baby’s face is not obscured by the collar of a shirt.

Lights and shadows in the Belgian Baby’s Passport Photo

There must be no shadows in the photo of the baby while this photo is dedicated to a passport of Belgium. It applies to the face and the background. You can of course remove all shadows and unwanted items or colors from the background with the background perfecting passport photo app but what to do with shadows on the baby’s face if they appear?

Our tip is to use daylight and control if both sides of the infant’s face are symmetrically illuminated. Do not a flash lamp for three reasons:

  • it may cause a “red eyes” effect which is unnatural and such photos are rejected
  • baby’s reaction on flash probably will be frowning and blinking
  • it may give a glare on the baby’s skin

Belgian Baby’s Passport Photo - technical specification

Your child’s picture must comply with given standards concerning the quality. As at the moment you have no possibility to apply online for the passport for your children, you must submit one paper photo. The important thing is that the picture must not be printed at home on a inkjet printer. It must be printed on a photo-quality paper, so you need to send it via the Internet or bring on a USB-stick to a photo-store or self-service photo point. You may also order a delivery of ready prints to your physical address.

When preparing your baby’s photo remember that the image must be:

  • in color
  • properly exposed (not overlit or underlit)
  • focused and sharp
  • well contrasted
  • showing the baby’s natural skin and eyes colors
  • not damaged or scratched
  • unmarked on both sides

Belgian Baby Passport Photo validity and originality

As babies’ appearance changes very fast and the passport photo must reflect the photographed person’s current look - the picture of an infant must be taken within one month. The image must also be original. That means that is MUST NOT be:

  • distorted or flipped
  • pixelated or retouched
  • interfered by any computer software or computer app
  • unnaturally colored
  • cut out from another picture

What NOT TO DO while taking a Belgian Baby Passport Photo?

Of course, many requirements for adult candidates do not apply to children’s photo for a Belgian passport. For example rules about selfies, facial piercing, beard or wearing uniforms. But the rest of the rules must be strictly observed. Read what NOT TO DO while capturing the photo of your baby for a Belgian passport.

Your photo must not be:

  • taken more than one month earlier 
  • altered Photoshop, filters or any other computer software
  • printed on an inkjet printer
  • in resolution less than 400 dpi

In terms of the appearance in the picture the baby must not:

  • tilt the head
  • look sideways
  • have the eyes closed
  • have the mounts open, twisted or smiling
  • have the head covered

Belgian Child and Baby Passport Photo Maker

Have you already downloaded the online passport photo App based on artificial intelligence?

With this online photo editor, you are able to take and prepare your baby’s or child’s photo at any time and in any place. You do not need to risk your and your child’s health by going to any public place. Just find a convenient moment when your kid is in a good mood, calm and not sleepy and create the perfect photo for a Belgian passport.

If you capture the photo of your child sitting in a carrier, don’t worry about the d required background because with the mentioned tool you can in one second remove an unsuitable background and change it into a required one.

Your photograph will be also accordingly cropped and resized and at the end verified if it satisfies all requirements. If you want to be sure that attached to your application form picture is correct, just let our online photo app verify it! And do you know what is best? 

You pay only for 100% correct photos with a warranty of acceptance by authorities.

Why use a Baby Passport Photo App?

If you want to be sure that your baby’s photo will be accepted by an embassy or consulate, you must be sure that all requirements are satisfied. How to be sure about it?

Just by taking a photograph and uploading it to the passport photo app. It is cropping, resizing, background erasing photo tool which helps you to save your money and time!

Capturing the correct photographs of an infant can be a challenge and may require a lot of replays. With our app, you can try many times to the satisfactory effect and every time verify the captured photo is OK. You pay only for what you buy, not for tries! Remember that this smart photo tool checks the photo, removes the background and then sends it to your address email. If you wish, we can also deliver prints on your address.

Verify Your Baby’s Photo for a Belgian Passport

Please keep in mind that your application will be rejected if the attached photo does not satisfy given specifications. If you want to have certainty, use an intelligent validating passport photo app which verifies if the image is correct. Use a Passport photo generator,  check its correctness and enjoy the warranty of acceptance! All pictures prepared with us have the guarantee of being approved by the passport offices!

Last update: 27/06/22

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Can the baby have open mouths in the Belgian baby’s passport photo?

No. The baby’s mouth must be shut and have a neutral expression. The baby cannot be photographed while crying, sleeping or frowning. Such photos unfortunately will be rejected.

❓ Can I apply online for the passport in Belgium?

No and you cannot upload a digital photo. The photo - for minors and for adults - must be printed on a photo-quality paper (not on a home, inkjet printer).

❓ How long is valid a picture of a child for the passport in Belgium?

The photo must be taken not earlier than a month before submitting an application form. If this period is longer, take another photograph of your baby.

This is about originality. The photo for a passport - not only for children but in general - must be original. It means that it must not be a copy, cut out from another image, altered by computer software, retouched nor filtered.

Sure, it is! We know all the requirements about the Belgian Baby’s Passport Photo and will help you to create a correct and pretty photograph of your child.

First step is checking if the photo meets all requirements about composition, colors, head position and technical details. The second step might be using an online passport photo maker to resize it, crop it, adjust the background and at the end let the App validate it.

Just the same as in a regular (adult) passport photo: light and plain. It does not mean white - cream or light grey color of the background is also acceptable. If you find it difficult to obtain, take the picture of your baby wherever and then use the background erasing passport photo tool to perfect the image.

Yes, if you find it really necessary. But glasses must not obscure the child’s face, give a glare nor drop a shadow. Consider taking them out for a moment of capturing this photo.

No. The child photographed for a Belgian passport must be bareheaded.

Of course. Every citizen of Belgium regardless of their age has a right to have his/her own passport. In the case of children under 18 years old there are parents or legal guardians who apply for the passport in the name of a minor.

No. The photographed child must be awakened and keep eyes open. This is obligatory.

This is easy and less stressful for the infant and you than going to the photography studio. You will need a digital camera or smartphone and a couple of free minutes. You can take a picture wherever and whenever you want, just following specifications. The online passport photo app will do the rest!

Of course. If you have a phone with a camera, you may take the picture of your son or daughter and adjust it using an online visa foro maker. You can be 100% sure that the photo prepared with this tool will satisfy all the requirements.

You can use a cropping and resizing tool available online. This App will do the work for you!

In the crop all the head, neck and upper part of a baby’s shoulders must be seen. The face must be clearly visible from the front to the chin.

The resolution must be at least 400 dpi.

The demanded dimensions are exactly the same as for photographs of adult candidates: 35 x 45 mm.

About the document

Belgian Passport for Minors

Every Belgian citizen has the right to have their own passport since the day of the birth. For minors the passport application must be filled in by parents or legal guardians.

With a valid passport or ID card, Belgian citizens regardless of their age are entitled to exercise the right of free movement in the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein Norway and Switzerland. Until 31 December 2020 also to the United Kingdom. It means that persons holding a Belgian passport do not need a visa and do not need a residence permit for settling in another country of the European Area. If a minor has their own passeport, can travel internationally on exactly the same rules as an adult person.

Data in biometric passports 

The most important page in every passport is the so -called “identification page”, in the languages: Dutch-French-German, French-Dutch-German, or German-French-Dutch, depending on the affiliation with the lingual community of its holder. Personal details on this page are:

  1. Surname
  2. Forename
  3. Nationality
  4. Date of birth
  5. Personal ID number
  6. Sex
  7. Place of birth
  8. Date of issue
  9. Authority
  10. Date of expiry
  11. Signature of holder

If the passport holder is not able to put their signature - as infants and small children - this field must be empty. Parents and legal guardians cannot sign the passport of the child.

Every passport has also a machine-readable zone which contains encrypted information: the name, nationality and most other information from the identification page. The photo in a passport must also be biometric - readable by computers.

Required documents

If you want to apply for a passport for your child under 18 years old, you need to go in person to your municipality's passport service. The presence of the child is required when he/she is 6 years old or more. You must bring following documents:

  • the baby’s birth certificate
  • a color photo of the child taken in last 30 days
  • your ID document or passport


Once you submit all needed documents and information, the passport office employee controls them. Remember especially about meeting the passport photo requirements. If your baby’s photo does not meet them, all the applications will be rejected and you will be obliged to provide the passport office with a new photograph. Till this moment the procedure of issuing the passport to your child will be stopped.

If your child’s application is verified positively, you are invited with the child to a meeting in the passport office to collect the passport. The baby or child must be present at this meeting regardless of the age.

Travelling internationally with the child

If you want to leave Belgium with your under 18 years child, she/he will need their Kids-ID or their valid passport.

If the child is travelling with just one parent, it is always a good idea to include a written letter of consent form the other parent and to legalize the signature with your town hall. This is not mandatory but it is highly recommended on purpose to avoid any complications, especially when parents are divorced or separated.

If you do not have the same last name as your child you travel with, you must have with you a copy of the birth certificate. This is necessary to prove your family relation.

What id the child is travelling alone or with another family member or even a family adult friend?

If a minor is travelling alone or with someone that isn’t their parent or legal guardian - the person travelling with the kid should have with them signed and legalized written authorization, as well as a copy of the legal guardian’s identification. It’s not obligatory, but it's a good idea to have this document translated into the destination country’s language or into English.

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