No Passport Cruises UK – Is It Possible?

No Passport Cruises UK - Is It Possible?

Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we’ve all fancied going on a cruise. Relaxing on the deck of a luxurious cruise ship, with the beauty of the open ocean stretching out for miles in every direction, is very appealing. Here’s an important question, though, are no passport cruises from the UK available? You wouldn’t go on a plane trip without a passport, but could cruises be different? Not all involve stops in other countries, so might you not need one? Read on, as Passport Photo Online answers this question.

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No passport cruises from the UK

When embarking on a cruise from the UK, no matter what cruise line they are travelling with, all UK citizens must have a full and valid passport before you embark. This applies even if they are going on a cruise with no shore excursions. UK voyages can vary in terms of their passport validity requirements, so it’s crucial for all travellers to do their research in advance (and keep an eye on their passport’s expiry date). It’s a good idea to consult with a travel agent, who will be able to provide all the latest news, to make sure that travellers can check in without a hitch. It’s important that, when planning a cruise, UK citizens ensure that their passports are in order. All UK ports will be running checks, so having a valid passport is essential for travelling.

Having a passport is particularly important when the cruise you’ve selected involves organised tours at the various stops on the journey. Without one, you probably won’t be allowed on these trips, so all the more reason to get it right in advance.

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Domestic cruise without a passport in the UK

Ok, you might be asking, but what about UK domestic cruises? Surely, if a UK traveller is not actually leaving the UK, they won’t require a passport, right? Unfortunately, even when UK citizens are only going on a cruise around the UK, the entry requirements state that they will still need a fully valid UK passport to be allowed on any of the cruise ships operating in local waters. Even closed loop cruises (cruises that begin and end in the same port, with no stops along the way) are not exempt, all travellers must carry their passports with them if they are to be allowed onto a cruise.

All cruise lines enforce this, so travellers have to make sure that everyone in their party keeps their passports valid when taking a cruise, to make sure the trip stays on track. 

What about kids and their passports?

Children will not be exempt from these rules. No matter who they are, all UK citizens must carry a passport if they wish to go on a cruise, no matter how old they are. Children’s passports have half the validity of an adult’s passport, 5 (five) years validity compared to 10 (ten) years validity, which makes it even more important to keep an eye on the expiry dates, to make sure the child has a passport before the cruise departs.

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Taking a cruise is smooth sailing with Passport Photo Online

UK cruise no passport: summing up

Much like any other holiday, going on a cruise requires the correct documentation. Even if you’re just going on a British Isles cruise, you will need to have a valid passport ready if you’re going to travel. 

If your cruise has shore excursions planned, you’ll need one in order to be allowed on them. If you’re in a hurry, Passport Photo Online can be a great help here, allowing you to get a perfect passport photo quickly and easily. Once your passport is ready, just make the booking, pay the cruise fare, make sure it’s in your bag when you leave and relax. Soon, you’ll be floating across the ocean, a tropical drink in your hand, enjoying the warm sun on your face. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? ⚓️

No passport cruises UK: FAQ

Before you set sail on your next cruise holiday, we’ll answer some of your questions about whether you need a passport for a cruise or not.

Do you need a passport to go on a cruise from the UK? 

Yes, all cruise lines have a valid passport as a requirement, so you will need to make sure yours is in order if you are to board the ship. Different cruises may require different periods of validity remaining on your passport, so make sure to check this in advance of travelling. Check with the cruise line website or your travel agent to make sure.

Do I need a passport for a UK cruise? 

Yes, even if you’re only going on a cruise around the British Isles, you will still need to present a passport at the port before boarding the cruise ship. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a domestic cruise, or even if there are no shore excursions, you will always need a passport.

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