Tier 1 Post-Study Work Visa UK

Tier 1 Post-Study Work Visa UK

If you are an international student who studies in the United Kingdom and wants to work there after graduation, you have to know what has changed! The requirements do not concern every foreigner. A lot depends on how long you have been staying in the UK, if you are coming from the EU or if you are a non-European citizen who is studying or planning to study there. The conditions are individual so you have to be sure that you check the requirements regarding your actual situation. 

In this article, we will explain the New UK Post Study Work Visa, how it will affect your studying and working in the United Kingdom as well as the requirements for Graduated immigrants.

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What is the Post Study Work Visa?

The UK government announced a new post-study work visa in September 2019 for international students graduating from a UK university. This new immigration policy is officially known as the Graduate Immigration Route and will allow international students graduating in the summer of 2021 or later to remain in the UK for an additional two years. Graduates will be allowed to work or look for jobs in the UK during those two years. Once they find a job, they can apply for a work visa and begin applying for the settlement status.

Requirements for the Graduate Immigration Route in the UK

To obtain a UK Post Study Work Visa, you must:

  • be graduating in the summer of 2021 or later (all students from the 2020/2021 academic year, as well as those on two-year courses which began in 2019, will be able to benefit from the visa)
  • be graduating from an undergraduate level program or higher.
  • have a track record of compliance.
  • have a full degree – not from a short-term course, language course, etc.
  • have a degree from one of the licensed visa sponsor universities.
  • have a valid Tier 4 student visa at the time of application.

How to apply for a UK Post Study Work Visa?

There are no official conditions yet regarding the UK Post Study Visa applications so make sure you are up to date when the government will announce something. Nonetheless, you can check with the UK Home Office for the latest developments and updates regarding the post-study visa application. Probably you will not be able to start an application until 2021 when the date of your graduation approaches. However, you have to meet some demands before applying

  1. Meet the requirements pointed above
  2. Apply before the Tier 4 visa expires.
  3. Submit a new application to the UK Home Office, including payment of all the relevant application fees as well as an Immigration Health Surcharge. 

When will the UK Post Study Work Visa be functional?

The Graduate Immigration Route is expected to come into function starting from the summer of 2021. This means that students graduating in 2020 won’t be able to apply for it. The reason is that there are still no detailed guidelines and requirements. The new visa policy hasn’t been implemented yet.

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UK Post Study Work Visa for Distance Learning Students due to Covid-19

Students who were forced to discharge a full or partial distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic will be able to make use of the post-study work visa if they are back in the UK by 6 April 2021. They have to spend at least one semester in the UK to be eligible for the post-study work visa. 

Despite distance learning, to get a UK post-study work visa, you have to:

  • Be back in the UK before 6 of April 2021.
  • Finish your final semester in the UK.
  • Have a valid Tier 4 student visa.
  • Meet all the other eligibility criteria for the new graduate visa.

In June 2020, the Home Office published the new temporary concession in a new Covid-19 guide by the UK.

Do the Graduates need a University Sponsor for a Post-Study Visa?

Applicants for the UK’s Post Study Work Visa do not need a sponsor for the time of two years when they are looking for a job. After they find a job, the employer in a workplace will be their sponsor.

Can I apply for the Post Study Work Visa if I am already a Student?

Only, if you are a current student in the UK and you will graduate in summer 2021, you can make use of the Graduate Immigration Route. Provided that you graduate before summer 2021 and your Tier 4 student visa expires, you cannot apply for the post-study work visa.

How long is the Post Study Work Visa issued for?

The post-study work visa is not extendable and only issued for a maximum of two years. If during that time, you have not found a job and applied for a skilled work visa, then you cannot extend the post-study work visa further.

Can I get the settlement status in the UK with the Post Study Work Visa?

Not really. You can apply for settled status after you find a job in the UK but it is another process, not connected with the post-study work visa (it is with a UK work visa). Because the post-study work visa does not count towards residency or settlement in the UK

The types of UK work visas:

Do EU Citizens need a Post Study Visa after Brexit?

Do EU Citizens need a Post Study Visa after Brexit?

The United Kingdom is still in the Brexit transitional phase until the end of 2020 so the EU citizens are still eligible to work and study in the UK without a visa. This means that someone who came here before 2021 and is European, is still on the previous rules. 

However, all European citizens who intend to continue living in the UK after Brexit, have to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme until 30 June 2021. After 5 years of living in the UK, you can apply for settled status but if you are shorter than that you can get the pre-settled status.

On the other hand, from January 2021, the conditions changed so that EU nationals are treated equally as those from non-EU countries (if you came here in 2021). The EU citizens as well as non-European nationalities have to apply for a Tier 4 visa to pursue higher education studies in the UK and the post-study visa as well.

Reasons for New UK Post Study Work Visas

The main British government reason for the UK New Post Study Work Visa is to ‘attract the best and brightest international students’, according to Home Secretary Priti Patel. The new visa supports the UK government’s International Education Strategy, which aims to reach up to 600,000 international higher education students by the year 2030 and boost the education exports to £35 billion.

How to take the right photo for a UK Visa?

Any of the visas, either a Post Study Work Visa or just a UK Work Visa, might require a photograph. Doesn’t matter if you want to renew your passport or if there are different reasons behind the photo as we are here to help! 

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