Digital photograph for Indian visa - requirements & size

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Take a photo for Visa to India online 190x190 px (0,63x0,63 mm) - it will take less than 3 seconds.
Visa to India digital photo

Indian visa digital photo - requirements and size

  • Size
    • Width: 190 px
    • Height: 190 px
  • Resolution
    95 dpi
  • Image definition parameters
    • Head height: 64.5 %
    • Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 59 %
  • Background Color
  • Is it printable?
  • Is it suitable for online submission?

indian online visa photo

One of the most important elements during the visa application is Visa Photo. It has to meet official requirements stated by the embassy of a given country. Unless it is possible to apply for the visa online, it should be printed in colour on a high quality photograph paper. Looking for a Visa to India online photo tool? Our photo maker will let you take a indian online visa photo that meets all the requirements!

Indian visa photo requirements

  • Neutral facial expression
  • The India visa photo must be in colour
  • One should face forwards with full face in view
  • Normal clothing. Extravagant outfit or uniforms might cause a photograph rejection. Religious clothing, nonetheless, remains permitted
  • Background should be white or off-white in colour. Our photo maker will make it #eeeeee colour, as suggested by official requirements.
  • Glasses, headphones and other items should not be worn
  • indian online visa must have the dimensions of 190x190 px (0,63x0,63 mm)

India online visa photo

Taking the right photo for Indian Visa may turn out to be complex. Simply, upload a selfie, and we will transform it into a professional photo for India online visa!

Our indian online visa photo generator will make it meet all the requirements and verify its correctness.

If you are living in Dublin, Cork or Limerick, probably you are looking for a photography studio to take a photo for a visa to India.

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