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Take or upload a photo

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AI prepares the photo

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Expert verification

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Digital or printed photos

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Taking a photo for your ID has never been so easy.

Follow simple instruction to take a perfect ID photo.


Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

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More about ID photos

Photos for passports and visas online

When you plan to travel abroad, the first thing you should check is whether you have a passport or a visa because without them you will not be able to board a plane. Having them permits you to fly almost anywhere in the world. 

Although, keep in mind that applying for a passport or a visa might be rather stressful sometimes considering that you have to attend interviews as well as submit different documents. One of the requirements for passports and visas are biometric photos, without them your application is likely to be denied.

There is nothing to worry about, we are here to make your application procedure much easier. Though we can’t help with other documents, we can however help you in preparing a photo for your passport or visa.

Keep reading this article until the end to find out how to prepare a passport photo on your own as well as learn the requirements for Iceland biometric photos.

Identity documents for Iceland

Iceland passport photo requirements

These are the general guidelines for Iceland passport photos:

  • Size: 35mm x 45mm
  • Photo must be in color
  • It must be a recent photo
  • The background should be white
  • No smiling so make sure to keep your mouth closed and your eyes open
  • Have a neutral facial expression
  • The picture should not be blurry or damaged by any means.
  • Glasses are acceptable under certain conditions. Sunglasses on the other hand are not permitted
  • Headcovering is permitted only for religious purposes
  • Beards can be kept as long as they show your daily look
  • The photo must be printed on high-quality paper
  • Look directly at the camera
  • The photo must show your head and the top of your shoulders

If you need to take a photo for Iceland Baby Passport, check our tutorial on it - the requirements slightly differ.

Iceland visa photo requirements

An Iceland visa photo has the same requirements as that of an Iceland passport photo. Thus, if you plan on taking an Iceland visa photo then you might as well check out the Iceland passport requirements.

It is a difficult task to follow these many requirements while also taking the perfect picture, and you might think only an expert can do it. However, you have nothing to worry about as our passport photo editor can edit, resize and make sure that your picture meets all the requirements! Continue reading if you're not convinced by our claims.

Iceland ID cards

Besides visas and passports, other identity documents are Iceland ID card, student cards, driving licenses and more. Guess what? They also require a photo that meets biometric standards. 

Passport photos DIY

After making sure that you know what the requirements are for your Icelandic travel document, then you are ready to learn how to prepare a biometric photo on your own.

Step 1: Download a photo editor

Passport Photo Online is one of those applications that will make the photo creation process easier. You can find it in GooglePlay and AppStore.

Step 2: Preparing the photo

Ask someone to stand a few meters away from you and have them take a few pictures. Remember to always read the requirements before you take your photo. Other important things you should keep in mind are lighting and posing. We suggest that you take your photo in an evenly lighted room to avoid shadows as they are very common and might have your photo rejected. The best source of light is the natural one as lamps might sometimes cause different effects.

Regarding posing, you should stand straight and look at the camera lens. Do not tilt your head left or right.

Step 3: Upload your photo 

After everything is clear and you have taken a few pictures, then the next step is uploading the one you like the most to our photo editor. 

Our AI tools will automatically resize the photo as well as replace the background color. Besides that, your photo will be checked so everything meets the official requirements.

What to avoid when taking a passport photo?

Here are some common mistakes that people do when they take a passport style photo on their own:

  • Having the wrong facial expression in a passport photo is a big mistake. Many people tend to smile or have an open mouth in a passport photo, which is incorrect. A passport photo must have a neutral facial expression!
  • The second aspect to consider is the size of the photo. Sometimes you may forget what size the photo should have.
  • The photo is not recent. This is a mistake that many people are not aware of. Your photo must be recent for at least 6 months as your appearance might change during time and old photos do not resemble your actual image.
  • Bad photo quality. You must print your passport photo on high-quality paper. There should be no blurriness or marks on the picture.
  • Selfies are also not acceptable. As we have mentioned above, it's best to have someone stand at least 1 meter away from you and let them take a few pictures. 

Passport Photo Online - passport photo tool

As one of the best passport photo applications in today’s market, Passport Photo Online is an incredible tool to use to make your passport or visa applications easier. You can take as many photos as you want and choose the one that you like more after picking the document you need. 

With this app, you can take passport photos quickly, easily, and efficiently (biometric photos for identification cards, passports, and visas). You'll find current standards, rules, dimensions, and helpful tips about how to take different document images on our site, in addition to a feature that lets you create photographs for your passport photos.

Overall, the reasons why you should use this service are:

  • Taking a passport photo by yourself means saving time and money. You won't need to visit a professional photographer, since you now know how to do it yourself.
  • Thanks to artificial intelligence, our tool is the perfect passport photo validator. It will rigorously check and validate your passport photos so that they meet the official requirements.
  • This tool automatically crops any image so it meets the official dimensions. You don't need to worry about whether your regular image has the correct length as we will take care of it for you.
  • Passport Photo Online replaces a photo's background when you upload it. It does not matter where you take the photo as long as the other requirements are met.
  • If you choose us, you are guaranteed that the passport or visa photo you provide will be accepted by all authorities.