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Iceland Gun Licence Photo - Size & Requirements

Iceland Gun Licence Photo
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Iceland Gun Licence Photo - All You Need to Know

Iceland Gun Licence Photo Guidelines

The law in Iceland forbids having automatic weapons and handguns but it is possible to get a gun licence and many Icelanders own the gun. There are over 90 000 guns in Iceland for 350 000 residents. However, despite the high level of gun ownership, the country has an incredibly low rate of gun crime since 2007.

Regarding a gun licence, you will find out what is required to get one, how to take a photo of an Iceland gun licence, what general requirements you have to meet as a future gun owner.

Iceland Gun Licence Photo Requirements

A gun licence, the same as a diver licence, requires a photograph of its holder. Icelandic gun licence is a very important document that proves the skills and knowledge regarding hunting in Iceland.

Iceland gun licence photo size

The dimensions of an Iceland gun licence are not different from an Iceland passport which means the size is 35 mm in width and 45 mm in height. The distance from the top of the photo to the top of the hair should be just 3mm.

Iceland gun licence Photo Tool

Considering a photo to a gun licence, you can use our photo editor through a website or download a photo online app!

Photos for documents might cause a lot of trouble which is why we can help! To make the process of applying for a gun licence easier, you can take a photo without leaving your house! Find help on the Passport Photo Online site which crops your freshly taken photo, removes the background (changes the colour and removes the glares). Our photo booth works like a photo editor which automatically meets the official government requirements

If you decide to try taking photos at home for your hunting licence, you should try our photo booth app or website which will perfectly edit any photo to the document you want. Try it now!

Iceland gun owners

Between 2005 and 2012 year zero percent of violent deaths in Iceland were caused by a firearm regarding The UN’s Global Study on Homicide. In the United States at the same time, the rate of violent deaths caused by firearms was between 58-61%.

In spite of this high rate of civilian gun ownership, Iceland still has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

If you are in a room with ten Icelanders, about two or three of them are gun owners. In the United States, by contrast, there are far more guns per household but the rate of gun ownership is similar to Iceland (just a little above one third).

Different culture or different reason to have a gun? Icelanders don’t have guns for their safety but for practical or sports reasons.

Last update: 15.07.2021

Last update: 10/1/23

About the document

Iceland Gun Licence

An Iceland gun licence is an official document granting a person permission to own and use a gun, usually subject to various restrictions.

How to obtain a gun licence in Iceland?

Obtaining a gun licence or a hunting licence in Iceland is not that easy. You have to prepare well if you do want to start haunting in Iceland. Here are the requirements:

  • passing a psychological evaluation 
  • passing an assessment by a doctor including an eyesight test
  • buy and read two books
  • attend a three-day course 
  • score no lower than 75% in an exam on gun safety, management, and what animals are forbidden for hunting
  • pass a practical exam to prove you know the processes for safe gun operation.

Besides that, the person who is applying for the gun license is checked for criminal history.

Once you have obtained a gun license, you need to show you have a reliable gun safe to store in. If you manage to get through all that, congratulations you are a gun owner. There’s no such thing as a free gun with any toaster purchase at the supermarket in Iceland.

Iceland gun licence application requirements

To get an Iceland gun licence or a short-term hunting licence (usually for foreigners visiting the country) you need to provide a valid hunting license from your country of citizenship. As with most foreign licenses, it will need to be in a Latin alphabet. Otherwise, you will need to bring an official translation of the permit in English.

Iceland gun licence costs

Costs depend on the permits for the area, if you want to shoot a reindeer, which is the most expensive animal to hunt in Iceland, it costs up to 200 000 is where each permit allows shooting only one reindeer.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Is it legal to own guns in Iceland?

+ -
The country ranks 15th in the world in terms of legal per capita gun ownership If you have a gun licence you can own a gun for a hunting reasons. Also, the only officers permitted to carry firearms are on a special force called the Viking Squad, and they are seldom called out.

Is hunting allowed in Iceland?

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A lot of animals are under protection but you can still haunts gooses, reindeers, ptarmigans and seabirds.

What size is the photo for Icelandic gun licence?

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The dimensions of an Iceland gun licence are like for an Iceland passport which means the size is 35 mm in width and 45 mm in height.
Owning a gun in Iceland can take around three to four years, and semi-automatic rifles are all but banned.

Icelandic police officers do not carry firearms daily. As of October 2019, there was only one episode when a person died because of a killing in 2013. This is the only fatal police shooting since Iceland's independence from the United Kingdom in 1944.