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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

My Number Card Photo - Size & Requirements

Photo for Japanese My Number Card
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 34 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
Is it printable?
Background Color
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My Number Card Photo - All You Need to Know

Photo for Japanese My Number Card

To get a Japanese number card, you will be required to take a digital biometric photo. A photo for a Japanese number card can be easily taken at the photographer's, but also at home by phone. All you need is a smartphone with a digital camera and our online photo editor.

What do you get by using You save time and money because you take the photo without leaving your home. You can take and test as many shots as you want, and you'll only pay for the one shot you like best. You don't have this option at the photographer's. It is also a great convenience, because you will get a digital photo for a Japanese number card in seconds. Importantly, as a company, we guarantee your acceptance. If for any reason your photo taken with the help of the photo generator is rejected, we will refund your money.

In this tutorial you will learn all the requirements for a digital photo for a Japanese number card. Thanks to this, you will prepare a perfect digital photo with your smartphone and you will be guaranteed approval.

Digital Japanese number card photo - requirements

To take a valid photo for a Japanese number card, you must refer to the formal requirements for biometric photos. This is because a biometric photo is required in Japanese number cards. There is this special photo made in such a way as to bring out all the most important biometric features of the face. But don't worry! Taking a biometric photo for a Japanese number card is easier than you think. You can take a picture with a smartphone and check its correctness with our application or online editor. The most important thing is to follow the requirements, so below you will find point-by-point advice on the requirements for such photographs:

General requirements

* Up-to-date − The photo for the Japanese number card must be valid, i.e. taken within the last 6 months from the date of application. If your appearance has changed significantly in the last few months, you should also provide a new photo for the number card..

* High quality − The photo cannot be damaged or blurred. You must provide a photo printed on high-quality photo paper. The photo cannot be bent or written.

* Showing appearance − The photo may not be altered in any way and must reflect your actual and actual appearance. Photos mustn’t be altered in any way. Images provided in colors other than actual colors are not allowed.

* Biometric photo − Japanese number card photo must be a biometric photo taken in accordance with the requirements for such photos.

Size, dimensions, quality

The photo for the Japanese number card is 35 x 45 mm (width x height). The photo must be of appropriate quality and resolution to allow a high-quality image to be printed. You must provide them as a digital file with a minimum resolution of 400 dpi (preferably 600 dpi). The file itself must be in JPG format and not exceed 500 kB in weight. You can deliver the file in person, for example on pen drive.

A Japanese number card photo must be in color and in focus. When preparing a photo yourself, it is worth using a tripod that stabilizes the image. The contrast in the photo is very important − the first plan (the photographed person) must clearly stand out from the background of the photo. Photos in colors other than actual colors are not allowed.


The photo frame must cover the entire head, including the hair, neck and upper arms. The head must be exactly in the center of the frame and the eyes must be level on the horizontal axis of the photo. Head size and position from chin to forehead should be 32mm to 36mm. Distance from top of the photo to the top of the hair should be 3mm. It is best to leave free space around the head, because the photo will then be trimmed at the office. However, remember not to do it yourself. The size of 35 x 45 mm can be obtained by using our online editor and application.

Background and lighting

The background must be light and uniform, preferably light gray or white. There must be no decorations (e.g. it is forbidden to take photos against the patterned wallpaper) or other objects. If you are using, however, you don't need to worry about having the correct background in the photo. Our app and online editor removes the background automatically.

The lighting on a Japanese number card photo must be good, i.e. it must evenly illuminate the entire face. There must be no shadows on the face, neck, or background. Moreover, it cannot be overexposed or underexposed. If you take a picture yourself, you need to light the photo well, preferably natural, but you can also help yourself with an additional lamp. Pictures with reflections and the effects of flash or other light sources are not allowed.

The face in the photo

The head must be centered vertically. Just hold your face forward and look at the camera lens. You cannot tilt your head to the sides, and a photo taken from a half-profile will be thrown in. Very important: make sure that head height up to the top of the hair is 34.5mm

Facial expressions must be neutral and the person in the photo must have their mouths closed and their eyes clearly visible and open. It is not allowed to smile at the Japanese number card photo. The depth of field of the photo should be such that both the front of the face (from the forehead to the chin) and both sides of the face (from the ear to the ear) are clearly visible. The face oval and jawline must be visible. The ears don't need to be visible, but the hair is best tucked back.

Glasses and headgear

You can wear corrective glasses in the photo for the Japanese number card, but you must make sure that they do not cover your eyes. Avoid glasses with thick frames as there should be space between the eyes and the spectacle frames. There must be no glare in the lenses. There are undefined sunglasses and tinted glasses. The eyes must be perfectly visible in the picture, especially the color of the iris, the distance between the eyes and their shape.

The headwear in the photo for Japanese number cards is generally not available (peaked caps, berets, winter caps, hats). Only religious or medical coverings, which are essential for health reasons, are allowed in the photo. In order for you to be able to have a religious headscarf or hat in your photo, you must provide a statement from your religious community. In addition, religious headgear must not cast shadows on the face or obscure parts of it. If you are wearing a Muslim headscarf, you must fold it back to reveal the oval of your face.

Hairstyle and makeup

There are no specific requirements for the hairstyle in the photo for Japanese number card. The only requirement is that the hair does not cover the face. That's the eyebrows and cheeks. If our long hair is pulled back to show a face. If your fringe is covering your eyebrows - move it to the side to show your full eyes. We also advise against wearing headbands and other large hair ornaments - they are generally incompatible.

There is no problem with makeup in your photo, but it should reflect your everyday look. It is best to put on the makeup that you wear every day, so that there will be no problems with recognizing you, e.g. at the airport by a customs officer. Avoid heavy makeup and high shine. The more natural it looks, the better. Also, we want to emphasize that make-up cannot hide or mask the so-called Individual forms, i.e. furrows, strong wrinkles, scars or permanent traces of beauty. If the photo contains these features, the photo does not meet legal requirements and must be rejected. Even if the photo passes the verification process, we can expect problems at the airport or border control.


In the photo for your Japanese number card, wear casual clothes, but do not wear uniform or military clothing. A light shirt is best, but remember - avoid colors that are too light, which may be mixed with the background. If for a Japanese number card photo the background should be light gray - do not wear a shirt in this color, because it will blend in with the background and disturb the necessary contrast. In addition, we advise against wearing eccentric and overly sporty clothing such as a hoodie.

Most common mistakes in My Number Card photos

Do you know what are the most common mistakes people make when taking a photo for a Japanese number card? Below we briefly describe the most important of them. Don't do this if you don't want your photo to be rejected.

Photos from the half-profile

Half-profile photos are not allowed. For a biometric photo you should stand straight ahead.

Underexposed / overexposed photo

The photo must be of good quality, the face must be well lit, and the contrast between the background and the person being photographed must be visible.

The smile in the photo

In a biometric photo, you can't smile even slightly. A smile distorts the natural features of the face. You must have a neutral expression on your face for the Japanese number card photo.

White shirt

Avoid clothes that are too bright, as the white shirt may blend in with the white background and the photo will have a flying head effect.

 Covered face

Even if a photo with a religious headdress and scarf is allowed, you must expose your face. The scarf must not cover the cheeks or chin.

Looking to the side

In the biometric photo you have to look into the lens.

Altering photos

The photo must reflect your actual appearance. Including natural skin, hair and eye color. You cannot edit the pictures in the graphics program or apply filters to the picture.

Taking My Number Card photos with a smartphone

Can you take a photo of a Japanese number card with a smartphone? Yes! In fact, you can take a photo with any device that has a digital camera that captures high definition pictures. Until recently, each of us took a picture for documents at a professional photographer, or in photo booths around the city. Currently, however, the limitations caused by the coronavirus force us to entrust more and more tasks to technology. That's what happened with photos for documents.

Currently, more and more people are making smartphones with the help of a photo generator (application or online editor). This method allows you to quickly, inexpensively and easily make a correct photo for a Japanese number card, and then print it or attach it to the application in digital form. The generators are able to assess the correctness of the photo in terms of the requirements for biometric photos, so that the risk of the photo being rejected is minimal.

How to take a photo of a Japanese number card with a smartphone?

Help yourself with a tripod

Ask someone for help or set the smartphone on a tripod and the tripod on a flat surface at a distance of approx. 40 cm. This will keep your photo sharp, and you'll also be able to reproduce the natural proportions of your face. Don't take a selfie! Selfie photos strongly disturb the proportions of the face. Remember that you will get the best frame by positioning the smartphone at least 40 cm from your face.

Set the lighting

Lighting is the most difficult when it comes to taking photos for Japanese number cards with a smartphone. But it can be set. Stand in front of the window and catch the natural daylight. The morning hours are the best for this. Make sure your face is lit evenly from all sides. If you need support − light an additional lamp.

Take the pose

Position yourself in front of the camera as required for biometric photography. Keep your facial expression neutral. Take as many shots as you want and choose the best. You can experiment with different clothes or hairstyles. Remember - this photo will accompany you for 10 years.

Use our mobile app

Launch our mobile application on your iPhone or Android device. If you use a browser - use the online photo generator. Load the file with the photo and wait for the software to validate the photo in terms of formal requirements. The program will also remove the background and crop the photo to the correct size. After a few seconds, the file will be ready. - how does it work? is an application for iPhone and Android as well as an online photo editor that works in a web browser. It is a modern photo generator for Japanese number cards and other documents that uses artificial intelligence. The principle of its operation is very simple: you upload a photo file, and the program itself checks its correctness and prepares it so that the photo meets the formal requirements. After all, you will receive the finished file to your email address. Depending on the options you have chosen (digital photo or printed photo), you will receive a file ready for printing or submitting it to the number card application.

Size cropper is a size cropper, a tool that cuts a photo file to the correct size. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about delivering a picture of the wrong size to the office. Our application and photo generator will also ensure that the file has the appropriate resolution (600 dpi) required for high-quality prints.

Background remover online photo generator app is a background remover. Depending on the type of service, our software provides the right background. That is, first removes the background from the photo and then replaces it with a white or light gray background - exactly as required for the photo.

Photo checker

Our iPhone / Android app and online photo generator works as a photo checker or photo validator. This means that it validates the photo against the requirements for biometric photos. It uses modern technology that evaluates the key biometric features of the face and whether they are visible in the photo. For example, it checks whether the oval of the face is visible, whether the hair does not cover the face, whether there are shadows in the photo, whether the eyes are visible, the mouth is closed, etc. Thanks to this, you have a virtually 100% chance that the photo will be approved by the official during the examination of the application.

Last update: 9/28/23

About the document

Japanese My Number Card

The Japanese number card is a plastic card which contains an IC chip. The card holds the bearer’s personal information such as name, surname, address and more. The card can offer different conveniences for international citizens, since the card can be used as proof of your identity and even used for different online applications and public services.

What can a Japanese number card do?

  • Acting as a paper certifying somebody's individual number
  • Functions as the official identity verification identity card
  • Works as an identifier for different administrative procedures for online applications
  • Functions for a broad variety of public services as a seal identification card, a library card, a health insurance card and a multi-purpose card 
  • Used for different on-line private transactions
  • Used at convenience stores to receive different certificates.

Applying for a Japanese number card

A Japanese number card number will be produced after you have been to your local ward office to register your address. You should contact the individual helping you if you'd like to know the number and they will write it down for you. After some time, along with an application and an extra envelope, a notification card will arrive at your house. Your number card details will be on the notification card.

You will receive another email after you submit in your application telling you that your number card is done and available to be collected. Take the I.D. photo. (driver's license, passport, residency card) and your notification card to the ward office along with the notification postcard informing you that your card is ready with the number information on it.

Documents needed to submit the application:

  • other personal document with a photo for inspection,
  • 1 photo in paper or electronic form (on a USB stick).
  • completed application,
  • proof of payment for the number card.


The validity of the number card is up to 5 years. They can not, once expired, be used for issuing documents in convenience stores and so must be replaced. Three months prior to your birthday, you can begin the renewal application process.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What should the background of the photo be?

+ -

The background must be uniform, preferably light blue, beige, light brown, light gray or white. So as to create a clear contrast between the background and the person in the photo.

Can I have a cap in the picture?

+ -

No headgear is permitted except for religious reasons. Remember that even then it is necessary to show your face clearly.

What should I wear on the photo for the Japanese number card?

+ -

As the number card is an official document, we recommend that you wear everyday clothes that will keep you looking neat and professional. Extravagant clothing or uniforms may cause the image to be rejected.

Yes, you can have your prescription glasses in the photo. Just remember that glasses with colored lenses are not allowed and the lenses must be clear. So that the eyes are clearly visible and the spectacle frames cannot cover the eyes.

The lipstick is allowed as long as it does not cover the characteristic mark. However, it is best not to apply too strong and too effective lipsticks.

No, you can safely wear clothes of any color. However, consider using a color other than light gray and white as it may blend into the background and disturb the required contrast in the photo.

No, as long as your hair doesn’t cover the eyes, cheeks or nose.

Makeup for the number card photo is allowed, but must be subtle and gentle enough for the person in the photo to be recognizable.

You can wear lenses so that the natural color of your eyes does not change.

No. You must have a neutral facial expression with your eyes open and mouth closed. All kinds of unusual facial expressions are not allowed.

No, you can safely change the color of your hair.

Yes, the application for a Japanese number card must be accompanied by a biometric photo.

No, the photo must be in color and the color must be natural. Photos in colors other than actual colors are not allowed.

Yes, you can bring a digital photo saved on USB digital media. You can use our website or application to create the photographic image itself and then save it on a USB drive.

No, the photo must be up-to-date, that is, it couldn't have been taken earlier than six months ago.

It must be done not earlier than 6 months from the date of submitting the application.

The photo for the Japanese number can’t be framed in such a way that the head is centrally in the frame. Though, the entire head (including hair), neck and upper arms must be visible in the frame. is a document photo generator far more advanced than any online photo generator. When using our website or application, all you need to do is take a photo against any background and evenly illuminate your face. Our software will take care of the rest.

  • check the biometric face alignment,
  • will remove the background with shadows,
  • crops the photo to the correct size,
  • will save the photos in the correct format.

Yes, photos for documents, including number cards, can be easily and quickly taken anywhere. The best way is to use our photo generator for Japanese number cards or our mobile application.

JPG format, weight no more than 500 kB.

600 dpi

35 x 45 mm (width x height)