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Korean Baby Passport Photo
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Korean Baby Passport Photo - Size and Requirements

Korean Baby Passport Photo Online
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 34 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
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Background Color
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More about Korean Baby Passport Photo - Requirements

Korean baby passport photo

In order to apply for an official document, in this case, a baby passport, you will require a passport photo. In order for the photo to be acceptable, it must meet some official requirements.

We know that taking a photo of a baby can be a bit annoying as you might have to deal with the cries and lots of movements. However, It shouldn't prevent you from exploring the world even if you have a newborn baby. To aid you to make this journey easier for both the child and parents, there are several facilities available. Clearly, you will have to request for a baby passport so that traveling is legal and there'll be no issues. A baby passport application will be required. The baby passport picture is among the challenges people face since it involves fulfilling some requirements that are hard to manage with an infant. This is why we have provided this comprehensive article and described the criteria and advice for the baby passport photo to make things easy for you to create the correct photo for the Korean baby passport photo.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • The requirements of Korean passport for baby
  • How to take a photo using your phone
  • The required size of the baby photo
  • Learn how to pose for the photo

What are the requirements for a Korean baby passport photo?

Making the perfect baby passport photo can be challenging but not impossible. You can take the picture with our app or web service simply by using your mobile phone at home. It is therefore only necessary to comply with the criteria that are required by the official authorities for the baby’s passport photo.

The criteria for passport photos can sometimes require a lot of things, however, this does not indicate that taking the passport photo at home is difficult. 

Korean baby passport photo size and frame

One of the most essential things in the baby passport photo is the size which must be 35mm x 45mm. The head’s position should be centered and face the camera. These can sometimes be difficult to manage with a baby since they might move a lot. In order for the baby to keep the head centered and looking directly into the camera, we recommend using some sort of item that can attract their attention. This can be a toy or something colorful. 

Korean baby passport photo background and lighting

The background in the passport photo must be white with uniform lighting and no shadows present. If you are taking a passport photo of your baby at home then we suggest using a white blanket and make sure to take the photo in a lighted room to prevent shadows.

Korean baby passport photo quality

When taking the picture, make sure that it is focused and has a minimum of 600DPI. It would be best to print the photo on high-quality paper and there must be no bends, cuts, stains, or other impurities in the picture.

The photo should not be in black and white. It is only accepted in color.

Clothing in the baby passport photo

No specific dress code provisions exist, however, the only restriction refers to uniforms, you must not wear a uniform or military attire. We recommend for your baby to wear something light, any color besides black and white because it can disrupt the required balance in the picture between the background and the baby.

Also, you should know that headgear is not specified for babies. However, we recommend not wearing one since they are not allowed in general except for certain reasons. In most cases, headgears also cause shadows on the face, and as we mentioned, no shadows must be present. The baby’s face must be fully exposed and not hidden.

Baby position in the passport photo

First of all, you should make sure your child has some rest, is not hungry or grumpy. Pay attention to the criteria for the photograph: read the criteria for the baby passport photo, plan the position, illumination settings, camera or smartphone, and then you can start.

Due to their fragile heads, newborn babies do not raise their heads so they need to be held in a way that helps you to take a snapshot of the baby’s passport and not add any needless things to the photo.

Nothing to worry about though, you can use a blanket and perhaps something to ensure that the baby does not move. To help the baby's head, you could also use your hands underneath the blanket and capture a few shots this way.

Camera position in a baby passport photo

The guidelines are clear, you should keep the camera parallel to the baby’s face and make sure that there is a gap or space with the camera and the head when taking the picture.

Make sure not to create any shadows on the frame.

The camera should be held at an angle where the baby is able to directly see at the lens. 

Also, the baby’s eyes should be open and visible and the mouth should be closed, so make sure not to make him or her smile.

How to take a baby passport photo with your phone?

First of all, you should meet the requirements mentioned above. Afterward, you can download our application in your google play or app store. Our application is also an online tool that you can use through our web service. It’s simple and can save you time and money.

Once you have the photo taken, you can upload it and wait for our photo validator to do the magic. Our tool will automatically crop the photo to the required size, remove the background and fix any mistakes that it might detect.

Last update: 6/7/23

About the document

A Korean passport for a baby is the same as a regular Korean passport. It is an official document granted to citizens of Korea who plan to travel abroad. The passport includes the holder’s name, surname, birth date, citizenship and more. 

There are two types of Korean passports: biometric passports and non-biometric passports. That being said, since the launch of the biometric passport in 2018, the standard passports have been slowly replaced and have now become the most often used form of passport. The chip installed within, that stores a biometric picture of the passport holder and its digital signature, is the most important aspect of biometric passports. These passports are machine-readable, and the process of identifying an individual has been highly facilitated.

How to apply for a Korean baby passport?

The Korean passport for babies is only issued upon the permission of the parents or legal guardians. The approval of all parents and guardians of the baby must be received. If the approval is fully accurate, it could also be done in writing where it defines the individual to whom the permission is granted. It must contain name and surname, birth date and other personal information. 

With the being said, after the parents of legal guardians provide this permission, then you can apply for the Korean baby passport.

Here is what you need:

  • The completed application form
  • Passport size photos
  • Certificate of birth
  • Copies of parent’s passports

Passport personal information page

As you know each passport has a specific page which holds every personal information to identify its holder.

This page contains:

  • The holder’s biometric photo
  • National code - KOR
  • Number of passport which usually contains nine digits
  • Your full name
  • The holder’s citizenship
  • Birth date
  • Issuance date
  • Expiry date
  • Gender
  • ID number 
  • The authority that has issued the passport

Korean baby passport validity and fees

Standard photos for adults are valid for up to 10 years however, korean baby passports are valid for up to 5 years. 

The fee for a baby korean passport can be KRW ₩15,000 or KRW ₩30,000. 

Also keep in mind that it can cost KRW ₩25,000 if you want to apply for a new passport that has the same expiry date and KRW ₩5,000 if you want to change something in your passport such as your personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How can I get a Korean passport?

+ -

To get a Korean passport, you must, first of all, have Korean citizenship. If you are a Korean citizen then you can apply for a passport at the appropriate offices in Korea.

How much is a Korean passport?

+ -

A Korean passport for adults over the age of 18 can cost ₩50,000 for 24 pages and ₩53,000 for 48 pages. As for minors and babies, the passport can be from KRW ₩15,000 to KRW ₩30,000

Is it safe to travel to Korea now?

+ -

Korea has actually reopened transportation, however, the pandemic still continues and you must always be cautious and apply every required precaution.

The short answer is no. South Korea does not allow citizens with dual citizenship. The law says specifically that one who has obtained Korean citizenship should renounce another country's citizenship within a year.

South Korean people have visa-free entry to 189 countries and regions, thus making the Korean passport the third strongest passport in the world.

Citizens in South Korea are well paid and can afford most living expenses. However, there are cities such as the capital where the lifestyle is rather too expensive.

US citizens can only stay in Korea without the need for a visa, for a maximum of 90 days if they are traveling for tourism purposes.