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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Korean ID Photo Online - Size and Requirements

South Korean ID Photo
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 35 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
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Background Color
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South Korean ID Photo - All You Need to Know

South Korea ID Photo Online - Size and Requirements

In order to receive a South Korean ID card, the applicant must provide a professional, biometric photo that fulfills all the requirements for such a picture. The quality of the photo, as well as the various other aspects, are essential to the application process, as the photo on the Korean ID card is one of the main identifying characteristics and must, therefore, be able to identify the IC card holder clearly. The requirements for the format, style and size of the photo will be explained to you in the following article. This way you will be able to take a perfect biometric photo for the Korean ID card yourself, without needing to deal with the trouble of finding a photo studio or even a photo booth.

The basic idea of a biometric photo is that it portrays solely your head and upper shoulders from the front, without any disturbances such as objects, shadows or reflections to make your face unrecognisable. This is why this type of photo lends itself perfectly for identification documents, such as a Korean driver’s license card or passport, and, so too, for your future Korean ID card. Therefore a biometric photo should be used for the South Korean ID card and the requirements for such a picture will be detailed in the following: 

General Requirements & Size for the Korean ID card Photo

The guidelines you will find below will help you with the creation of your ideal Korean ID card photo, that is an integral part of the South Korean identity card. The following list details some of the most important aspects of a biometric photo and the requirements that need to be met, as well as some helpful input regarding the size and structure of a biometric photo: 

  • The photo must be recent and it is therefore not advisable to use a photo over 6 months of age.
  • For your Korean ID picture, a light background is important so that your face is easily distinguishable from the background (white or off-white, for example).
  • close-up view of the head and upper shoulders should be visible on your South Korean ID photo.
  • The Korean ID card photo must concentrate clearly and sharply on your facial characteristics.
  • The Korean ID Photo ID can not include shadows (this applies both to your face and the background).
  • Glasses are not allowed to be worn on the Korean ID card photo.
  • Your face must be absolutely clear, so your eyes must not be blurred by sunglasses, hair around the eyes or any other potential disruptions.
  • Your face must be in the middle of the frame, gazing at the camera directly with your eyes open.
  • Your mouth must be closed, and the ID photo must reveal no teeth.
  • Your face should have a neutral expression for any biometric picture.
  • The face must be visible in its entirety in order to use the photo for identification and the head should be uncovered as a result, i.e. no caps or head covers that may cover the face or cause shadows are permitted, unless it is for religious purposes, but even in that case the face itself must be clearly visible.

Technical Requirements for the Korean ID Photo

  • The Korean ID photo must be taken in colour. Pictures that are not colorized are not allowed for the Korean ID card, i.e. photos that are black and white. 
  • Your head should take up 70-80% of the overall Korean ID photo and should therefore measure between 32 - 36 mm.
  • Your Korean ID photo needs to have a resolution of 1200dpi or higher quality.
  • Your South Korean ID photos size must adhere to the generic biometric photo size of 45 x 35mm.

Shadows and colours on the photo for the Korean ID card

Your natural hair and skin color must be mirrored in the ID card picture. Images must be in colour for this very purpose, so that certain features are visible. In addition, images that are over-exposed or under-exposed will also not reflect your natural color and should therefore be avoided. By using daylight to get rid of any potential shadows, you'll get the best and most real-life effect.

These are our tips to avoid such problems:

  • To take your picture, pose in front of the window.
  • Keep enough distance between yourself and the camera.
  • Make sure that the light is distributed on your face evenly.
  • Do not use a flashlight as this could create a "red eyes" effect that would make the photo look unnatural and could therefore lead to your image being refused.

What about wearing headgear, makeup or jewelry on a Korean ID Photo?

The official biometric photo for an ID card for South Korea can be taken with makeup applied and headgear on, in some instances.

Pay attention, however, as heavy makeup will contribute to your ID picture being denied. Only headgear worn for religious purposes is licensed, according to biometric photo requirements. A cap or other type of headgear that would cover your face, apart from religious headgear, is illegal to wear.

It is possible to deny your ID application for needless jewelry. In their entirety, the ears must be clearly visible.

Is it allowed to wear glasses or sunglasses on a Korean ID Photo?

As previously stated, wearing sunglasses or normal prescription glasses on your ID photos is absolutely not allowed. Therefore, we would recommend people who wear glasses daily to take them off for the photo, so as to ensure that the ID photos will not be rejected. 

Everything you should be aware of concerning hair and beard for a Korean ID photo

Please make sure that no hair covers your face if you have bangs. Big hair is another hairstyle that individuals have to be careful about when taking an ID photo. In this case, we would recommend that you ensure that the voluminous hair does not go beyond the edges of the photo, as this could provide possible reasons for the rejection of the photo. In a case like this, we would advise you to tie your hair back.

The biometric photo requirements do not contain any specific instructions regarding beards. Thus, if you wear a beard on a daily basis, preparing your Korean ID card photo without having to shave your beard would be perfectly acceptable for you.

What to wear on your South Korean ID photo

You can wear anything you want, casual or stylish, and you can choose whatever you want. Only wearing light-colored clothes or uniforms should be avoided, as it could get your application rejected.

Another suggestion, because you might otherwise look naked on your ID photo, is that you shouldn’t wear a tank top, as this is not the smartest choice for an official image that you're going to be displaying over and over for ten years.

Recent changes in appearance and the validity of the South Korean ID photo 

Your current looks should be represented by the photograph used to acquire a new identity document, such as a Korean ID card. The photo you use should therefore be no older than six months. Perhaps you already have a prototype for a picture and want to use it for this application? Of course, you can do that, just note that it cannot be longer than six months since your selected picture was taken.

However, you will need to submit a new image if your appearance has changed dramatically over this time span. Typically, neither cutting or coloring your hair nor growing a beard requires a new picture of you. Children and adolescents under the age of 16 are also not expected to take a new picture of the biometric photo, even though they change quite a lot as they grow up during the validity of the paper. Nevertheless, some circumstances involve a compulsory new picture. If the following situations are applicable to you, please prepare a new picture:

  • You have undergone gender change.
  • You have had a facial plastic surgery performed.
  • You have experienced a permanent facial deformation.
  • You have gotten or removed tattoos / facial piercings.
  • You have lost / gained a considerable amount of weight.

What are the most common reasons photos for your Korean ID card could get rejected?

Getting your ID application rejected just because of your photo is the most annoying thing in the world. Maybe you took time off work to prepare this ID submission, only to find that you have to go through the entire thing again because your images have been rejected. Below are some common reasons for the rejection of your Korean ID card photos:

  • The "Red Eye" effect: when you take your picture with a powerful light, your eyes will appear like they are red - which will cause your photo to be rejected. To avoid this situation, make sure that your pupils are clearly visible, that the light is natural, and also that your eyes and the shape of your face are clearly defined.
  • Look at the camera directly while your head is tilted! If you take a semi-profile or a profile type of photo, or some other snap where your head is tilted and your eyes are not looking straight through the camera lens, your image will be refused.
  • Uneven lighting: you must avoid shadows to see your facial features precisely for the biometric picture. The light on your face must be evenly distributed, and anything different would also lead to your photo being rejected.
  • Smile or make a funny face: Sadly, if you smile, your ID photo will be rejected. Your facial expression should be reminiscent of someone having their mugshot taken - neutral/serious; it's wise to look as competent and as respectable as possible.
  • Either altering your appearance or using a filter on the official photo: you are not permitted to use any image editor software such as Photoshop - it should reflect your true appearance and your true colors :) Digital retouching to modify or improve your facial features is prohibited.
  • The authorities will also not allow ID card images which have staple holes, are creased or otherwise labelled.

Online photo tool for Korean ID photo

Did you know that your Korean ID photo will be rejected by the official authorities if it does not meet all the official requirements? South Korean ID pictures must be perfect; there should be no objects in the background, your face has to be well-focused, and the light has to be on both sides of your face. These are only some of the requirements that your ID photo must meet before being submitted. Not everyone is an expert in photo editing applications, so here is our Passport Photo Online photo editing software that is easy to use and great for your South Korean ID card photo! We will delete the backdrop, crop the image to a suitable size, and prepare a printable Korean ID photo template for you!

Generator App for your Korean ID Photo

Well done! You read the whole text above, and now you're probably dreaming of taking a picture for your ideal ID card from your home without any fuss. Or outside, even at your office, maybe. Just download our app and let us prove to you that nothing is easier than creating your optimal ID image in less than a minute! Your job is to look decent and take care of the demands listed above. We're going to crop, resize, and take care of the remainder of your image!

Korean ID photo crop and resize tool

While you should be aware that the appropriate size for a biometric image is 35 x 45 mm, the best thing, though, is that you don't even have to remember it! If you have chosen the document you want in our online photo editor, it is Artificial Intelligence that takes care of the right dimensions, the proper crop and resolution. You must concentrate only on taking the best picture of yourself. You're only going to pay for the chosen one. The other images are being tried out for free.

Tool for background removal

Our intelligent photo tool is capable of producing any background color you may need. It doesn't matter whether other individuals or objects are visible in your frame or if the background is a wall with shadows or shapes. The online photo generator manages each challenge! Wait just a second and the background in your ID photo will be clear, white and valid.

Validating Software for the South Korean ID Photo

Would you like to be 100% certain that the photo attached to your ID card application is accurate and will be approved by the authorities? You do not need to ask for a separate tool, or check online, or contact a licensed photographer. Our ID Photo Generator is a complete tool to offer you 100% satisfaction! Any picture is verified by AI, and if it is classified as correct, you can be sure it is accurate. If somehow your pre-approved photograph that has received the “go-ahead” by our authentication tool is not accepted, just let us know and we'll give the money back to you (which never happens, but we want you to know, just to be sure). Yet this can't probably even happen. We're supplying you with a guarantee of approval!

Photo Template for your Official Photos for the Korean ID card

You may order the digital version to be sent to your email address if your photo has been created and approved. In copy shops or even drug stores near you, you have the option to print it. If you send the application online, your picture will be ready for attachment to the online application form immediately. An image can be used more than once.

Passport Photo Online - App for Android and iPhone

You can use our Passport Picture Online application, whatever your smartphone's operating system is. As the app is available for both iOS and Android, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store of Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo and Sony or from the AppStore of your iPhone.

Why use an Online Photo Editor for your Biometric Photo?

Of course, it is true that you could not desire any help with taking your own photo for your Korean ID card, of course. Yet the process can take time, and can even be daunting in certain instances. You need to specifically re-size and crop the frame, do something with the wrong backdrop, and you're still not sure if at the end it's all right. So, why don’t you offer us a chance to help? With our photo app, your new biometric photo will be:

  • created with the required uniform background of a biometric photo
  • perfectly sized and cropped (if so required)
  • accepted by both embassies or consulates, as well as official South Korean authorities
  • 100% satisfying as you have the opportunity to have one milion shots at taking the perfect picture, if you need them, and choose your favourite one among those and only have to pay for the one!

You can, of course, look for a photo booth or book a visit to a professional photography studio, but do you really want to spend your time and money on something that you can instead do in just a minute and for a fraction of the cost? Furthermore, we are going through tough times, when we need to maintain social distance, which means that it is not the best choice to go to the mall or city center to sit in a line and wait.

Feel confident and do what you can through the Internet. And definitely take the correct shot for your South Korean ID card! Perhaps you will end up having a great deal of fun with it! You should try out various clothes, hairstyles and even makeup if you want to, take a lot of shots and play with the lighting of the photo. It doesn't matter how many shots you take, you're only paying for the one you eventually order. And you have a guarantee of acceptance for a biometric photo. What do you have to lose?

Last update: 9/22/23

About the document

The Korean ID card is issued to every citizen of South Korea over the age of 17. It is a mandatory ID document for Koreans to possess. Throughout its history the Korean ID card has undergone several changes, until it arrived at the current card for South Korean citizens to identify themselves with. The Korean ID card meets the global ISO 7810 standard that is also used for most European ID cards and credit cards. On the Korean ID card the holders important personal details are stored. This information includes the name, birthday and identification number, as well as a hologram whose purpose it is to stave off forgery. Furthermore, the Korean ID card includes a photo of the holder in the typical biometric style used for identification photos.

The Korean ID card provides a 13-digit identification number that used to be the holder’s birthday and birthplace, however, there are some changes occurring to the ID card that exclude numerical evidence of the citizens place of birth.

Aside from the identification aspect of the card, the ID document is also used to use and receive various services and is needed to complete all manner of different bureaucratic tasks where one may need to provide a proof of identification. Aside from the Korean ID card itself, a Korean passport, driver’s license card, Alien Registration Card or a public officer ID card can also be used as an identification document.


The application process for a South Korean ID card can either be completed online or by visiting the responsible governmental office in person. The process that starts when a person first applies for a new ID card until the day when they receive it can take up until 20 days.

Fees and Required documents

The cost of a South Korean ID card

The ID card is not for free in South Korea. If a citizen needs a new ID card for whatever reason, be it that the old one is no longer valid or that the current one was lost or stolen, then the citizen needs to apply for a new identification card and thus must pay the 5.000 won fee that is required for the application process for a new Korean ID card.

Documents required for the successful application for a South Korean ID card

There are some documents that a Korean citizen is required to provide when applying for a new South Korean ID card. If the old identity card has not been stolen or lost, it must be supplied during the application process. More importantly, however, the applicant is also required to provide a photo for the ID card that fulfills all the criteria of a biometric photo and can only then be counted as eligible for an official identification document. The following article will help you assess what requirements must be met in order to provide the governmental institution with a correct photo.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can I take my own Korean ID card photo?

+ -
Absolutely! By using Passport Photo Online, you can easily take your own passport picture at home! All you have to do is upload a picture of you that you took in accordance with our guidelines, then our AI powered tool will delete the background for you, crop it to the right size and verify the validity of the photo, once all this is done, you will receive the file in your email box!

How do I know if my Korean ID card photo is the size of a biometric image?

+ -
With our app, you do not need to worry about the size of your image. All you have to do is pick the document you are applying for, then upload a photo and our tool will do the rest for you.

Can I wear black on my Korean ID card photo?

+ -
You can wear black, but there might be a lot of contrast between the light colored backdrop, so maybe you can pick another color. What you should also avoid are white tops and tank tops - you will appear naked in an official photo.
Our Artificial Intelligence tool will ensure that your image is accurate and valid and 100% approved in order to be by the authorities. If, for some reason, your photo gets rejected, we will refund your money.
You are allowed to wear makeup, but you should not wear makeup to the extent that it influences your appearance and no one can identify you. Opt for a bright color, not too dark, and if you want to wear lipstick, don't go nuts and change the shape of your lips.
We know you've got a nice smile, but either way the official authorities don't want to see it on the ID photo, sadly. So, no smiling for this photo, sorry! Furthermore, no teeth should be visible, and your mouth should also be kept closed.
No, the way you are, you just look perfect. If you put a filter on the photo or eventually change your appearance, the photo would be denied, and if not, you could face problems with the Korean authorities.
No, photos for the Korean ID card must be in colour, not in black and white.
No, neither glasses nor sunglasses are permitted.
Don't worry this isn't a professional photoshoot. Just relax and look normal. With open eyes, your face should look straight at the camera and your mouth should be closed. We know that you have a beautiful smile, but, sadly, it's not prudent to reveal it in these images. As it would simply be more convenient for you, we suggest you have a seat, when taking your picture!
The biometric photo format in South Korea is the same as in many European countries: 35x45 mm.
Yes, as long as your facial features or oval outline are not hidden by it and it doesn’t go over your hairline this is allowed on the Korean ID photo.
Not necessarily, you just need to be careful that you do not cover the oval of your face or your ears with your hair, as both should be noticeable on the Korean ID card Photo. We suggest that if you have a significant amount of hair, you tie it back in order not to let it go beyond the edge of the photo. This way, you'd be sure to have a valid picture for your Korean ID.
You can keep jewels on your biometric Korean ID photo as long as it's not too clunky. For your identity photo to be valid, your ears and the oval of your face should be noticeable, so excessive jewelry could get your ID photo rejected. For the best possible result, we suggest you take them off while taking images.
Thanks to our Passport Photo Online app, it is no longer important to look for the closest photo studio or photo booth. You can take a picture for your ID card or any other official Korean document wherever and whenever you want: it may be at home, in your office or in your garden. All you need is a camera and our free biometric image maker application is available online, and in no time your Korean ID photo will be ready!