Guidelines for Lithuania Visa

How to apply for Lithuania visa? - Everything you need to know!

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Guidelines for Lithuanian Visa

When planning a trip to Lithuania, it is important to state the purpose of the trip so appropriate visa is granted. As Lithuania is within the Schengen Area since 2007, different rules apply in regard to visa requirements and issuance. It is also true that Lithuania is the easiest country to get a Visa to, according to Schengen visa info news. Statistical evidence from 2018 suggest that only 1.3% applications get rejected, whilst 98.7% get approved. Lithuania is also known for its quick appointment process, due to high number of short-term visa issuance. This makes country more attractive in terms of visa application, unlike for countries such as France, where appointments need to be made a few months before the departure to the Schengen Area.

In order to know all about Lithuania visa requirements, people must be aware of all the requirements.

Documentation Requirements for Lithuanian Visa Applicants

With global developments, visa applications can now be completed online, by simply downloading the Schengen Visa application form. It can be both printed and sent as a hard copy or completed online and sent electronically. Major supporting documents include:

  •  Applicants must be in position of two visa format pictures, in which their face is visible.
  • Passport and copies of previous visas are also required for the application
  • Copy of return tickets are also needed, it is however not recommended to buy flight tickets before getting a visa.
  • European travel medical insurance is also vital to enter the Schengen area.
  • Cover letter stating reason of travel with planned out trips within the country
  • Flight reservations, with entry and exit dates and flight number
  • Hotel reservations
  • Proof of funds for period of stay

Passport and copies of your previous visas (with validity of 3 months beyond return date) are also required at the border. Passport must possess 2 blank pages for stamping purposes. 

Additional Documents Requirements in Relation to the Purpose of Travel

Sometimes additional supporting documents are required depending on the purpose of travel. It is important to highlight that documents mentioned below are only required if your travel fits with the purpose.

Tourism Visa

For tourism visa additional documentation include:

  • Invitation letter from a friend or family member (letter should contain phone number and address)
  • Bank statements from previous 6 months to highlight person is able to afford their trip
  • Passport copies

Business Visa

Similarly, for business visa applicants need to provide:

  •  Invitation letter from a firm that they will be travelling to visit. Letter must include detailed address information and dates of visit.
  • If previous trade was made between two companies, a copy of official documents proving that need to attached
  • Certificate from employer that says travel is authorized
  • Business bank statement from previous 6 months
  • Expenses during the trip must be covered by employer or business, that a person is travelling to visit – coverage of expenses must be stated in invitation letter

Medical Visa

For medical travels additional supporting documents include:

  • Medical Report
  • A medical attestation from a Lithuanian doctor. Confirmation of the date of appointment and medical situation is also needed
  • Payment of medical fees

Visa for sports, religious, film or cultural purposes

Along with letter of invitation from institutions that organise the above events, detail below is required:

  • Details upon nature of event – activities, expenses, purpose of visit
  • Names of people who are taking part (crew members)
  • Letter stating time of stay (including flight reservations)
  • Plan of visits for the whole trip

Study, Training, Research, or Internship Visas

  • Enrolment information form educational institutions
  • Certificate of courses
  • Financial information and sustenance

Official Delegation Visa

  • Copy of invitation & duration of stay supported by flight reservations
  • Personal details of the applicant
  • Purpose of travel (meetings, even by intergovernmental organisations, negotiations, consultations, agreements etc).
  • Accommodation information

Visa for wide/husband of Lithuanian citizen

For a partner of Lithuanian citizen that are tied with them through marriage, additional required documents involve:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Family record book
  • Lithuanian citizenship proof (ID card etc)

Airport Transit Visa

For airport transits a visa or other type of entry permit , along with a copy of valid visa for the final destination needs to be shown at the border.

Under-Age Children Visa

  • Guardian permission (parental travel consent)
  • Proof of regular income from guardian (contract issued by workplace and monthly income)
  •  When applying for a Visa, a guardian must be present.

Visa extension is possible but only with exceptional factors, or if a purpose arises within the country.