The EU Now Recognises Three More Third-Country COVID Certificates as Equivalent to the EU Digital Certificate

The EU has now recognized three more third-country COVID certificates as comparable to the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

The European Union Commission has recognized Indonesian, Seychelles, and Vietnamese digital COVID-19 certifications as comparable to EU COVID Certificates issued by authorities in EU countries.

This decision was verified by a statement released by the European Union Commission to simplify the travel process better, reports.

Passengers from the three nations indicated above will be able to join the bloc under the same conditions as those who hold EU Digital COVID-19 credentials.

Previously, the EU Commission announced in two separate decisions that the COVID-19 certificates issued by Benin and Jordan were equivalent to the EU Digital COVID Certificate, allowing holders of such documents to enter EU Member States under the same conditions as those who hold the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Authorities in EU countries established the EU Digital COVID certificate to streamline the travel process for holders of such documents during the COVID-19 situation.
Since June 2021, about 1.7 million EU COVID Certificates have been issued by EU countries, reports.