Malta: COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Eased

Malta: COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Eased

Malta’s authorities have stated that the country has opted for easing its covid-19 travel restrictions, which were still in force.

Visit Malta, the country’s travel portal, has stated that as of May 9 Malta will no longer use its color-coded (red or dark-red) classification system that divides countries according to their risk of infection.

This results in the fact that all arrivals, notwithstanding their country of origin, will no longer have to request to have their trip pre-authorised by the Superintendent of Public Health, informs

Malta declared that from May 9 all the travellers over the age of 6 will be required to present a covid-19 certificate of vaccination, recovery or negative test result to be allowed into the country without having to abide by any other rule. 

In Malta, covid-19 passes have the same validity of the ones in the other European countries. 

A vaccination certificate is valid only if the holder has completed the primary vaccination within 270 days or if they have already received a booster shot.

With regards to the recovery certificates, they are recognised only if the holder has recovered within the last 180 days.

Moreover, Malta accepts either rapid antigen tests or PCR tests. The rapid test must be taken in the last 24 hours before departure, whilst the PCR one within 72 hours.

In addition to this, some other restrictions have been lifted. 

From May 2, travellers can enter the country without having to fill in the Passenger Locator Form before departure. 

Also, wearing face masks is no longer required in public spaces and events. 

It is worth noting that Malta’s authorities made the decision to lift the majority of covid-19 restrictions in the country because of the low number of covid-19 cases. Indeed, a World Health Organization (WHO) report shows that only 1,048 covid-19 cases have been registered in Malta in the last week.

Concerning the vaccination rates, ECDC has revealed that, as of May 5, 93.8% of Malta’s adult population has completed its primary vaccination.