Oktoberfest in Munich Resumed in 2022

drinking crowd during oktoberfest

Finally, for the first time since the pandemic began, Munich has resumed the Oktoberfest.

This festival will run from September 17 to October 3 without any Covid-related restrictions in place. Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter accepted this decision. He stated that, at this point, each person should be able to decide what’s best for them without any official restrictions. Also, he added that he can’t wait to see the celebration taking place. 

In the years before the pandemic, this festival was used to lure as many as 6 million visitors every year. This year, it’s estimated that the same amount is likely to come. In 2022 it will be the 187th edition of Oktoberfest. The first one was held in 1810 but it was canceled many times during the past 200+ years, reports Passport-photo.online

This year, as usual, Oktoberfest will begin at noon with the tapping of the first beer barrel in the Schottenhamel tent. It will be possible to ride historical rides at the Oide Wiesn this year, considering that in 2010 it became traditional. It is worth noting that this practice wasn’t meant to become a tradition, but it did. 

At the moment, Germany allows US travelers older than 12 to enter the country if they’re fully vaccinated. However, any person who was immunized with Johnson & Johnson vaccine must have received two shots to be deemed fully vaccinated.