Samoa: Borders Reopened to International Tourists in 2022

small boat next to the palm beach shore

Samoa’s Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa has stated that as of May 2022 the country will start welcoming again Samoan citizens and foreign contractors and from August/September travelers will be able to come back depending on the vaccination status and the possibility of lifting the Covid-related restrictions. 

Due to the pandemic, Samoa’s travel and tourism industry has been suffering a great deal from the country’s closure. As of now, the state is ready to welcome again international visitors, who are bound to boost the island’s economy. The Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) has been making every effort and working side by side with local operators and national bodies to prepare the country for the expected influx of tourists in the following months. 

The health and safety of Samoa’s citizens and international visitors have been put first by the country’s authorities, and so the new mechanisms were set in place. Among them are the implementation of the digital tracing app, new travel instructions, the upskilling of local employees, and new testing systems, reports

Dwayne Bentley, the Samoa Tourism Authority’s acting CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the reopening of the island, which he considers a must-see destination of untouched beauty and culture. He is also confident that a lot of tourists will come to visit, considering that the majority of the Covid-related travel restrictions have been lifted worldwide and people are ready to travel again.

Besides this, he assured that Samoa has been preparing itself to the best of its ability to provide people with a safe environment. Visitors will be welcomed warmly and kindly. The island can be reached from New Zealand or Australia with, respectively, a 4-hour and a 6-hour flight.