Spain: Covid Entry Rules Extended to June 15

Spain: Covid Entry Rules Extended to June 15

Spanish Government, Ministry of Interior of Spain decided to extend COVID-19 entry rules to June 15 for all travelers. 

The statement reads that the restrictions extend to all Spain’s territory until midnight on the June 15. This means that all travelers over the age of 12 entering Spain will have to be subjected to all COVID-19 entry rules. 

Exceptions concern EU/EEA travelers ; they can enter the country without restrictions as long as they have the documents below : 

  • Proof of vaccination within the last nine months, 
  • Proof of recovery of COVID-19 from the last six months, 
  • A negative 72 or 48 hours old PCR test before arriving in Spain. 

Third countries travelers have to be subjected to stricter rules, which means they can enter Spain if they have proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19.

Nevertheless, certain group of travelers can enter Spain more easily. Third countries travelers aged from 12 to 18 can enter Spain with only a negative PCR test. 

The decision was probably made by Spanish authorities after seeing infection rates, inform Passport-Photo-online. Indeed, according to WHO, 65.897 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the last seven days, although vaccination rates are pretty high as 101.399.274 vaccine doses were administrated as of May 12.

Even though entry rules are maintained in Spain, its domestics restrictions have been facilitated. Travelers don’t have to wear a mask in public areas and events while being in Spain.