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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Tunisian Passport Photo: Size and Requirements

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Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
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Image definition parameters
Head height: 33 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 4 mm
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Background Color
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More about Tunisian Passport Photo - Requirements

Tunisian Passport Photo

Your passport photo is a crucial component of your Tunisian passport application. It serves as a visual representation of your identity and ensures seamless identification during your travels. To ensure a successful application, it's important to adhere to the specific requirements for your Tunisian passport photo. 

Here's a brief guide to help you understand the essentials for a Tunisian passport photo:

  • A valid, recent Tunisian passport photo is necessary for your passport application
  • It should meet specific size criteria of 35 mm x 45 mm (width x height)
  • The background should be plain and white
  • Your clothing and accessories should not cover your face or obscure your facial features
  • It is recommended to remove glasses to ensure clarity
  • Head coverings or religious attire are permitted, but your facial features must be fully visible
  • Lighting conditions and facial expression play a role in capturing an acceptable photo

Tunisian passport photo requirements: an overview

To ensure a successful passport application, it's essential to meet the specific requirements for your Tunisian passport photo. Here's a concise overview of the key aspects.



Size and Dimensions

Ensure the photo size is 35 mm x 45 mm. Your face should occupy 70-80% of the photo.


Choose a plain and light-colored background, preferably white. Avoid patterns, shadows, or distractions.

Clothing and Accessories

Wear normal everyday attire that doesn't cover your face or obscure your facial features.


It is recommended to remove glasses to ensure clarity of facial features.

Head Covering or Religious Attire

If you wear a head covering, make sure your facial features are fully visible without shadows or obstruction.

Lighting and Expression

Use even lighting to avoid harsh shadows or glares. Maintain a neutral facial expression with eyes open and mouth closed.

Tunisian passport photo size and dimensions

To meet the Tunisian passport photo requirements, ensure that the photo has a size of 35 mm x 45 mm. It is also crucial that your face occupies 70-80% of the photo. 

Background requirements in a Tunisian passport photo

When capturing your Tunisian passport photo, choose a plain and light-colored background, preferably white. Avoid any patterns, shadows, or distractions in the background. 

Clothing and accessories in a Tunisian passport photo 

For your Tunisian passport photo, wear normal everyday attire that does not cover your face or obscure your facial features. It is essential to present yourself as you would in your daily life. Avoid hats, headbands, or any accessories that may interfere with the visibility of your face and features.

It is important to note that wearing glasses is not recommended. To ensure the clarity of your facial features, it is advised to remove any eyeglasses for the photo. By doing so, you will help to avoid any potential issues or delays during the passport application process. 

Head covering or religious attire in Tunisian passport photos

If you wear a head covering or religious attire as part of your daily life, you may wear it in your Tunisian passport photo. However, it is crucial to ensure that your facial features, including the outline of your face, are fully visible

The head covering should not cast shadows or obstruct your face in any way. This allows the passport photo to accurately represent your identity.

Tunisian passport photo lighting and expression

When capturing your Tunisian passport photo, pay attention to the lighting conditions and your facial expression. It is essential to have even lighting that avoids harsh shadows or glares on your face. Natural light or soft, diffused lighting works best. 

Additionally, maintain a neutral facial expression with your mouth closed and eyes open. Avoid smiling or frowning, as the photo should accurately represent your natural appearance.

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Photo requirements are based on:
Last update: 6/3/23

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can I attach a black and white photo to my Tunisian passport application?

+ -

No. Only color pictures will be accepted. Moreover, colors must be real and represent your natural skin tone. Do not use color filters in your picture.

Can I print my Tunisian passport photo on an inkjet printer?

+ -

No. Passport photos must be printed on photo-quality paper. Check where in your neighborhood you can print photos immediately - it may be a self-service photo kiosk, photo booth or one-hour photo service in some store or mall.

What is the recommended Tunisia passport photo tool?

+ -

We advise you to check out the PhotoAiD smart photo App which is able to resize, crop, remove background and verify your picture in terms of requirements. It has very good opinions from clients, is cheap and easy to use.

Yes, they are. If the piercing does not obscure your facial features and doesn’t give a glare on your skin, you do not need to remove it. Jewellery is accepted too but only if these items do not obscure your face.

No, any alteration in the picture by computer software is forbidden and will cause the rejection of the photo.

If you are looking for a tool that verifies your photo in terms of accordance with requirements, download the passport validating photo online app. The app will verify your picture and inform you if it is correct or not.

In such a case the time of processing your application might be longer and moreover, you will be obliged to attach a new photo.

You can get it in the studio, in a photo booth, or… wherever you wish! Use your smartphone or a digital camera and then adjust the picture with our passport photo editor.

You can wear whatever you wish, just do not wear anything white in order to not blend into the background.

The background must be uniquely white. Use the photo background remover to obtain a perfect background in your image.

You have to attach to your application 2 printed, color photographs with your passport application.

Yes, the beard is allowed in the passport photo in the Republic of Tunisia.

Headgears worn for religious purposes are allowed under the condition that they do not obscure or cover in any way the candidate’s face.

The biometric photo must be taken as an en-face view with the eyes looking straight at the camera. It is a general requirement for all passport photos in all countries now.

It is not forbidden to wear eyeglasses in the photo if the glasses are not colored or tinted. Just make sure that frames do not obscure your eyes and glasses do not give glare.

Yes, you are absolutely allowed to do it. After capturing a photo by your iPhone or another smartphone, upload it to Online Passport Photo Maker and have it done!

No, do not smile, do not open your mouth. A neutral facial expression is a must.

The image of the head from the chin to the top must take approximately 75-80% of the whole picture. If you are not sure how to do it, just use a cropping passport photo tool.

The standard required size of the passport photo in Tunisia is 35 mm x 45 mm. If you want to resize your picture, try with the Resizing Passport Photo App.

No. You must use the photo taken within the last 6 months.