Renew a Canadian Child Passport: Here’s What to Do

Renewing a Canadian passport for a child.
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Is your child’s passport expiry date approaching? Remember that a valid passport is essential if you want to travel abroad with your whole family—including the little ones! But how do you renew your child’s Canadian passport (in and outside the country)?

Find everything you need to know about getting a new travel document in this article.

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Can you renew your child’s passport in Canada?

No, you cannot renew child passports in Canada

When your child’s passport expires (every five years), you need to apply for a new one. This rule applies to all children under the age of 16. Once a minor turns 16, they need to apply for their first Canadian passport for adults.

To learn how to “renew” a Canadian passport for children before they turn 16, read the following section.

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Renew a Canadian passport for a child: overview

Now that you know that expired child passport renewal in practice means applying for a new passport, let’s go through all the steps you need to take. 

  1. Complete the application form but don’t sign it. If your child is 11 or older, they can sign the application themselves, but it’s not required. 
  2. Collect the necessary documents (e.g., current passport and birth certificate).
  3. Take two Canadian passport photos compliant with official requirements.
  4. Find a guarantor satisfying the government’s requirements.
  5. Submit the application and pay the fees ($57 for minors under 16). You can submit the application in person after booking an appointment online, by visiting a passport office welcoming walk-in applicants (find available locations here), or by mail.

According to the information provided by the Government of Canada, issuing a child’s passport should take between 10 and 20 days. Note that if you apply by mail, your child’s new passport and all supporting documents will be returned to you in two separate packages via mail unless you paid for an express pick-up service.

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Renewing a child’s passport outside of Canada

Are you currently residing outside of Canada, or your child’s passport got lost/damaged on a trip abroad? Worry not—

You can easily get a new travel document for your child in 5 steps:

  1. Fill out the application form for children applying outside of Canada.
  2. Collect the necessary documents (same as those mentioned in the previous section) and two passport-size photos.
  3. Find a guarantor.
  4. Pay the fees ($100 for children under the age of 16). Remember to keep the payment receipt.
  5. Submit the application in person at the nearest Canadian consulate or embassy or by mail.

Remember! All passport fees are non-refundable. If you cancel the application or it’s rejected, you won’t be eligible for any refunds. So, closely follow the instructions and—most importantly—make sure you submit the correct supporting documents.

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When to renew a child’s passport in Canada?

Canadian children’s passports are valid for five years (applies to minors under the age of 16). The process of getting a new child’s passport takes between 10–20 business days, so it’s best to apply a month before the document expires—at the latest.

How much does it cost to renew a child’s passport?

A new Canadian passport for children under the age of 16 costs $57.

Can I renew my child’s passport before it expires?

You can. Getting a new travel document will take up to 20 business days, so take this timeframe into consideration when applying to make sure your child has a valid passport at all times.

Can a child under 16 renew a passport?

Children of any age can get a passport. However, it’s not possible to renew a Canadian passport for a child—you’ll need to apply for a new document. You can read about the steps in this article’s section titled “Renew a Canadian passport for a child: overview.

Renew child passport in Canada: summary

Let’s reiterate—you cannot renew your child’s passport in Canada. In order to get a new identification document, you’ll need to apply for a passport for your child as if it were their first. Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Fill out the correct application form (depending on whether you apply in Canada or abroad).
  2. Collect all the required documentation (e.g., a birth certificate).
  3. Get two pictures compliant with the official Canadian passport photo guidelines. 
  4. Find a guarantor. 
  5. Pay the fees and file in the application (in person or via mail).

We hope this article helped you get clarity on completing your child’s application for a new passport. Now you should know exactly what you need to do and how to get the job done stress-free!

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