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Shoppers Drug Mart Passport Photos in Canada
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The Canadian passport is rated as one of the 25 (twenty-five) most powerful passports in the world, ranked right up there with Australia, the U.K., and the US So it’s not surprising that two-thirds of all Canadian citizens hold a passport. All these passports should be renewed at least every 10 (ten) years. Of course, this means getting a new passport photo, too. 

Canadian citizens who need to get or renew a passport in Canada have many options for their passport photo needs. One of the most popular choices for passport photos is Shoppers Drug Mart.

Passport photo in 3s!

Take a photo with your smartphone, upload it to the website, we will convert it to an official passport photo and send you a digital or printed version. Simple? You can’t get more convenient than that!

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Shoppers Drug Mart passport photos–Canada & international 

Over 60% of all Canadians live within 5 kilometres of a Shoppers Drug Mart outlet. In fact, Shoppers is one of the biggest drugstore chains in Canada, with more than 1,300 stores coast to coast. They have storesin every province from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in rural, urban, suburban, mall, and strip mall locations. And they also take passport photos, so if you need to apply for or renew a passport in Canada, Shoppers’ passport photo service can probably help.

But first, customers need to verify that their preferred Shoppers outlet offers passport photo services because not all of their many locations do. Call the nearest store ahead of time and make sure; at the same time, make an appointment for a photo session since it’s necessary to schedule in advance. 

Please arrive on time for the appointment. Applicants should wear dark-coloured clothes to avoid disappearing into the white background. And be sure to let the staff at the photo counter know what country the photo is for because they can take photos of all sizes, not only for Canadian passports but for Indian, Chinese, French, and Philippine passports as well, to name just a few.

Shoppers passport photos— foreign document photos and more

Canada is a nation of immigrants, with many people from all over the world living there as permanent residents (PR). Citizens of another nation living in Canada will need to renew their national passport at some point, as well as their Canadian PR card. These all require applicants to submit new photographs as part of the application process. Once again, Shoppers Drug Mart can help.

If you’re in need of a Canadian PR card photo, you’re in luck – shoppers can get this service done at the same place where they take passport photos. Along with visa applications and student IDs, the photo studio can take a picture that meets the specifications for your Canadian PR card. Just be sure to mention the type of document you need the photo for when scheduling your appointment.

No appointments necessary with Passport Photo Online

If you don’t want to make an appointment for a drugstore photo session, it is possible to take your own photograph at home using an online photo editor such as Passport Photo Online. At home, you can relax and listen to your favourite music while taking pictures with a friend. Try on different outfits and different hairstyles, and take as many photographs as you like until the result is just perfect– we even have dedicated applications on Android and iOS to turn your cell phone into a mobile passport photo booth. 

Passport Photo Online will then turn your picture into a compliant passport photo that meets all the government requirements, and email it to you as a JPG. Our app guarantees 100% compliance with all government specifications–it doesn’t matter the country. Whether it’s Canadian passport photos you’re after or Chinese ones, Passport Photo Online can provide complaint photos (for passports and other documents) to over 190 countries–no appointment required!

A satisfied Canadian customer complimenting Passport Photo Online’s pricing and professionalism.

Shoppers Drug Mart passport photos: FAQ

Shoppers Drug Mart is a great place to get passport photos printed. The retailer also provides photos for other documents around the world. Please read through the following questions and answers for more information on the topic.

Does Shoppers take passport photos?

Yes, Shoppers Drug Mart locations take photos for passports, IDs, visas, and many more documents.

How much is a Canadian passport photo at Shoppers Drug Mart?

Shoppers charges $19.99 CAD for a set of 2 photos.

Is Shoppers the cheapest place to get passport photos?

No. At $19.99 per pair, they are at the high end of the price range.

Do all Shoppers Drug Mart locations take passport pictures?

Most do, but not all. Call ahead to make sure your location does, and to book an appointment time. Appointments are preferred over walk-ins.

Can you print photos at Shoppers?

Yes, Shoppers Drug Mart offers photo printing services.

Can I take my passport photo at home in Canada?

You can take your photos at home, but Passport Canada does not accept photos that you print at home with inkjet printers, even photos that are printed on heavy-weight paper. Shoppers Drugs partners with Fujifilm, and they print their photos on quality Fuji brand photo paper.

Can Shoppers take photos fornon-Canadian passports, such as US and EU passports?

Yes. Most locations can cut photos to any size required; just be sure to let them know in advance so that they can calibrate accordingly.

Can I get my child’s passport photo at Shoppers?

Yes, they can take photos of applicants of all ages including babies and infants. Be sure to let them know about any special needs you may have at the time of making your appointment so that they can be prepared. You may find it easier to photograph your infant on your own at home.

Is Shoppers the best place to get passport photos?

To be honest, their reputation (based on online reviews) for both customer service and photo quality is pretty middle of the road. Like all drugstore chains offering this service, the level of care you receive is largely dependent upon your local store: how busy they are, who is working that day, how much experience they have, how recently the machines have been serviced, and so on. For truly expert results, go to a specialist or use Passport Photo Online.

How long does it take to get a passport photo at Shoppers?

The whole process takes about 15 minutes from your arrival until you receive your printed photos.

Can I get digital passport photos at Shoppers?

Customers can get either a digital copy or paper copies, but they must let the staff know which one in advance. Be advised that Passport Canada does not accept digital photos, although many other countries do.

Does Shoppers Drug Mart in Ottawa take passport photos?

Yes, out of the total 14 locations in Ottawa, and 13 locations take passport photos. Only the Shoppers located at 778 Bank Street doesn’t provide the service.

Does Shoppers Drug Mart take passport photos in Edmonton?

Yes, all 9 stores in Edmonton take passport pictures.

Does Shoppers take passport photos in Calgary?

Yes, all 8 Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Calgary take passport photos.


Shoppers Drug Mart is a proudly Canadian company with a long history of excellent customer service. You probably live not too far from a Shoppers outlet yourself! 

If you need a passport photo taken for your passport or visa application, Shoppers Drug Mart can be your local photo store. However, remember to call ahead and schedule an appointment as walk-in service is not available. Alternatively, trust Passport Photo Online to take passport photos directly from home. With the possibility of getting document photos (including passport pics) for over 190 countries and a 100% compliance guarantee, getting quality passport photos has never been easier.


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