World’s Best Secret Beaches [2023 Ranking]

most secluded beaches in the world: ranking
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You’re done with the crowds. 

You want to find a secluded place to relax, enjoy the sound of waves crashing against the shore, and feel the sand between your toes.

We don’t blame you.


At Passport Photo Online, we’ve analyzed Google search data for roughly 70 quiet beaches worldwide and ranked them according to their average monthly searches.

The result?

We’ve ended up with a list of 10 genuinely secret beaches for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life:

RankName & LocationMonthly Search Volume
1Klamath Beach, USA100
2Muriwai Beach, New Zealand150
3Sandbanks Beach, UK250
4Fornillo Beach, Italy300
5Kepuhi Beach, USA400
6Hyams Beach, Australia600
7Puerto Morelos Beach, Mexico700
8Shelter Cove Beach, USA800
9Long Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)1,200
10Kauapea Beach, USA 1,900

Klamath Beach, USA

klamath beach, usa

If you’re looking for a private beach to enjoy quality time with nature, Klamath Beach should be at the top of your list.

This beautiful beach is located on the remote Oregon coast, surrounded by towering cliffs and dense forests. And because it’s so hard to reach, you’ll often have the whole place to yourself.

Konocti Bay and its dramatic volcanic spires also make for a stunning backdrop, and there are plenty of sheltered spots to camp overnight or enjoy a picnic.

Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

muriwai beach, new zealand

Muriwai Beach is another perfect spot if you’re on the lookout for a quiet beach to relax without the crowds.

It’s located just outside Auckland and is well known for its dramatic cliffs, black sand, and crashing waves. Even though it’s a popular spot for surfers, the beach is still relatively quiet and secluded.

The best time to visit Muriwai Beach is in the summer when the weather is warm and the water is calm. But even in the winter, the beach remains stunning, with its wild waves and rugged coastline. 

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Sandbanks Beach, UK

A small jetty on the beach at Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset looking out towards Old Harry Rocks

Sandbanks Beach is a true hidden gem.

Tucked away from the city, this calm beach is the perfect place to unwind. It features soft, powder-like sand and gentle waves, which make the beach feel like a little piece of paradise. 

The best part?

It’s still close to civilization and easy to reach without too much trouble. So the next time you need a place to get away from it all, head down to Sandbanks Beach. 

You won’t be disappointed.

Fornillo Beach, Italy

Rock formation with panoramic view at Fornillo Beach in coastal town Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy, Campania, Europe. Vacation at the coastline of Mediterranean Sea. Village of Praiano in distance.

With an average of 300 monthly searches, Fornillo Beach is one of the best peaceful beaches in Italy to get some R&R, and it’s not hard to see why. 

It’s nestled in a small cove on the Amalfi Coast, shielded from the wind and waves. The water is always calm and clear, and there’s plenty of soft sand.

Finally, Fornillo Beach is just never crowded, even in the height of summer.

Kepuhi Beach, USA

Waves at Kepuhi Beach with Coconut trees along the shore on the island of Molokai in the state of Hawaii.

Kepuhi Beach is another splendid private beach.

For one, it’s in Hawaii, which is already a great place. Two, it’s about as far from the mainland US as you can get without leaving the country. 

Lastly, Kepuhi Beach is known for its dramatic cliffs and clear waters, offering stunning views to early-morning visitors.

In short, it’s the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries. 

Hyams Beach, Australia

hyams beach, australia

Hyams Beach in Australia has been officially recognized as having the whitest sand worldwide. 


But—that’s not the only reason to visit this remote beach. 

Hyams Beach is surrounded by clear blue waters and is fringed by native bushland, making it the perfect place to enjoy the natural surroundings. The beach is only accessible by foot, so you won’t find any crowds here. 

And if you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale or two passing by.

Puerto Morelos Beach, Mexico

puerto morelos beach, mexico

If you’re looking for a low-key beach that’s still close to all the action, Puerto Morelos Beach in Mexico is the perfect place.

This hidden gem is just a short drive from Cancun, but it feels a world away from the crowded beaches and busy clubs. 

The clear turquoise water and soft white sand will surely rejuvenate you, and there are plenty of secluded coves and bays to explore.

Shelter Cove Beach, USA

shelter cove beach, usa

Shelter Cove Beach in the USA is an excellent example of a private beach.

It’s located on the remote Humboldt coastline and is only accessible by hike or boat. 


The effort required to reach the beach is rewarded with stunning views and absolute tranquility. The lack of crowds also means you’re more likely to see wildlife, including migrating whales and sea lions. 

So if you’re after a serene beach experience, add Shelter Cove Beach to your list.

Long Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)

long bay beach, turks and caicos islands (uk)

Long Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands is one of the best secluded beaches.

This pristine stretch of sand is surrounded by lush vegetation, offering plenty of privacy. And with its gentle waves and clear turquoise waters, it’s the perfect place to swim or paddleboard.

Plus, there’s plenty of room on the beach, so you won’t have to worry about feeling cramped.

Kauapea Beach, USA

Waves Crash Over Exposed Coral Reef With Kilauea Lighthouse in The Distance, Kauapea Beach (Secret Beach), Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Last but not least, there’s Kauapea Beach.

It’s a calm beach on the island of Kauai, only reachable by hiking a short trail through the jungle. 

Once you get there, you are rewarded with stunning views of the ocean and a feeling of total isolation. There are no lifeguards on duty or amenities of any kind.

While it may sound like a recipe for disaster, Kauapea is safe. The rip currents aren’t strong, and there are plenty of waves to surf. 

Plus, the beach is surrounded by cliffs, so you don’t need to worry about getting swept out to sea. 

Stacking It All Up

There you have it!

A 2023 ranking of the world’s most secluded beaches.

Now—which one do you think you’ll pick for your ultimate weekend beach getaway?

Let us know in the comment section below.


Passport Photo Online examined  Google US search data for 72 quiet beaches and ranked them according to the average monthly searches they receive.

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