Baby Photo for U.S. Passport photo - size & requirements

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1. Body-camera distance
2. Posture: Straight ahead
3. Even lighting on both sides of the face
Infant Photo for U.S. Passport

U.S. Passport photo for your Baby - Digital photo size & requirements

  • Size
    • Width: 2 in
    • Height: 2 in
  • Resolution
    300 dpi
  • Image definition parameters
    • Head height: 1.29 in
    • Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 1.18 in
  • Background Color
  • Is it printable?
  • Is it suitable for online submission?

Passport Photo for a newborn baby or infant

Basically, regarding the passport photos for infants and very young children, the most important thing is to meet the following 4 points. The vast majority of them will be taken care of by our photo software (especially points 1 and 2). In fact, the crucial thing is that the face is evenly lit and the head is not tilted. Guidelines for taking pictures for the passport for small children and infants:

  • The photo should be taken against a uniform and white background.
  • The child in the picture should pose frontally, i.e. the head should not be tilted in any direction.
  • The child's face should occupy from 70 to 80% of the picture and the eyes and chin should be in the right places.
  • The face should be evenly lit.

TIP: It is essential to note that the photo requirements for small kids’ passports (including infants) are much less stringent than for older children and adults. In particular for infants, closed eyes and open mouths are allowed. Unnatural facial expressions (e.g. grimaces, smiles, yawns) are also acceptable. However, it is important that the child's face should not be covered by toys, hands or other people. Even in the background they should not be visible to other people (therefore, very small children are best placed on a single-coloured blanket).

Technical photo requirements for children's and infants' passports:

Technically, the photo for the children's passport should meet the same requirements as for adults. Therefore, the photograph should be rectangular in shape and 2x2 inch in size. Furthermore, the photo should:

  • 1. be colorful, with natural contrast
  • 2. be of good quality and not damaged in any way
  • 3. be sharp (no single pixels visible)
  • 4. reflect the natural color of the skin

How to take a perfect photo of a newborn baby

The easiest way to take a perfect passport photo shot of your baby is to lay the baby on its back on a white sheet, making sure there are no shadows on the baby's face, and simply take a photograph from above.

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