I lost my passport abroad – What should I do?

I lost my US passport abroad - What should I do?

You are on a beautiful beach, enjoying the sun with your favorite cocktail when you suddenly realize that you lost your passport! You think that your holiday is over and that nothing can happen… But no need to panic. We are going to give you

Is global citizenship real?

Global Citizenship

We live in a globalized world, focusing steadily on becoming more international.  This phenomenon is commonly referred to strengthening “global citizenship” or developing “global citizens” and promoting a number of diverse activities. How could this phenomenon be described and what does it entail?  Read this

Best Way to Carry a Passport? – Safety Tips

Best Way to Carry a Passport

Are you planning your next trip? We are here for you. This is a not standard travel checklist, but take a look at what we are about to tell you. Every travel checklist should include safety tips to help you safeguard your passport and most

Passport Photo Make-up Tips and Rules

Passport photo beauty tips

You probably have heard a lot or at least once about the ID photo or passport photo “nightmare”. People complain a lot that their photos look like a mugshot and they look just like a wanted prisoner. The worst thing is that no matter how

Can You Travel With an Expired Passport?

Can You Travel with an Expired Passport

We live in a world where travelling can only be allowed if you hold a certain document: A passport.  Nowadays, millions of people use passports to travel abroad. However, when you plan your trip you should make sure that your passport is valid. Double-check it

How to get an invitation letter for a US visa?

Invitation letter for US visa

A letter of invitation is a formal statement issued by a United States citizen, welcoming people that they know such as friends or family to the United States. In the statement that confirms the relationship, the one who is admitting the guest must state their

ETIAS – Everything You Need to Know


It can be very easy to take a trip from the United States to many European nations. All you have to do is search a flight, book the ticket and off you go! In the future, however, an additional phase called the European Travel Information

How to look good on a passport photo: Advice for men!

Passport Photos - Advice for men

Find out how you can take your passport picture yourself at home. All you need is a smartphone and a photo editor for your passport or other professional document photos. You also need to know the guidelines for these types of photos. Take control of