About Us

Passport-Photo.Online is the world’s largest and most convenient biometric photo booth app, where you can take professional photos for your passport, visa, driver’s license, ID card and more in just a minute with AI technology, without leaving your home!

You are the photographer, and this photo booth is located on your smartphone.

We have always been big fans of AI and modern technology. Our company was founded in 2012 and initially only dealt with the kind of photo booths we know from movies like Amélie, the kind we use to take fun photos. In 2015, we created our first self-service passport photo booth that allowed us to take biometric photos, i.e. photos for ID cards, passports, or driver’s licenses. Thus began our adventure with biometric photos. Soon afterwards, we built a network of these photo booths, numbering in the hundreds.

Our priority was to abandon the current norm of unpleasant service and a photographer who often takes one, usually not very attractive, photo and says: “these are the photos for your documents, take them or leave them”. Do you know the feeling? We do too… and we don’t like it very much. We wanted to make sure that a visit to a photography studio is not a depressing experience that sends shivers down your spine 🙂

Customers liked our photo booths, but we received feedback that it would be great to take pictures without leaving home. We knew that Artificial Intelligence could help, so that such photos could be taken quickly, cheaply and conveniently. After all, no one wants to search for a photographer and waste time getting to one. Additionally, COVID-19 limited our mobility, making the ability to do things remotely more important than ever.

So, we started experimenting with Artificial Intelligence and new technologies, leveraging years of expert experience in the photography and biometric photography industry. We hired a plethora of talented people and through their collective hard work, passion and commitment…

We have created the Passport-Photo.Online website and mobile apps to help you take a professional passport or ID photo when you want, where you want and how you want… with your own smartphone!

We have developed Artificial Intelligence algorithms that can crop the photo by itself, fix the background, sharpen and adjust it according to the official requirements. In addition to advanced AI algorithms, each photo is additionally checked by an experienced expert photographer, so you can be sure that the authorities will accept your photo.

We also work with many universities and schools around the world and help students to take photos for their student IDs or for admission purposes. We value our partnerships with universities very much, because we remember very well, when we were students ourselves, how much time and trouble it took many of our colleagues to take a proper picture… 🙂

And that is how, thanks to Passport-Photo.Online, we help hundreds of thousands of people every month all over the world.

We were really proud when Forbes and National Geographic wrote about us. We knew that, thanks to this, even more people will be able to take the necessary photos in our application. Today, our team consists of 80+ professionals and experts in such fields as biometric photography, fine art photography, law, Artificial Intelligence, and IT – all in order to meet the expectations of our customers around the world: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

You can receive your photo digitally, but we can also send your photo prints by post. We verify the validity of the biometric photo requirements on a daily basis so that your photo always complies with the current regulations. We currently have 8 shipping points in Europe, the United States and Asia. In 2021, we plan to open shipping points in Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. And we enjoy fulfilling our mission!

This is how we fulfill your expectations and our dreams. We prove that you can look your best in a photo, and save time and money on top of that. At any time and anywhere in the world. We plan to operate on a large scale, but every customer is the most important one for us, so each one must be satisfied with the service. We all play on the same team, so please let us know what we can do even better!

Feel free to contact us: support@passport-photo.online

Passport-Photo.Online Team