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Snap or upload a photo

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AI prepares the photo

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Expert verification

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Digital or print photos

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How to take a photo?

Taking a photo for your ID has never been so easy.

Follow these simple instruction to take the perfect ID photo.


Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Digital Passport Photo - Requirements

Where Can I Get a Digital Passport Photo?
Width: 600 px
Height: 600 px
1 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 70 %
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 5 %
Is it printable?
Background Color
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Can't thank these people enough, they have gone above and beyond today to produce a lovely passport photograph from my poor photograph. Thank you for all your efforts. I would recommend this company good value, professional and kind.
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I'm really pleased with the result. They are very helpful and professional. Really fast response time and aswsome passport photo. I recommend it strongly.
Fi Peverell
My first pictures weren’t high enough quality, I received an email right away asking for new pictures, and within minutes received an answer with passport picture attached that would work. Highly recommend! Thank you!
Cali Rae

More about Digital Passport Photo - Requirements

Can I Get Digital Passport Photos?

We’re in the middle of a digital revolution where every aspect of our lives has gotten, is getting, or will be getting digitized in the near future. This push has only accelerated in the U.S. since 2019 when only 20% of governmental agencies reported adequate levels of digital service.

Despite the common misconception that passport photos require the experienced eye of a professional, there exist many reliable and convenient online tools that allow users to get perfect digital passport photos. With the U.S. slated to commence online passport renewals for the general public in 2023, let’s take a deeper dive into the world of digital passport photos. 

Digital passport photo: requirements

Just like their printed equivalents, digital ID photos also have strict requirements that must be followed.. Thus, before uploading a digital photo to your passport application, you should make sure that your digital passport picture:

  • is in color (in sRGB color space);
  • is in a square aspect ratio;
  • is taken against a plain background (however, if you use our photo tool we will automatically adjust the background for you);
  • is in sharp focus, and not blurry or pixelated;
  • has the correct image dimensions – usually the minimum dimensions are 600×600 pixels and a maximum of 1200×1200 pixels (e.g., for U.S. passports), but this may vary depending on the country whose passport you’re applying for;
  • is in JPEG file format;
  • is the right size – usually, this will be less than 240 kB.

Now, your responsibility is to make sure that the photo is taken correctly, meaning that it adheres to the standard requirements for official documents. While some details may differ from country to country, most governments are adamant the following criteria are followed:

  • There should be no shadows in the photo.
  • Your head must be centered, and you must be facing the camera directly with the top of your shoulders visible.
  • No digital alterations are allowed.
  • No head coverings, glasses, headphones, or any other accessories that may obscure your face are allowed, with the exception of those worn for medical or religious purposes (which also must be proven, for example, with a signed note by the appropriate authority or medical professional).
  • You must maintain a neutral facial expression.

Digital passport photo: what are the options?

The first thing that crosses your mind when thinking about passport photos is probably a professional photography studio. Usually, our inner voice tells us that with matters of such importance, such as passport and visa photos, it is best to trust the skills and experience of a professional.

Every coin has two sides, however, and visiting a photographer comes at a substantial cost of time: you need to find the studio, set an appointment, and show up at the specific location. There is also the risk of an awkward situation when the final picture doesn’t meet your expectations, and you either have to complain or settle for a less-than-stellar passport photo. 

On top of that, there is no guarantee your photo will be accepted by the authorities, and the price levels are usually much higher than other alternatives.

Passport photo services at a photo booth

Photo booths can act as an alternative to traditional studios. Such machines have the advantage of being easily accessible and eliminate the time pressure associated with photo studios. Nevertheless, they still require your physical presence.

Additionally, photo booths won’t have any experienced people or algorithms that ensure your passport photos meet the official requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State.

They are a splendid solution for memorable pictures with friends, but perhaps not the best option for taking your own passport photo.

Online passport photo services

Hence, we arrive at the other side of the spectrum: a completely automated online passport photo maker, where you yourself are the photographer.

There is actually plenty of software available to take your own passport photos nowadays. Digital passport photo tools come in all different varieties: from basic cropping tools all the way up to AI-using apps that are capable of adjusting any photo to meet official passport photo requirements.

The price usually correlates directly with the quality. However, there are some platforms that stand out from that equation due to their outstanding benefits t at a fair price. 

Passport Photo Online

One customer-friendly and easy-to-use option is Passport Photo Online, which, thanks to its innovative solutions, has gained the attention of trusted publications such as Forbes, National Geographic, and Glamour. This online service allows you to have your biometric photo taken within a matter of seconds from the comfort of your home. What’s more, the app has ID photo templates for over 400 documents that follow the official guidelines mandated by more than 200 countries around the world.

Taking a perfect passport photo is possible thanks to the advanced A.I. algorithm, which adjusts the background of your picture—turning it into a professional U.S. passport photo, no matter where the shot was taken. The software is also programmed to recognize key digital image requirements for passport photos such as lighting cropping, or background to automatically adjust them and let you know whether your picture meets all official criteria.

Simply snap a photo with your phone and upload the image to the app. You can upload as many shots as you want and pay only once you’re fully satisfied – no need to leave the house or book an appointment. 

Is your inner voice still not convinced? Don’t forget Passport Photo Online’s industry-leading 100% compliance or double your money-back guarantee. You won’t regret it!

Digital document photo–wrap-up

With the United States transitioning to online passport renewals in 2023, queries for digital passport photos have recently exploded in popularity. This blog post has summarized everything you need to know about sourcing your digital ID photos using professional studios, photo booths, and smartphone applications (and hopefully convinced you to use the latter).

Applying for a new passport can be time-consuming so use Passport Photo Onlineto save time by getting a digital picture that is guaranteed to be accepted by the relevant authorities. With over 1 million downloads on Google Play and thousands of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, you too can join the digital passport photo revolution 😉

Last update: 3/19/23

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is a digital passport photo?

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Digital passport photo is a computer version of your passport picture, usually saved in a JPEG or PNG file. Digital passport photos are bound by the same regulations as standard (printed) passport images, with additional criteria for image resolution and pixel size.

How to digitize a passport photo?

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To digitize a hard copy of a passport photo, you should scan it at 300 dpi. Then, you can create a digital version of your passport photo using photo transformation tools. Try Passport Photo Online to ensure your image is 100% compliant with U.S. passport photo requirements.

Is a digital photo required for a passport renewal?

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A digital photo for a U.S. passport renewal is required if you apply online. For physical passport forms, applicants must provide 1 (one) picture printed on glossy or matte paper.

Passport offices do not issue digital copies of U.S. passports. However, you can get such a copy on your own by scanning or taking pictures of your passport.

A soft copy of a passport-size photo is another name for an electronic copy.

You can get your passport-size photo in digital format by visiting a photography studio or taking your passport photo with a digital camera or mobile phone. Special tools such as Passport Photo Online can make this process easy and convenient since you receive your passport-sized digital photo via email in minutes.

Scanned passport photos are not allowed by the U.S. Department of State. Applicants can submit either printed passport photos or digital images.

A digital passport photo has to meet the following requirements to get accepted by the U.S. Department of State:

– dimensions balancing between 600 x 600 and 1200 x 1200 pixels

– sRGB color space

– JPEG file format

– size balancing between 54KB and 10MB.

Apart from the requirements of the digital version, an applicant’s passport photo needs to meet the basic guidelines of a U.S. passport photo, such as plain white background, neutral facial expression, or good lighting.

No, Walgreens does not provide its clients with digital versions of passport photos. If you decide to take your passport photo there, remember that you will receive them only in printed format.

Nowadays, there are many options to get a photo for your passport digitally. There are plenty of apps available to take care of this for you, such as Passport Photo Online.

If you have a photo that you think is suitable for a passport, then you can upload it to our app and we will convert it to a digital photo for you. Also, if you have a hard copy of your passport photo, you can scan it at 300 dpi and upload it to our app and we will do our best to convert it to a digital photo (depending on the dpi and pixels, we can’t guarantee that the quality of your scanned photo will be suitable to be used in an official document).

You can easily take a passport style photo with your iPhone or digital camera. Just make sure the lighting is even and preferably natural (however you can also use artificial lighting, as long as no shadows are cast anywhere in the photo). You can use our friendly Passport Photo Online app to verify your photo in accordance with the official requirements.

If you’re looking for an easy to use, affordable, and intuitive iPhone app to take your passport and visa photos, then look no further than Passport Photo Online. This app offers a ton of ID photo templates from numerous countries around the world and doesn’t charge you for retakes. You only pay for the final, verified version of your document photo.

Yes. Most passport applications can be submitted online, so the only suitable photo in this case is one in digital format.

There are many shops and drugstores that offer photo services where you can get digital copies of your passport image, however you need to find out beforehand whether the particular location you’re interested in offers this service. You can also try online photo tools such as Passport Photo Online that are a foolproof way to get your digital ID photos.

You can easily get a digital U.S. passport photo using Passport Photo Online. We will adjust and crop the image for you, making sure it meets all the passport photo requirements set forth by the U.S. government.

You can get a digital copy of your passport photo using various online photo makers. All you have to do is take the photo yourself or upload an existing one, and online software such as Passport Photo Online will provide you with a digital copy that you can attach to your online passport application.