Guide To Taking a Passport Photo With iPhone

Guide To Taking a Passport Photo With iPhone

In 2021, the U.S. government issued about 15.5 million passports. Each and every one of these passports had to have a biometric photograph meeting strict requirements. Taking a passport photo is a complex process, and must be done with care if your photo is to be accepted by the U.S. Department of State. You might find it difficult to make time in your daily schedule for taking a new passport photo—or maybe the picture needs to be done quickly. 

Good news: entrepreneurs and software engineers are inventing and designing passport photo apps that are compatible with iOS. This means you now have the option of taking a passport photo with your iPhone. Taking and printing passport pictures online is now simple. This article will provide essential guidance for all iPhone users who are looking to take a passport photo with their mobile phone.

Taking a Passport Photo With iPhone

How can I take a passport photo with my iPhone?

To take your own passport photo with your iPhone, make sure that you follow all the passport photo guidelines required by the U.S. State Department. Here’s a list of the most important rules you need to follow: 

  • make sure someone else is taking a picture of you, as selfies are not allowed;
  • stand 3 to 7 feet away from the camera (1 or 2 meters);
  • keep your head straight, facing the camera;
  • keep a neutral face (that means no smiling or frowning);
  • do not use any filters, not even color-correction filters;
  • remove all headgear and glasses for the picture (unless you can’t due to a medical condition/religious beliefs);
  • in a situation where a person cannot take off their headwear due to religious beliefs or medical conditions, you must still make sure the full face is visible from side to side, and from forehead to chin;
Three pictures showing the correct headwear for passport photos.
  • make sure the picture has a white background (or, during the editing process, change it to a white/light-gray color);
  • use good, even lighting – preferably natural light;
  • eyes must remain open in the picture.

How to take a good passport photo with an iPhone?

All you need is a friend or family member to take the picture (selfies are not allowed), or use a tripod to take the photo yourself.

Take advantage of daylight to get evenly spread lighting—standing in front of a window will work great.

There is no need to find a white wall or set up a backdrop; our app can remove the background seamlessly and replace it with the required plain color.

You can use Passport Photo Online to have the photo resized and checked for compliance with the requirements automatically anywhere, and any time. Our 200% refund policy guarantees that your passport photo will be compliant with the regulations.

A sequence showing how to take a passport photo with an iPhone.

Interested in finding out more about passport photos? Check out:

Passport Photo Online for your iPhone passport pictures

Having an iPhone is like having a photo studio in the palm of your hand. All you need is the right app to edit passport photos. A great professional tool that you can use to create passport photos is the Passport Photo Online – photo editor app which applicants can find in the App Store on iOS devices.

After downloading Passport Photo Online, follow these steps:

Step #1.Choose the document you want the picture taken for; the app then adjusts the size of the picture to the requirements of the selected document.

Step 2#.Photo options appear; customers choose if they want a free photo, or an upgraded (paid) version.

A preview showing how to crop 2x2 photo on iPhone with Passport Photo Online.

For premium users who choose the paid upgraded version, a shipping address page appears, requesting the customer’s address. Regular users have the choice of either an “upload” or “take a photo” button.

The app edits the passport photo automatically to meet the requirements of any official document you request. This involves:

  • Background replacement. It works especially well for children and babies, users will be able to take all the snaps they need in a quiet and comfortable room.
  • Automatic cropping to passport size. Just select the document you need—we’ll instantly resize the image.
  • Double compliance check. The built-in AI scans the picture ensuring it meets all passport photo guidelines. Then, one of our experts verifies all details one more time.

The whole process of taking a passport photo is less than 1 minute—perfect to avoid long lines and crowded stores by getting ready for a passport application from home.

Passport Photo Online – app reviews

For an app to be successful, it needs to have a lot of positive reviews, and its ranking needs to be above 4. Passport Photo Online’s ranking for iPhone devices ranges between 4.5 and 4.9 out of 5! Here is some typical customer feedback:

  • Annie 

App and customer service are excellent

The application did a great job fixing passport photos taken on iPhone. Was able to take a photo, and for $6.95 each this app got photos ready for printing at Walgreens, and then print the photos at Walgreens online for 35¢ each. Did this for three people all from home and it just took 15 mins. Customer service was excellent. Sent them an email with a question on Saturday afternoon and I had a complete answer to my question on Sunday morning when I woke up.

  • Liz 

Super useful and easy!

These guys are life savers!! I needed a 2×2 jpeg image of myself and had no idea how to make it happen. I, fortunately, found [Passport Photo Online] and they delivered superior results! I took the picture at the convenience of my home and they made all the necessary edits to make it work. 

But they didn’t stop there. They went to analyze my photo to ensure it was in compliance with most government restrictions and even provided a video on how to improve the first picture I submitted. I resubmitted a second picture and they analyzed it once more without charging me a second time. 

They truly are amazing and offer a lot more photo options. I will surely be using them again in the future because they are so convenient and so affordable!

  • No name

Guarantee you’ll be satisfied

I was very hesitant at first but they’re actually quick and legit! I took a picture through the app and got feedback from a specialist the next day letting me know what needed to be corrected. I took another picture and sent it again with a reply that it met the passport requirements and that my photos will be sent and arrive 2-3 days. I sent my photo on Friday and received it in the mail on Monday! I recommend it, it’s affordable and worth it.

How to take a passport photo with iPhone: FAQ

Here are some of the most important questions that customers commonly ask.

Can you take your own passport photos?

Absolutely! The authorities allow applicants to present self taken passport pictures. To make sure that all the requirements are met, use Passport Photo Online—we are available anywhere 24/7.

Can I take a new passport photo with my iPhone?

Yes, you can definitely take a passport photo with your iPhone! All you need is to take a photo and get a photo editing app. Passport Photo Online is an excellent option when choosing your photo app, as the AI software does all the work , leaving you with a passport photo you can be proud to put in your application.

Can I take a digital passport photo with my iPhone?

Yes, you can absolutely get a digital passport photo with your iPhone!Take a passport photo and use a dedicated software. By using Passport Photo Online, you can prepare the perfect digital photo template, which you can have emailed to your email account and then print at any leading photo store.

What is a passport-style photo?

A passport-style photo is the picture required for a passport application. Such photos need to follow strict guidelines that regulate the size and all other aspects of the print.

How to take a headshot with an iPhone?

The most important detail to take care of is the distance: position yourself about 2 meters away from the smartphone by having someone else take the picture or set it up on a stand. Then, make a few tries to ensure the head is properly centered.

How to take a 2 x 2 photo on an iPhone?

The Passport Photo Online app can crop any picture you have to the required 2×2 size, making it easy to meet official requirements for passport photos. You can even take a 2×2 photo on an iPhone using 1x or 2x mode and edit it with free or freemium software.

How do I resize a photo to 2×2 on my iPhone?

You can resize a 2×2 photo using additional free or paid photo editing softwares or applications. By using Passport Photo Online, one of the most user-friendly apps, our customers can upload any picture they already have and we’ll crop it to 2 x 2 and check if it can be used for a passport application.

How to take a DV lottery photo with iPhone?

Use Passport Photo Online—users only have to take a picture, upload it, and select the DV photo size.

How to take a selfie passport photo?

Use a standard 1x or 2x mode and resize the image in any reliable editing software. You can also use Passport Photo Onlineto fix the borders and make it look just like a professional passport photo.

How to use a passport photo app?

It depends on an appl how user-friendly it is, and when the app has been updated. Passport Photo Online application, which is frequently updated and safe for your iPhone, does all the work for you! Upload a picture, select the document, and wait. We’ll get back to you in under 3 minutes with a perfect passport-size photo.

Can you get a passport-size photo app for iPhone?

Yes, you absolutely can! There are a wide variety of apps on the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Passport Photo Online is a great all-rounder, offering a high-quality AI photo checker that creates perfect passport and ID photos in just 3 seconds!

How to resize a photo to passport size on iPhone?

The best way to resize a photo to match the official specifications is to use a passport photo editing app. Passport Photo Online’s iPhone app knows all the government requirements for passport photos, and it automatically adapts your images to fit.

How to print passport photos from an iPhone?

Take it to a photo shop such as a drugstore for printing. Do not try to print it yourself at home, because inkjet printers and plain paper are not photo quality; passport photos must be printed professionally on quality photo paper. While most drugstores and the USPS charge around $15 for passport pictures, you can have your free JPG printed as a 4×6 photo for 35ȼ or less.

Can I take a new passport photo with my iPhone?

Yes, you can definitely take a passport photo with your iPhone! All you need to do is get a photo editing app, and then take a photo that follows the official guidelines. Passport Photo Online is an excellent option when choosing your photo app, because the AI software does all the work for you. You’ll get a passport photo you can be proud to put in your application.


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