Reddit: 60+ Statistics, Facts, and Trends [2023]

60+ reddit statistics
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As of 2022, Reddit had 52M active users, 1.7B global monthly visitors, and 100K active communities.

Impressive, huh?


If you’re looking for more jaw-dropping and newsworthy statistics on all things Reddit, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this roundup, we’ll give you an exhaustive overview of the platform and show why it’s among the TOP 10 social media sites in the US.

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Top 10 Reddit Stats and Facts to Know in 2023

top 10 reddit statistics for 2023
  1. There were 52M active users on Reddit in 2022.
  2. Reddit attracts more than 430M users monthly.
  3. Reddit ad revenues are forecasted to exceed $520M by 2023.
  4. There are over 100K active Reddit communities.
  5. Reddit has more than 1B registered users.
  6. Reddit enjoys 1.7B of global monthly visitors.
  7. 86% of internet users trust product reviews and opinions on Reddit.
  8. Reddit is banned in four countries: China, North Korea, Indonesia, and Turkey.
  9. The most numerous age group on Reddit (36%) is people between 18 and 29.
  10. The most popular unofficial subreddit is r/Funny, with 46.4M+ subscribers. 
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Reddit: A State of Affairs (+a Quick Glimpse into the Past)

  • Reddit was built for fun by two University of Virginia students: Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, on June 23, 2005.
  • A year after its launch (2006), Reddit was sold for over $10M.
  • Reddit allowed payments in Bitcoin as early as 2013.
  • Reddit ranks 6th among the leading social media sites in the US.
  • In January 2021, Reddit had over 13B posts and comments.
Amount of Content Created on Reddit (in Billions)Year
  • The number of monthly screen views on Reddit exceeds 21B.
  • More than 430M people post, comment, and upvote on Reddit every month.
  • Globally, Reddit users spend ~15 minutes on the site.
Reddit Monthly Active Users (in Millions)Year
  • Mods (AI algorithms and humans) removed 59% of all Reddit content. Of those, 59% were automated removals, and 41% were done manually.
  • Over 96% of all content on Reddit is published in English. The remaining 4% of languages are German, Spanish, Portuguese, and others.
Reddit: Most Popular Content TypesShare
Private messages713M
  • r/Squidgame, a community that discusses the Korean Netflix series, Squidgame experienced the highest annual growth (11K%).
  • r/AskReddit attracts the most comments per day, with ~81K new daily entries. It also has the highest number of comments (19M+).
Most Followed Subreddits (as of January 2023)Number of Subscribers (in Millions)

Reddit Demographics

  • As of 2022, 63.8% of all Reddit users were male, and ~32% were female.
Reddit Users by AgeShare
  • About 70% of American Reddit users are white, 12% are Hispanic, and 7% are black. 
  • Nearly half of the Reddit user base comes from the United States (47%). Other popular countries include the UK (7%), Canada (7%), and Australia (4%).
Reddit Users by Annual IncomeShare
Under $30K10%

How Much Does Reddit Make?

  • Most of Reddit revenues in 2021 came from online advertising ($439M), while premium subscriptions brought in $17M.
  • Reddit’s virtual currency (Reddit Coins) was estimated to generate ~$11M in additional revenue in 2021.
Reddit Revenue from Digital Advertising (in Millions)Year
*Forecasted Reddit advertising revenue figures.
  • Reddit has an average annual growth of 97% in revenues from digital advertising.
  • In 2021, an average user contributed $0.51 to Reddit revenue, up 180% compared to 2018 ($0.18).
  • Of 1.1B+ users on Reddit, 344K are premium subscribers who collectively give the platform over $17M in yearly revenues. That makes an average premium subscriber worth $49.

Reddit SEO: Help Your Content Rank Higher

  • Reddit posts with titles lengths between 60 and 80 characters pick up the most upvotes: over 8K on average.
  • Most top-ranking subreddits (61%) have titles <120 characters. 
  • Posts with a question in the title are 2x more likely to attract comments than posts without one. Yet, titles without questions drive 44% more upvotes.
  • External links draw the most upvotes. On average, the most popular links attract 16K more upvotes than the most popular texts.
  • Videos are the best-performing external links. In contrast, sites drive the least upvotes, with a difference of 10K upvotes between the most popular video and the most popular site link.

What Do People Think About Reddit?

  • Reddit ranks 4th in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, scoring 71 points. For comparison, leading platforms YouTube and Pinterest scored 76 each, whereas Facebook came in last with 61 points.
  • 66% of US internet users know Reddit, which places it 9th in the brand awareness ranking, right behind LinkedIn (68%). Yet, only 18% of Americans use Reddit regularly. 
  • 73% of users trust fellow Redditers’ recommendations.
  • 64% believe Reddit has the most trustworthy product reviews.
Most Reliable Platforms to Learn about a ProductShare of Users Who Trust them
  • For 62% of American internet users, Reddit is the go-to platform to learn about new products.
  • 64% of Reddit users are more likely to buy a product if others recommend it on the platform.
  • 61% of Redditors have more trust in brands with a Reddit presence.
  • 74% of users admit Reddit is where they learn about the topics they are interested in.
  • 72% of Redditors say conversations on the platform stay more on-topic than on any other forum.
  • 68% of Redditors admit the conversations on the platform are more relevant than on any other social media site.
Which Word Best Describes Reddit?Share of Users That Agree
  • Reddit presents itself as a somewhat safe environment: only 9% of online harassment victims in the United States have been cyber-bullied there.
  • Around 39K pieces of content were removed from Reddit for being hateful, while about 92K were deleted for being harassing.

Do Governments Intervene in Reddit?

  • In 2021, 297M pieces of content were removed from Reddit. Of those, 92% of the removals came from content manipulation and spam, whereas only 8% were due to policy violations.
  • Governments made 292 content removal requests on Reddit in 2021. That accounts for over 1K of individual pieces of content.
Countries That Asked Reddit to Remove ContentNumber of Requests madeShare of Requests Reddit Complied With
United Kingdom5296%
United States2976%
  • Reddit received requests for account information (i.e., data of individual users) from 27 countries in 2021 and shared it with six of them.
  • The US alone submitted 562 account information requests, and 82% of those were granted. India, which ranks 2nd, submitted only 61 requests.
  • Reddit received 294 emergency disclosure requests (e.g., to infiltrate extremist groups) from 17 countries. 
  • The US submitted 221 emergency requests with a 60% compliance rate.

Stacking It All Up

There you have it.

A comprehensive list of Reddit statistics, facts, and trends to give you a better understanding of the platform and where it’s headed.

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How many people use Reddit?

Reddit is used by over 50M people daily. It’s also worth noting that Reddit has 430M active monthly users and a total of 1B registered accounts.

How much is Reddit worth?

The most recent estimation of Reddit’s worth was in August 2021, when it was valued at $10B. Interestingly, it’s a 40% increase compared to February of the same year, when Reddit was valued at just $6B

How much time does the average user spend on Reddit?

Globally, Reddit users spend an average of 15 minutes on the platform. That number accounts only for logged-in users, not everyone who browses Reddit without an account.

What’s the biggest subreddit?

Subreddit r/announcements and r/funny had the highest number of subscribers as of January 2023: 192M and 46.4M, respectively. The former subreddit is used to share official information, whereas the latter is a place to share humorous content.

What’s Reddit mainly used for?

Most users (74%) visit Reddit to learn more about the topics they are interested in. Others (62%) go on Reddit to share opinions or learn more about products.

What’s the average age of Reddit users?

The average age of a Redditor is ~23. People aged between 18 and 29 are the most numerous age group on Reddit (36%).

What country uses Reddit the most?

The United States dominates Reddit, as nearly half of all active users (47%) come from North America. Other popular countries include the UK (7%), Canada (7%), and Australia (4%).

What percent of Redditors are male?

Most Reddit users are male, accounting for 63.8% of its audience. Women, on the other hand, constitute just ~32%

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