How to Get a Passport Urgently: All Options

Urgent passport renewal in the UK.
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There are situations in which you need to get a new passport as fast as possible. As time is ticking away, you may be wondering: What are your options for getting a passport urgently?

Worry not. This article discusses two possible ways of receiving your passport quickly—even within one or two business days. Here, we’ll cover:

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What is the fastest passport renewal option?

His Majesty’s Passport Office proposes two solutions for getting your passport fast: 1-Week Fast Track service and Online Premium service. You can use them only for passport renewal—additionally, the Online Premium service can be used only for adult passport renewals.

Keep reading to discover the details of each service and the waiting times for your passport renewal.

Important: If you’re currently outside the UK and need to renew your passport, you must apply for an emergency UK passport.

Fast Track passport renewal

Here’s how you can use the Fast Track service for your urgent passport renewal:

  1. Book an appointment at one of the Passport Offices and pay the fees online.
  2. Complete a passport renewal application, gather the necessary supporting documents (including your valid passport), and prepare two passport photos.
  3. Attend your passport appointment.
How to use a fast-track passport renewal service for your British passport.

Using the Fast Track passport service ensures that you’ll receive your new passport within a week from the day of your appointment (and your accepted application). This time frame doesn’t include bank and public holidays.

The service costs £155 for an adult renewed passport and £126 for a child passport. You need a valid credit or debit card to use the fast-track service.

Passport Offices with available Fast Track passport appointments are located in London, Newport, Liverpool, Durham, Glasgow, and Belfast. You can book your appointment any day from Monday to Saturday. On average, slots are open from 9 am to 4 pm.

You can change or cancel your passport appointment for free if it’s more than 48 hours away.

Online Premium service

If you don’t have a week to wait and you need your passport urgently, you can use Online Premium passport services. Note that it can be used only for adult passport renewals.

Book your passport appointment (you’ll have to answer some questions for eligibility), complete the application, and prepare your digital passport photo to be uploaded during the online submission process.

You can book an urgent passport appointment at one of the Passport Offices located in London, Peterborough, Newport, Liverpool, Durham, Glasgow, or Belfast. The average schedule is open from 9 am to 4 pm (with the London Passport Office being open 8:45 am–4:15 pm), from Monday to Saturday. Every appointment takes about 30 minutes, and the service costs £193.50.

Depending on your appointment date, you can receive your new passport even the next business day.

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What is the fastest way I can get my passport renewed?

The fastest way to renew British passports is through the Online Premium service. You’ll receive your passport during the appointment process, which you can book even for the next business day.

How long does an emergency passport take?

You can receive your renewed passport within a week by using the fast-track service or even the next day by using the Online Premium service.

How much does a fast-track passport cost?

Using the Fast Track service to renew your British passport will cost you £155 for an adult passport and £126 for a child’s passport.

Express passport renewal—summary

Don’t panic if you need to renew your passport urgently. His Majesty’s Passport Office offers two types of services you can use when you need to get a new passport fast:

  • 1-Week Fast Track, through which you’ll receive your passport within a week
  • Online Premium, through which you’ll receive your passport during your appointment

The appointment schedule is available on the official government website. Pick the time that suits you the most, apply online, attend the appointment, and get your passport in a week or less.

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