Urgent Passport Renewal

Urgent Passport Renewal
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Imagine this: your British passport is about to reach its expiry date and you’re going on a trip abroad in a matter of weeks. You need to renew your passport–fast. The ordinary service is unlikely to be fast enough, but, luckily, there are government services available that can allow you to get your new passport in one week, or possibly even less! Sounds impossible? It isn’t. Read on and we can show you the best ways of getting an urgent passport renewal in the UK.

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Urgent passport services  

When applying to get a passport urgently in the UK, there are 2 main options available to you for renewing British passports urgently, 1 Week Fast Track and Online Premium. Both allow you to get a passport quickly, but they are designed for different situations, so it’s important to understand the differences in how they work. We’ve laid out the specific process for each one below, so you can judge for yourself which of the systems is best for you.

Renew British passport urgently: 1 Week Fast Track

The first way to get an expedited passport in the UK is by using 1 Week Fast Track. True to its title, the 1 Week Fast Track service can get you a new passport in just 1 (one) week. It can be used to renew old passports (or replace a lost or damaged passport), apply for a new child’s passport or change the personal details written in your current passport.

If you find yourself caught short without a valid passport, then 1 Week Fast Track can be a valuable lifeline. There’s still an element of timing here, as if you need to travel in less than a week, you may still be unable to get your passport in time. However, if you need an urgent renewal in less than 10 (ten) weeks, it’s absolutely ideal. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to your local Post Office branch and ask for a passport application. You can’t apply online when using 1 Week Fast Track, so you can only use a paper form.
  • Arrange your passport interview with the Passport Office. This step you can do online, as the Passport Office has a dedicated online portal for booking passport appointments. You will need to pay the passport fee by card at this point, which differs depending on if you’re to get a normal-sized passport or a 50-page frequent traveller’s passport.
A bar chart comparing the prices of normal and Frequent Traveller Fast Track passports.
  • Fill in your application and make sure you have all the documents needed for passport applications in the UK to present at your appointment.
  • Attend your passport appointment, bringing your completed application form, the supporting documents you need and, of course, 2 (two) standard passport-sized photos (45 x 35 mm) with you. Within a week, you will be informed whether or not your application was successful, and you will be sent your new passport through the post. Make sure that someone will be in to receive it, as this delivery will need a signature.
  • That’s it! Your express UK passport renewal is ready to go!

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If you are unable to attend your Fast Track passport appointment yourself for any reason, you have two options:

  1. You can reschedule the interview.
  2. You can send someone to your appointment in your place.

If you are self-isolating after contracting COVID-19, or if you have recently been in close contact with someone else who may have been infected, HM Passport Office will permit you to reschedule the appointment at any time up to the appointment itself. For all other reasons, the deadline for rescheduling is two days before your appointment.

If you choose to send someone to the appointment in your place, you should ensure they bring your application form, passport photos and supporting documents with them. They will also need to have your permission to answer questions on your behalf.

Emergency British passport renewal: Online Premium

If you need a passport really urgently, the Online Premium service can be even faster than the 1 Week Fast Track! All you will be required to do is book your passport appointment online, and, should your application be successful, you can receive your new passport at the end of the appointment. The whole process can take as little as 2 (two) days! Here’s how the process works:

  1. Using any device capable of taking photos, prepare a digital passport photo of yourself that you can attach to your application.
  2. Apply for your new passport using the online portal and book your passport appointment with the Passport Office. Don’t forget to pay the passport fee – Online Premium costs £177 for a standard passport (or £187 for a 50-page frequent traveller’s passport).
  3. You will be able to pay online, so keep your credit or debit card handy.
  4. Attend your appointment, making sure that you carry your old passport with you. If your application is successful, then you should be able to receive your passport as soon as the appointment is finished.

As with the 1 Week Fast Track system, you will be allowed to apply on behalf of someone else. In these cases, you must bring the person you’re applying for’s old passport, along with a signed letter from them authorising you to collect their passport and some evidence of your own personal or financial information, to verify your identity to the passport office.

Other ways to get a British passport urgently

If you need to travel urgently, for example to get medical treatment, or because a relative is seriously ill or has recently died, and you need a passport, you should ring the Passport Adviceline, a government department helpline who can ensure that you will be able to travel. To call the Passport Adviceline, you can simply call 0300 222 0000 (or +44 (0)300 222 0000 if you are outside the UK), between the standard operating hours of 8 am to 8 pm (Mon-Fri) or 9 am to 5 pm (on weekends and UK bank holidays).

If you lose your passport while abroad and need to get a passport sooner than any of these methods can provide, your best bet is to get an Emergency Travel Document. Check out this article to find out more.

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Urgent UK passport renewal for a child

It is possible to get your child’s passport changed using these urgent systems, but you will need to be more selective than with adult renewal. The Online Premium service only processes adult passport applications, so if you have to renew a child passport, the fastest alternative is to use the 1 Week Fast Track system. Helpfully, 1 Week Fast Track even allows you to apply for a first child passport, which will make your child’s first passport application a lot quicker and easier.

Need a passport photo in a hurry? Use Passport Photo Online!

Need a passport photo in a hurry? Use Passport Photo Online!

It doesn’t matter which of these options you use for your urgent British passport renewal, you will always need a passport photo. If you want a solution for getting your passport photo as quickly as possible, leaving you with more time to spend with your friends and family, then look no further than Passport Photo Online! Using our website, you can select whichever biometric document you need, upload a photo that complies with the official regulations, and, in a matter of seconds, our AI editor can produce a perfect application-ready passport photo. There’s loads of advantages to this approach, for instance:

  • It’s very cheap. On average, you can save up to 54% on your passport photo if you use Passport Photo Online. This is a huge saving and can be particularly handy if you require an urgent passport application for multiple people.
  • We’re always here when you need us. Our flexible internet-based service runs 24/7, throughout the year, so no matter when you might need a new passport photo, we’ll be there to help you.
  • We’re professionals. We’ve got years of experience working with passport photos, and we know everything there is to know. Our website has the official requirements for every form of biometric identification document you will ever need, passports, visas, driving licences, IDs and lots more! Passport Photo Online’s AI software has access to all of these, as do our human inspectors, who can give you an extra layer of verification for your passport pictures. We guarantee your photo will be accepted and we offer a 200% refund if your application is rejected because of a photo we worked on.
  • You will always be happy with your photo. You can make as many attempts as you need to, free of charge. You only pay for the finished product, so you can make sure it’s one you like.
Testimonial of a user who took pictures to renew the passport using Passport Photo Online app

Urgent passport renewal UK: summing up

As you can see, if you need to get a new passport urgently, you’ve got plenty of options, it’s just a matter of choosing the one that’s right for you. Remember that not all urgent services cover both adult and child passports. Online Premium will only cover adult passports, so if you require any child passports renewed, you’re going to need to use 1 Week Fast Track. Remember also that, no matter what you do, you’re always going to need a passport photo as soon as possible if your application is to be successful – and Passport Photo Online offers passport photos that are as quick and convenient as the situation requires.

Now that you’ve learned how to get a quick passport, and filled out your urgent passport application, you just have to sit and wait. Before you know it, your new passports will have been delivered. After that, all you’ll have left to do is think about where you’re going to be going next, and the fun things you’ll do once you get there. 🏖

Urgent passport renewal UK: FAQ

Now that we’ve been through the process of fast passport renewal in the UK, the next step is to answer all the questions you could possibly have about how to get a UK passport quickly.

How to get an urgent passport renewal?

To get an urgent passport renewal, you should start with Online Premium or 1 Week Fast Track, the processes for which are outlined in detail above. In the event that you need to travel to receive urgent medical care, visit a relative who is seriously ill or if a family member has died, call the Passport Adviceline and they’ll be able to help you.

How long does an urgent passport renewal take?

If you use 1 Week Fast Track, it will take 1 (one) week for your passport to be delivered. If you use Online Premium, it could take as little as 2 (two) days.

How much is a UK fast track passport?

Here’s a guide to the cost of different Online Premium and 1 Week Fast Track passport applications:
– 1 Week Fast Track (Adult): Normal Passport – £142 / Frequent Traveller Passport – £152
– 1 Week Fast Track (Child): Normal Passport – £122 / Frequent Traveller Passport – £132
– Online Premium (Adult Only): Normal Passport – £177 / Frequent Traveller Passport – £187

What is the quickest way to get a passport?

If you’ve never been a UK passport-holder, then you will not be able to use the urgent passport services unless you are a child. If you are a child, the quickest way to get a UK passport is to use the 1 Week Fast Track service. If you use this service, your child will get a first passport within a single week. If you are an adult and need a first passport, you will be required to use the normal channels, which can take up to 10 (ten) weeks to process your application.
If you really need a passport urgently, for example if you need urgent medical treatment, or if a friend or relative has recently been seriously ill or has died, then the best thing to do is contact the Passport Adviceline. They may be able to get you your passport sooner.

What is the quickest way to renew a passport?

The quickest way to renew a passport in the UK is to use the Online Premium service. Their process allows you to attend an emergency passport appointment 2 (two) days after applying, and receive your new passport booklet at the end. If you need a passport urgently, there’s no faster way to do it!

What is the quickest way to renew a passport?

The quickest way to renew a passport in the UK is to use the Online Premium service. Their process allows you to attend an emergency passport appointment 2 (two) days after applying, and receive your new passport booklet at the end. If you need a passport urgently, there’s no faster way to do it!

Can you get a passport in one day?

In the modern world of Prime Delivery and Argos Same-Day Delivery, it’s easy to wonder “can I get a passport the same day”? Sadly, there is no one day passport service at the moment. The fastest way to renew a passport in the UK is to use the Online Premium service, which can get you a new passport in just 2 (two) days, after a Passport Office appointment lasting just 30 minutes.


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