How to Print Passport-Size Photos [That Are 100% Compliant]

It’s now possible to print passport-size photos at home—all it takes are a few taps on your smartphone.
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Biometric photos are a crucial part of applying for any official document. While online applications are easier than ever, maybe the document you’re applying for requires a paper application, or perhaps you just prefer the reliability of a paper form. 

Finding and filling out an application is easy enough, but then you need to print out two passport-style photographs (35 x 45 mm) to attach to your form and send to the regulatory body, whether it’s HM’s Passport Office, the DVLA or any other organisation. 

This process requires you to buy the correct photo paper and make sure your ID photos fit the size guidelines, along with the many other requirements set for biometric photos.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy guide on how to print a passport-size photo—the perfect companion as you carry out this process.

How to print out a passport-size photo

If you want to learn how to print out your passport-style photos, you’ve come to the right place! 

We’ve laid out all the best techniques for getting your photos printed, whether it’s for a passport photograph or another document that requires a photo of that size. You can either have it taken in a photo shop or from home, using photo paper and either photo editing software or an online passport photo maker. 

We’ll give you all the information you need, so you can judge for yourself which is right for you.

How to print a passport photo? Some popular brick-and-mortar chains offer passport photo printing services in the UK.

Printing out passport photos at brick-and-mortar locations

One way for you to print a passport-size photo is to get it done at a photo shop. There are any number of these dotted around the country, with brands such as Snappy Snaps and Boots offering in-store biometric photo service. 

The printing process is very simple: You simply visit a kiosk or photo printing machine and present either a digital photo on your phone or a copy on an SD card. While you wait, your photo will be printed and you’ll receive a paper copy to take home with you.

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If you want to go the brick-and-mortar route, then there is a clever life hack that can save you money when printing passport photos.

 Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Visit the Passport Photo Online website (or download our Passport Photo UK AiD Photo ID App for iOS or Passport Photo Maker & Editor for Android) and use it to generate a passport photo template with your chosen photo. 
  2. Next, go into your chosen photo shop and ask for a standard 10×15 cm (4×6 inch) postcard-size photo using the passport photo template. 
  3. Before you know it, you’re printing passport photos in-store for less than a pound + the cost of the template! 

Following this process is intuitive and can save you quite a bit of money compared with getting your photo taken and printed at photo studios or brand name chains.

It’s also possible to print passport photos at home using popular apps such as Passport Photo Online.

Print your passport photo at home

For the ultimate convenience, there are several ways that you can get your passport-size photos printed without even needing to leave your house.

There are, for example, a large variety of software packages available that can allow you to print your own passport-sized photos. You have to be careful though, as the UK Government is quite strict about the level of editing that passport photos are allowed to have.

It’s also important to remember that you’re not allowed to print your passport-style photos on normal paper. We recommend that you use at least 180 GSM photo paper for printing biometric photos. Read on as we break down some of the key options you have, along with our own recommendation for which is the best option.

Print your own passport photo using a downloadable image editor

One option you have if you want to print passport photos at home is to use image editing software, such as Photoshop or GIMP, to resize a photo into a passport-size picture. 

To get the appropriate result, all you have to do is take a passport-style photo, upload it to the software, and use the resizing tool to edit it to the correct size. Photoshop, for example, allows you to use a real-life scale to measure out your passport photos to ensure that you’ve got one that’s the correct size. 

Once you’ve made it fit the size specifications (35×45 mm), you will have a new passport photo ready to print. 

Pro tip! If you adjust the canvas size on your computer, you will be able to create a standard 2×4 reel of passport photos, so you have enough for any application.

One thing you need to bear in mind with this method, however, is that these software packages will not automatically check your photo’s compliance with official requirements. This also means you will need to manually check your photo to make sure it isn’t running afoul the guidelines. 

Print passport-size photos using an online photo service

If you want a quick and easy way to get a passport-size photo, then you also have the option to use an online passport photo maker. Some of these services allow you to upload a photo to a website or instantly snap a photo using a dedicated mobile application to get AI-approved passport photos that meet all necessary regulations in seconds.

Have a look at this handy reference table to facilitate choosing the service that’s right for you:

Essential featuresLarge country databaseCompliance guarantee & refundPrinting servicePrice
Passport Photo Online5/5£9.95–
Passport Photo & ID Maker5/5Free
ID Photo For Passports And IDs4/5Free
iVisa Passport Photo3/5£7.20 –£14.75
Passport Photo-ID Photo4/5Free

As evident in the chart above, some services offer digital passport photos for free—provided you like to gamble with the potential of getting non-compliant pictures that result in costly time delays 


Wouldn’t you rather bet on a sure thing? Only Passport Photo Online offers print delivery service and a bulletproof compliance guarantee that will refund double your purchase cost in the (highly unlikely) event our photos get rejected by HM’s Passport Office workers. 

Get 100% compliant passport photos every time. Download our  Passport Photo UK AiD Photo ID App for iOS or Passport Photo Maker & Editor for Android and get your photos done right—the first time!

A picture converted into a government-compliant passport photo in 3 seconds using Passport Photo Online mobile app.


How do I print a perfect passport-size photo?

Printing the perfect passport-size photo is possible by getting your photo taken at popular brick-and-mortar providers (e.g., Timpson or Snappy Snaps) who provide physical prints with their service. 

There’s also the possibility of DIY or using mobile applications such as Passport Photo UK AiD Photo ID App for iOS or Passport Photo Maker & Editor for Android to get the job done.

How do I resize a photo to print a passport size?

With a little technical know-how, resizing photos to passport-sized ones can be done using popular image editing software such as GIMP or Photoshop. 

There are also a slew of mobile apps offering this service—take a look at our comparison of 5 popular providers.

How can I convert my photo to passport size?

Instantly convert your image to passport size with Passport Photo Online or any similar web-based service. 

You can also try to DIY it with popular image editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp, provided you’re familiar with these products.

How do I make an image passport-size?

Popular passport photo apps, such as Passport Photo UK AiD Photo ID App for iOS or Passport Photo Maker & Editor for Android allow you to make a passport-sized image in seconds. 

There are also many image editing programs available (e.g., GIMP and Photoshop) that allow users to resize photos—with just a little practice.

How to print a passport-size photo—summary

As you can see, if you’re looking up how to print a passport-size photo, there are many options for you to choose from, both at home and away. 

Our recommendation is that you use an online passport photo maker, like Passport Photo Online, as this can save you time, money and energy, leaving you with more to spend on the things that really matter—like planning that next vacation! 

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