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UK Driving Licence Photo

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Ane B.

I have sent my first picture for driving licence, I received an email explaining me what they detected shadow on my picture and I was kindly asked to send them other picture which was corrected for free.

Michelle S.

Excellent, fast service. First photo submitted was rejected as hair was covering eyebrow. Submitted second photo next day and it was immediately actioned at no extra cost. Would definitely recommend for photos for passport / renewal of photocard driving licence.


I would definitely recommend to those willing to take a professional photo for their passport/id/driving license/visa and many other official document applications. Top photo quality, fast process, user-friendly interface, good price, home delivery available... What else can I ask for? It's the best online photo booth I found so far. Good job! Congratulations

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UK Driving Licence Digital Photo - Size & Requirements

UK Driving Licence Photo
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 32.8 mm
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 4.9 mm
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to make a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

UK driving licence photo guidelines

To legally drive a car in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, you need the driver’s licence - a document which authorises you to operate motor vehicles on highways and other public roads in .

This is a credit card-sized document with a biometric photo of its holder, containing the personal data and the information about the category of vehicles that the bearer is authorised to drive. Do you know what the requirements are for the United Kingdom driving licence photo?

Photo for a driver’s licence in the UK

When you apply for a driving licence in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, you'll need to provide a photograph which must satisfy certain standards set by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (in England, Scotland and Wales) or Driver & Vehicle Agency (in Northern Ireland).

There is no requirement of taking the picture professionally, so you are allowed to take it yourself. We assure you that you are definitely able to do it with the smartphone, tablet or a digital camera.

Remember, this picture must follow specific rules regarding the size, crop, view and composition. You need to know which items (e.g. glasses, headgears, headphones etc.) are prohibited in the photo and some other details. Don’t worry though, we have gathered all the necessary information and presented it in an easy to read UK driving licence photo guidelines . After reading our article you will know how:

  • to take a correct photo at home
  • is required size of the photo
  • to pose and everything about the demanded facial expression
  • colors background requirements
  • easy is taking a good photo with a smartphone
  • to use online driving licence photo tool
  • to save money and time capturing a photo to the drivers licence!

The validity of the UK driver’s licence photo

Your photo must be taken recently and the image must represent your current appearance. So it cannot be taken more than a month before you submit your driving licence application. You can use your passport-style photo which is not older than one month, but not an older one.

The good news is that your photo for a driver’s license may also be used for other documents such as passports, visas, licences etc. as many times as you want. If you use the UK driving licence photo generator, you can have the finished product sent directly to your email. The picture will be saved in JPEG format. and you can upload it to any online applications or even print it if you wish. 

UK driver’s licence photo size and crop

There is only one correct size for this type of photograph: 35 x 45 mm or 3.5 x 4.5 cm or 1.38 x 1.77 inches. 

The image of your head (without neck and the upper part of your shoulders) must measure between 29 mm and 34 mm high. Your head must be positioned in the central spot of the image and there must be 3-5 mm space between the top of the head and the upper edge of the photo. That includes the hair, so if you have a voluminous hairstyle, make sure that this condition is satisfied.

If you are unsure how to resize and crop your picture, use the photo generator - a dedicated tool designed to help users with their passport, visa or driving licence photos.

English driving licence photo background

The background in biometric photos must be cream or light grey, always in one color with no shadows. The background must be plain and free of shadows or patterns. No other people or items must be visible in your photo.

How to be sure that the background is correct?

Download our background removing photo app and remove an unsuitable background. You can exchange it into a light, plain and unified one in 2 seconds!

UK driver's licence photo originality

The photo dedicated to the official document must be original. But does this mean this requirement?

All it means is that the picture cannot be a photocopy or a cut-out from the larger image. For example some candidates zoom their photo from holidays, cut out the head and try to attach it as a driver’s licence picture. It doesn’t work. You have to take an original photograph of your face if you want to attach it to an application form.

Moreover, the “originality” requirement also means that the UK driving licence picture must not be altered with Photoshop or other computer software. Of course, we all like to look good in our photos, but every picture dedicated to an official document is checked by artificial intelligence and if the tool detects an interference, authorities will reject the photo because of the risk of personality fraud. So, do not retouche the picture and do not use any filters.

Posing and facial expression in the UK driving licence photo

In order to maintain security and drivers’ identity control, the photo in the document must be biometric and must meet some rules about how to pose in this type of picture.

The camera lens must be positioned at the level of your eyes and the head must be situated in the central spot of the image. The picture must be a close-up and an en-face view only.

In your photo, the candidate is obliged to:

  • be facing forwards and looking straight at the camera.
  • stay straight (head not tilted, shoulders not twisted).
  • have a neutral face expression - no smile or grimaces.
  • keep the mouth closed - showing the teeth is not allowed.
  • keep the eyes naturally open with no exaggeration.

Quality of the photos dedicated to a driving licence in UK

Your photo attached to the form must be printed to professional standards - using dye sublimation and on photo-quality paper, not damaged, without any creases or tears.

Moreover, your photo must be:

  • in natural colors (not black and white or with color filters)
  • in a digital version ready to print at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall
  • sharp, clear and in focus
  • well exposed (not underlit or overlit)
  • in clear contrast to the background

Glasses in the United Kingdom driving licence photo

You are allowed to wear glasses in your driving license photo in the United Kingdom. However, you are obliged to make sure that their frames do not obscure your eyes and do not drop shadows on your face. Control also if the light does not give a glare on them. The glasses must be transparent -your pupils must be clearly visible.

Head coverings and clothing in the driving licence photo in UK

If you wear a head covering as a part of religious attire, it may be worn in a picture dedicated to a driving licence in the United Kingdom. It may be, for example, a hijab, turban, yarmulke etc. but not a niqab, because the head covering must not obscure any part of your face and must not drop a shadow on your skin or eyes. Other headwear such as caps, hats or headbands are forbidden.

And what about clothing? For a proper contrast, wear a shirt, and headgear if you wear it, in a color that contrasts to the background. The only other rule regarding clothing is you can’t wear uniforms.

Facial piercing and jewellery in the British driver’s licence photos

You do not need to remove facial piercings and jewellery while capturing a photo for your United Kingdom driving licence as long as they don’t obscure any part of your face. Make sure there isn’t any reflection from rings or studs.

Be aware that big or shiny earrings may obscure the edges of your face, so consider taking them off before taking a picture. Remove any headbands or large, decorative hair accessories too.

Common mistakes in driving licence photos in UK

Nowadays we like to do almost everything via the Internet. Due to pandemic restrictions, we can't either. or don’t want to, leave our houses. Taking a photo for any official document at home is easier, cheaper, and lets people save time and energy, which makes it a popular choice around the world.

Unfortunately, every day the employees of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and Driver & Vehicle Agency are forced to reject candidates’ photos because they don’t meet the official requirements.

We have prepared a list of the most common mistakes people make when taking these pictures. Now, you will be able to avoid the situation where your photo is rejected and you will need to start all the visa processing again.

Remember that your picture MUST NOT BE:

  • a copy or a clipping from another image.
  • taken over 1 month ago.
  • altered by computer software.
  • overexposed or underexposed.
  • printed on a home printer and/or on low-quality paper.
  • of bad quality, damaged, blurred etc.

Most commonly made mistakes that people make in their UK driving licence photos are:

  • tilting their heads.
  • looking sideways.
  • smiling and showing teeth.
  • having hair or headwear obscuring their faces.

Also, don’t forget to check the size specifications and make sure the background’s color is correct. You should not do this yourself - you can simply use a smart resizing and cropping photo App, available in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. If your photo is recognized as incorrect, it will be rejected. In such a case you will need to provide the new photo and the whole process will be delayed.

UK driving licence photo Maker

Do you want to be sure that your English driving licence photo is 100% correct? Download the online photo App which will help you to resize your image to the demanded 35 x 45 mm and adjust the head’s size for a proper crop. This tool also adjusts the background and at the end, it verifies if everything is as required. Once you order the photo on our website, you have a guarantee of approval by authorities. Don’t risk that the photo in your application will be rejected, use our online photo app which resizes, crops and removes the background in one second, and then sends your ready to print picture to your address or email.

Photo requirements are based on:
Last update: 27.09.2021

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 Should I remove my piercing for the UK driving licence picture?

No, you can keep it if it does not obscure your facial features.

💡 How to remove a wrong background from my UK driving permit photo?

If you want to obtain a plain, cream or light grey background in your photo for a driving licence, the best option is to download the background remover photo app and select the relevant document from our basis and upload your photo. The rest will be done automatically!

💡 Should I submit a new photo if I change or renew my driving licence in the UK?

Yes, you do. And the requirements for photos are the same regardless if this is your first or next driving licence.

No, selfies may distort facial features and are not accepted as formal pictures.. Ask somebody for help or use a tripode and self-timer function to produce a correct photograph to any document.

Yes, if you wear any head covering being part of your religious attire, you may keep it in the picture for the British driving licence. Just make sure that it does not obscure any part of your face.

There is no official dress-code for a driving licence photo in Great Britain. Just do not wear a uniform and shirt or top in the color of the background.

The best option is to use a Cropping and Resizing Photo App. Select a template for “UK driving licence photo” and upload your picture. The tool will correctly resize and crop the image in 3 seconds.

Basic requirements for a UK driving licence picture are:

  • size: 35 mm x 45 mm (width x height) 
  • close-up of the full frontal view of the face
  • be sharp and clear
  • be taken against a plain cream or light grey background
  • neutral face expression of the candidate

No. Your photo to a British driving licence must be originally taken and be a close-up of your head with visible neck and the upper part of the shoulders. Do not cut it out from another picture as it may cause a rejection of an application form.

No, do not use computer software, filters or Photoshop to interfere with your picture. The photo must be original, otherwise, you risk its rejection.

The dimensions of the driving licence photo in the United Kingdom is the same as a passport one: 35 x 45 mm.

If you decide to go to a professional photo studio, it may not be chea, you will pay a bit less in a photo booth. As you see, prices vary depending on where you take the photo. The most convenient option is taking the picture on your own and editing it with Photo Online Generator - you will pay just a part of usual costs and the quality of the photo will be exactly the same!

Yes: the PhotoAid App based on artificial intelligence. This tool not only resizes, crops and exchanges the background in the image into a required one but also verifies if your pose and photo composition is correct. It is a real help for everyone who wants to save time and money and create photographs on their own.

Don’t do it at home, on your inkjet printer. Photos must be produced using the dye sublimation process. You can print your shots in one-hour printing service or go to a local photo studio to have the photos printed for you. You can also find a photo lab which delivers ready prints to a client’s address.

You can if the glasses are transparent and their frames do not cover your eyes.

Yes, there are no contraindications. Some face powder is even recommended not to shine. If you normally wear make-up, you might want to apply it more heavily than usual.

Yes and we recommend it to do it!! The first step is to download on your iPhone or a phone with Android the UK Driving Licence Photo Editor. Then upload your picture and this smart tool will edit it for you.

You do not have to go anywhere to take a perfect photo of yourself. Download and use your phone and a Driving Licence Photo Tool that will edit to meet all the requirements.

No, there is no such requirement. You can take it with your smartphone or a digital camera if you like.

About the document

The British driving licence

The driving permit issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in England, Scotland and Wales or the Driver & Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland is the official document which authorises its holder to drive on highways and other public roads.

Until 31 December 2020, a UK driving licence was considered a European Driving Licence and was valid in all the European Economic Area. Now UK licence holders can still use their driving licence to drive in the EU for short visits. If a British citizen wants to live in some European Union country, they must use an International Driving Permit or apply for a local driving licence.

The UK driver’s licence as an ID

The United Kingdom citizens do not usually have identity cards, so a driving licence containing a biometric photo of its holder can serve many of the purposes of an identity card in non-driving contexts. Its holder can use it as proof of identity when opening a bank account when buying age-restricted goods such as alcohol or tobacco. 

The UK driver’s licence has the same shape and size as an ID card and contains the same personal data information plus categories of motor vehicles the bearer can operate.

Hot to get a driving licence in the United Kingdom

In a nutshell, you have to:

  • check if you are allowed to drive (for example age eligibility)
  • apply for a provisional driving licence
  • take driving lessons with certified driving instructors
  • prepare and pass the theory test
  • pass your driving test
  • get an insurance policy that allows you to drive without supervision
  • get your full driving licence

You can apply for your full driving licence as soon as you’ve passed successfully your practical driving test. Usually at this moment you have a provisional driving licence with the photo (the plastic card shape), and if you haven’t changed your name or other personal data, your examiner will send your driving test pass certificate to the DVLA or DVA.

If you have a paper provisional driving licence, you must provide in person or by post:

  • a filled in declaration on your driving test pass certificate
  • a completed and signed ‘application for a driving licence’ form available at most post offices
  • original documents confirming your identity (passport, ID card)
  • one color passport-style photograph meeting requirements

You have 2 years from passing your driving test to submit these documents or you’ll have to take it again.

You can renew your driving licence online at any time before the extension ends.

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