84 ChatGPT Prompts for Travel [2023]

chatgpt prompts for travel
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If you’re looking for the best ChatGPT prompts for travel, you’ll LOVE this piece.

We’ve summoned our creative juices and compiled a list of 84 ways this AI language model can help travelers more than Google.

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top 10 chatgpt prompts for travelers

1. Create a travel playlist.

I’m traveling to [destination], and I want you to create a playlist that captures the mood and spirit of the [country/city]. Please suggest songs and artists popular in the local music scene that match my taste. Some of my favorite [genres/artists/songs] are [details], and the purpose of the playlist is to [get into the mood for sightseeing and exploring]. I’m also looking forward to [specific plans/activities].

2. Craft an out-of-office message.

Write a short out-of-office message. Reason: [vacation]. Dates: [month and dates]. Person to contact in an emergency or for immediate help: [name] at [email address]. Style: [funny].

3. Plan a trip around literary landmarks.

I’m a literature lover planning a trip to [England], and I’m particularly interested in exploring landmarks related to authors like [Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and J.K. Rowling]. Can you suggest bookstores, museums, and other landmarks in the regions of [Bath, London, and Edinburgh] relevant to these authors? My timeframe and budget for this trip are [details].

4. Put together a packing list.

I’m [flying/driving] to [destination] [solo/with someone] for a leisurely trip, and we’ll be staying at a [hotel] for [number of days]. We’re expecting [cold and rainy] weather. Can you create a comprehensive packing list organized by category? We plan to [activities]. In addition to clothing and gear, compile a section on travel essentials, such as passports, travel documents, money, and electronics.

5. Create an itinerary for a petrolhead.

I’m planning a [number]-day trip to [Germany], and I’m interested in visiting car-related places. Specifically, I’m looking for attractions around [BMW, Audi, and Mercedes], but I’m also open to other suggestions. I’ll stay in [location] for my trip. Please suggest places to visit and provide additional information that might help plan my itinerary.

6. Lend a sympathetic ear.

I’m feeling homesick. What are some ways to deal with homesickness?

7. Brainstorm creative solutions when things go south.

My flight to [city] has been canceled, and I need to get there as soon as possible. I was planning to travel by [mode of transportation], and I’m currently in [location]. I must get to [city] [immediately/within a specific timeframe]. I’m open to creative alternatives for transportation that I might not have thought of, but I’m working with a budget of [budget].

8. Improve pronunciation in a foreign language.

I want to improve my [language] pronunciation and would like some tongue twisters or sentences to help me practice. I’m particularly interested in improving my pronunciation of [specific sounds]. My language proficiency is [beginner/intermediate/advanced]. I have [amount of time] to practice.

9. Make a travel budget.

I’m planning a trip to [destination] for [length of time], and I want you to create a travel budget and track my expenses. My budget for the trip is [budget]. Can you make a budget template tailored to my specific needs? Additionally, provide tips for saving money relevant to my travel style. My style is [budget/luxury/somewhere in between].

10. Design a unique travel route.

I’m planning a [number]-day road trip through [country], starting from [place]. I want to see [as many national parks as possible], focusing on [the most scenic and less crowded parks]. The road trip will take place in [season]. Can you create a unique travel route? I’m particularly interested in [interests], and I’d like to be realistic about how much I drive daily.

chatgpt prompts around sustainability

11. Advise on off-season travel.

I’m planning a trip to [city] and want to avoid crowds. Please recommend the best time of year to visit my destination and suggest off-season attractions and activities. I’m particularly interested in [interests] and prefer [weather preferences]. The trip will last [number] days.

12. Recommend sustainable transportation options.

I’m traveling to [country] and want to explore it sustainably. Can you suggest green transportation options to help minimize my carbon footprint? I’m interested in visiting [destinations]. I also have a budget of [budget constraints].

13. Provide guidance on sustainable souvenirs.

I’m planning a trip to [destination] and want to buy sustainable and locally made souvenirs. Can you recommend souvenirs that won’t contribute to exploiting natural resources? I also have a budget of [budget constraints] and am interested in supporting [any particular causes or initiatives].

14. Suggest local fashion or clothing brands.

I’m planning a trip to [destination] and am interested in discovering unique and lesser-known local fashion or clothing brands. Can you suggest brands that specialize in [type of fashion or clothing you’re interested in] and that fit my budget of [budget constraints]? I’ll visit [neighborhoods], so recommendations located in those areas would be great.

15. Offer local and organic food options.

I’m traveling to [destination], and I’m interested in discovering organic food restaurants and markets that promote sustainable agriculture. Can you suggest options that specialize in [type of organic food you’re interested in] located in [neighborhoods or areas of destination]? I have [any specific dietary restrictions or allergies].

16. Propose sustainable outdoor activities.

I’m planning a trip to [destination] and am interested in experiencing its natural beauty sustainably. What sustainable outdoor activities can I enjoy during [time of year], particularly in [regions]? I’m interested in [any specific interests or preferences, such as hiking or wildlife watching].

17. Give information on local recycling and waste management practices.

As a responsible traveler visiting [destination], I want to reduce my environmental impact and support sustainable practices. Can you provide tips and recommendations for recycling and waste management for my destination?

18. Proffer eco-friendly ways to pack and travel.

What are some eco-friendly ways to pack and travel that reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of my [mode of transportation] trip to [destination]? Also, provide information on each suggestion’s ecological benefits in a table format.

chatgpt prompts for business travelers

19. Train me in language and cultural etiquette.

As a [profession], I’m traveling to [destination] for [length], and I want to make a good impression on [my business partners]. Please provide language and cultural etiquette training to help me communicate effectively and avoid any cultural faux pas that might arise. I’ll visit [cities/regions] and attend [business meetings/events].

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20. Help with expense reporting and reimbursement.

I need to report my expenses for an upcoming business trip and get reimbursed. I’ll attend a [conference/meeting] in [destination] for [number of days]. I’m looking for advice on how to track my expenses, what kind of receipts to keep, and how to generate a report that’s easy to submit to my [small/medium/large] company. Additionally, should I be aware of any local regulations or customs in my destination?

21. Recommend an expense tracker.

I’m going on a [number]-day trip to [destination], and I want to track my expenses. My budget is [budget], and I prefer to track my expenses by [category/spending limit]. Can you recommend a personalized expense tracker that works well for my needs? I like to use [mobile app/spreadsheet/paper-based] trackers.

22. Provide tips to avoid overpacking.

I’m traveling to [destination] for a [number]-day business trip in [month], and I want to pack efficiently. I’ll use a [suitcase/backpack/duffel bag]. What items should I [include/leave behind], and what strategies can I use to make the most of my space?

23. Make a presentation outline.

I’ll present at a [number]-day-long business meeting on [new marketing strategies for the company’s social media platforms]. My audience is [marketing executives and directors] in the [retail] industry. Could you generate an outline highlighting the key points I must convey during the presentation? My key points are [details].

24. Coordinate meetings.

I have a business trip coming up to [City A], [City B], and [City C], and I need to schedule meetings with multiple parties. Help me create a schedule that considers travel time and the availability of all participants. I’m available [specific dates and times] and prefer to travel by [preferred mode of transportation]. Plus, consider any necessary breaks when creating the schedule.

25. Fashion a map of a city.

I have some free time during my business trip to [destination]. I want to explore the city’s local attractions, restaurants, and other points of interest. Could you create a map that includes my favorite attractions, such as [historical landmarks/art museums], and recommend restaurants suitable for someone with [any dietary restrictions]? I have [number] days of free time on [specific dates]. I’d prefer to get around by [preferred transportation options].

26. Suggest local activities and sightseeing options.

I’ll have some downtime during my business trip to [destination]. I want to explore the area around my [hotel/meeting location]. Please suggest activities and sightseeing options that are [preferred distance] from [hotel/meeting location name and address]. I’m interested in [outdoor activities/cultural experiences]. I’ll rely on [public transportation/rental car] to get around. Provide any additional information about the activities, such as hours of operation and admission fees, if applicable.

27. Plan a trip for a team-building retreat.

I’m in charge of planning a team-building retreat that will consist of [number] people. What activities would suit a group interested in [outdoor activities/team-building exercises/cultural experiences]? The retreat will take place in [city], last for [duration], and we’re open to locations within [preferred travel radius]. 

chatgpt prompts based on travelers’ needs or preferences

28. Create an itinerary for digital nomads.

I’m a digital nomad who wants to travel to [destination] for [length]. I’ll need access to [co-working spaces/reliable internet]. I’m also interested in [outdoor activities/cultural experiences]. My budget for this trip is [budget range].

29. Make an itinerary for workcationers.

I’m planning a workcation to [destination] for [duration], and I’d like an itinerary that balances work and leisure time. I’m interested in [outdoor activities/cultural experiences], and my work schedule requires me to be available during [specific work hours]. I also have a budget of [budget constraints].

30. Assemble an itinerary for adventure seekers.

I’m an adventure seeker planning a trip to [destination] for [duration]. I’m interested in [specific activities] and am physically capable of [any physical limitations or preferences].

31. Find unique experiences for spiritual travelers.

I’m a spiritual traveler looking for unique experiences during my trip to [destination]. I’m interested in [specific spiritual beliefs/practices], and I’d like recommendations for experiences that align with my interests. Take into consideration my budget and time constraints.

32. Plan a trip for music lovers.

I’m a music lover planning a [number]-day trip to [destination], and I’d like an itinerary that includes visits to [music festivals/concerts/historical music landmarks]. My music preferences are [details].

33. Provide recommendations for LGBTQ+ travelers.

I’m planning a trip to [destination] for Pride Month and looking for safe and welcoming activities for LGBTQ+ travelers. Please recommend any LGBTQ+-owned businesses, clubs, or events that would be a good fit for me. Plus, are there any specific areas or neighborhoods I should avoid?

34. Build an itinerary for wine lovers.

I’m visiting [destination] for [duration] and looking for recommendations on the best local wineries and tasting tours. I’m interested in trying [any specific types of wine or varietals], and I’d like to visit [any vineyards or wineries you have in mind]. Provide suggestions for transportation options, activities, or sights I should take advantage of while in the area.

35. Design an itinerary for photography enthusiasts.

I’m a photographer planning to visit [destination] to capture [beautiful landscapes]. Can you recommend the best photo spots and hidden gems in the area? I’m interested in [any specific types of scenery or subjects you’d like to photograph]. Include any relevant information, such as ideal times of day for photography, permits or fees required, and special considerations for the location. 

36. Set up an itinerary for surfers.

I’m a surfer planning a trip to [destination] for [time frame]. I’m looking for the best surf spots in the area and prefer [big waves]. I also need recommendations for activities.

37. Advise travelers with pets.

I’m flying to [destination] with my [dog/cat/other pet] and want to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for my furry friend. Can you provide information on [airline] policies for traveling with pets and any required documentation or vaccinations? Lastly, offer general tips for traveling with pets, including how to keep them calm during the flight and any potential hazards to watch out for.

38. Prepare a trip for solo travelers.

I’m a solo traveler looking to embark on a memorable journey. Please create a trip that caters to my interests and needs. I want to go to [destination] for [trip duration]. I’m interested in [outdoor adventures/cultural experiences/culinary tours]. My budget is [budget range].

39. Find unique experiences for introverts.

I’m an introverted traveler who wants to explore unique experiences in [destination] that cater to my personality. Can you suggest activities well-suited for introverted travelers? I’m also interested in [any particular topics or themes]. I prefer to avoid overly crowded or noisy environments.

40. Devise an itinerary for retirees. 

As a retiree, I plan a leisurely trip to [destination] to explore the [culture/history/architecture]. I’m interested in seeing [specific interests] and have [any mobility or accessibility needs]. Can you suggest an itinerary that allows plenty of time for relaxation and fits within my budget of [range] and preferred travel dates of [dates]?

41. Come up with a trip for senior travelers.

I need help planning a trip for my elderly parent, who has [special needs/preferences]. We’re looking to travel to [destination] during [dates]. Please suggest an itinerary that considers their needs and preferences and allows for relaxation and downtime. I have a budget of [range] and prefer [any preferences].

42. Plan a trip with specific accessibility needs.

I’m planning a trip that considers my [any accessibility needs]. I’m looking to travel to [destination] during [travel dates]. I have a budget of [range] and prefer [details].

43. Arrange a trip for families with children.

I’m traveling with [number] kids aged [age], and we’re visiting [destination] in [month] for [length of stay]. Can you suggest child-friendly attractions, restaurants, and transportation options they’ll enjoy based on their interests in [interests]?

chatgpt prompts based on travel activities and experiences

44. Plan a trip around a movie.

As a big fan of [Harry Potter], I’m planning a [number]-day trip to [the UK] that includes visiting filming locations and other [Harry Potter]-related attractions. Can you provide specific [Harry Potter movies/scenes/characters] I should prioritize on my trip? I’d also appreciate recommendations for local restaurants or bars with a [Harry Potter] theme. Finally, suggest any additional resources I can use to plan my trip.

45. Create a photo itinerary.

I want to create a photo itinerary for my trip. Can you suggest the best photogenic locations, provide photography tips, and help tell a visual story of my journey? I plan to visit [destination] during [time of year], and my main interests are [particular types of photography]. I’m a [beginner/intermediate/advanced] photographer, and I’d appreciate any tips or techniques appropriate for my level. I also want to incorporate my own preferences, such as [bright colors/moody atmospheres].

46. Design a trip related to a specific period in history. 

As a history buff, I want to plan a trip that includes visiting landmarks related to [the American Civil War]. Can you help create an itinerary that includes battlefields, museums, and historical sites? My main interests are [interests], and I’m a [beginner/intermediate/advanced] in terms of my topic knowledge. I’d also appreciate recommendations for related historic sites outside of [the American Civil War].

47. Build a food itinerary.

As a foodie visiting [destination], I’m looking for a personalized food itinerary that includes popular food destinations and lesser-known spots. My food preferences are [sweet/savory/vegetarian/meat-based], and I’d like to focus on [affordable/mid-range/high-end] options. I’ll stay in [specific neighborhood] and prefer to [walk/bike/use public transportation] to get around.

48. Find volunteer and social impact opportunities.

I’m looking for recommendations for volunteer and social impact opportunities in [destination]. I have experience in [specific skills or interests], and I’d like to focus on projects that last [a few hours/days/weeks/months]. Additionally, I’m interested in volunteering with organizations that focus on [specific social or environmental issues] and would appreciate recommendations for well-established and reputable organizations.

49. Arrange a trip around a specific type of food.

As a foodie, I’m looking to plan a trip around a specific type of cuisine. Specifically, I’m interested in finding the best [sushi/pizza/tacos] in [destination]. I have a preference for [specific details about the cuisine]. I’d also like to explore high-end and affordable options. Please include recommendations for restaurants, street vendors, and local joints.

50. Develop a trip based on the best time to see natural phenomena.

I plan to visit [Iceland] to see [the Northern Lights]. Can you help me determine the best time of year and locations to see them? I’m flexible with my travel dates.

51. Create a wellness itinerary.

I’m interested in a wellness-focused trip with activities such as [yoga/meditation/spa treatment/healthy eating options]. Can you provide recommendations for destinations and activities?

52. Plan a trip around stargazing and astronomy.

I’m interested in a stargazing and astronomy-focused trip. Can you suggest destinations that offer clear skies for stargazing and astronomy activities, such as planetariums or observatories? I’m looking for destinations with minimal light pollution and various stargazing opportunities, from guided tours and classes to remote locations for independent stargazing.

53. Recommend unique modes of transportation.

I’m planning a trip to [destination] and looking to explore it uniquely and memorably. Can you suggest modes of transportation that offer a different perspective on the landscape and culture? I’m interested in options such as [renting a motorbike to explore the countryside/taking a hot air balloon ride over scenic areas/chartering a private boat to explore the coastline].

54. Put together a trip for digital detox and mindfulness.

I’m looking to take a [number]-day break from technology and spend some time in a secluded location where I can unwind and focus on mindfulness and relaxation. Can you suggest a few destinations that offer mindfulness retreats or activities like [yoga/meditation/hiking in nature]?

55. Create a unique travel itinerary for a bachelorette party.

I’m planning a bachelorette party for my friend in [destination] and looking for fun and unique activities, restaurants, and nightlife spots that will make the weekend unforgettable. The party will be a group of [number] women. Can you recommend exciting and memorable experiences like a helicopter tour of the city or a group painting class?

56. Prepare a trip for a specific hobby.

As a [birdwatcher] planning a trip to [destination], I want to ensure I visit the best locations that offer excellent [birdwatching] opportunities. Can you provide any recommendations?

57. Find hidden gems.

I’m [traveling solo/with a group] to [city] and want to avoid the crowds. I’m particularly interested in [art/food/history] and would love to find some hidden gems that locals frequent. Can you recommend some off-the-beaten-path experiences? I have [number of days] to explore.

58. Develop a trip based on a specific festival or event.

I’m planning a trip to [destination] to attend [the Mardi Gras parade]. I’m interested in [photography/family-friendly] activities. I want [the best parade route] and other tips for first-time visitors. I’m on a [tight/moderate/luxury] budget and have [number of days] to explore.

59. Suggest off-the-beaten-path destinations.

I want to explore destinations that are off the radar. I’m particularly interested in [outdoor activities/culture/history] and want to avoid typical tourist destinations. Can you suggest unique and unconventional travel destinations that would be a good fit for me? I have a [tight/moderate/luxury] budget and [number of days/weeks] to explore. 

60. Devise a trip around a specific musical genre.

I’m planning a trip around the world to experience [jazz] music. I love [specific era of jazz] and prefer [small, intimate clubs/larger concert halls]. I have [number of days/weeks/months] to travel and want to visit [specific cities/regions]. Can you create an itinerary that exposes me to different jazz scenes and fits my preferences?

61. Find places to visit based on budget.

I’m traveling to [destination] and want to find places to visit that fit my budget. My budget range is [range], and I’m [willing to splurge/looking for budget-friendly options]. I have [number of days/weeks/months] to explore.

62. Plan a surprise trip.

I want you to plan a surprise trip for my partner, and I’m looking for a destination that would make for a memorable trip. My partner is interested in [specific interests] and has previously enjoyed [types of trips]. The journey needs to be planned for [specific date range].

63. Find places to visit based on travel dates.

My vacation is in [month], and I’m looking for [European cities with the best weather] during this period. The purpose of my trip is [sightseeing/cultural events/outdoor activities].

64. Plan a trip around a specific artist or art movement.

I’m visiting [city] and am interested in [impressionist art]. Can you recommend art museums and galleries that focus on [specific artist/period] of [impressionism]? I’m particularly interested in [specific aspects of impressionist art].

65. Organize a trip around dietary restrictions.

I have specific dietary restrictions and want to plan a trip that caters to my needs. I need to avoid [particular foods or ingredients], and I’m interested in [cuisines that meet your dietary needs]. Can you suggest restaurants, grocery stores, and local specialties that fit my dietary requirements in [city]?

66. Make up a trip for a special occasion.

I’m planning a trip for a [honeymoon/anniversary/birthday] and want to make it [romantic/celebratory]. Can you suggest destinations and activities that fit my preferences? For the occasion, I want to [specific ways to celebrate the event].

67. Arrange a road trip.

I want to go on a road trip and explore different destinations. The trip will start in [starting location], end in [ending location], and will last [number of days]. I’m interested in [type of scenery or attractions] and want to include [specific pit stops or attractions] in the itinerary. Take into account travel time and suggest a realistic itinerary.

chatgpt prompts to help travelers

68. Offer a virtual tour.

I can’t travel now, but I still want to experience the culture and landmarks of [destination]. Can you give me a virtual tour of top attractions and hidden gems? Provide suggestions based on my interests in [history/art/cuisine].

69. Make a travel playlist for a specific mood.

I’m going on a road trip. I’m looking for an [upbeat and energetic] Spotify playlist to keep me going. Could you create a playlist with [number of songs] featuring [specific genres/artists/moods] that would be perfect for the journey?

70. Help me reach the main city from the airport.

I’m traveling to [Stockholm] in [month], and my plane will arrive at [Skavsta Airport]. Please recommend transportation options to reach [Stockholm]. Present the possibilities in a table format and sort them from most to least affordable. Finally, let me know which option is best for [price and convenience] on a scale of 1–10. 

71. Recommend local cuisine.

I’ll visit [Tokyo] next month and am excited to try local cuisines. I’m looking for [casual] dining options that are [vegetarian-friendly] and within [30-minute] travel time from my hotel. Please recommend [five] must-try Japanese dishes and where to enjoy them. I’m particularly interested in [soba noodles] and [matcha-flavored desserts].

72. Pack for a specific activity.

I’m planning a [number]-day hiking trip to [Mount Rainier National Park] and need help packing. The weather forecast predicts temperatures between [45 and 60°F] during the day and [30 and 40°F] at night. The hike has [moderate] difficulty and will include an elevation gain of [2,500] feet. Can you create a packing list with all the necessary clothing and gear?

73. Share insights about places.

I’m planning a trip to [Machu Picchu] and would like to learn more about the site’s history. Could you provide some background information about it?

74. Make it easier to learn about local history and culture. 

I’m interested in learning more about the history and culture of [Japan], mainly focusing on [the Edo period]. Can you provide information and resources to help me better understand the history and culture of this period, including [museum recommendations/guided tours/online resources]?

75. Offer ways to connect with locals.

I’m traveling to [Mexico City] next month, and I want to connect with locals and experience the culture firsthand. I’m particularly interested in [street art/traditional music].

76. Teach me local customs and traditions.

I’m planning a trip to [Japan] and am interested in learning about [tea ceremony customs/traditional dress].

77. Provide insider tips from locals.

I’m planning a trip to [Bangkok], and I’m looking to get insider tips from locals on the best places to [eat/shop/visit]. Specifically, I’m interested in recommendations for [vegetarian street food/local crafts].

78. Help navigate public transportation.

I’m planning a trip to [Tokyo], and I need to familiarize myself with the local transportation system. Specifically, I’m interested in information on [subways]. Can you give me details on [purchasing tickets] and navigating the [subway] system?

79. Give tips on how to stay safe.

I’m planning a trip to [destination], but I’m concerned about safety. I’ll be visiting [historical sites/local markets/museums]. Can you provide tips on staying safe, such as areas to avoid and specific precautions to take?

80. Create a travel journal.

I’m planning a [number]-day trip to [destination], and I want to keep a travel journal to document my experiences and memories. I prefer a digital journal I can access on my phone, and I like the journal to focus on [food/culture/nature]. Can you create a template that includes [daily writing prompts and space for photos]?

81. Help me learn a new language.

I’m planning a trip to [France] next year and want to improve my [French] language skills. My current language level is [beginner]. Can you provide customized language lessons and practice exercises focusing on [conversational French and essential travel phrases]? I also plan to visit [Paris and the French countryside], so any region-specific language tips would be helpful.

82. Translate local menus.

I’m excited to try the local cuisine during my trip to [Japan]. Yet, I don’t speak the language. Can you help translate the menu items so I can confidently order and explore the food scene? I’d also appreciate recommendations for [must-try dishes/local specialties].

83. Translate local slang and expressions.

I’m currently staying in [destination] and having trouble understanding local slang and expressions. Can you help me so I can communicate better with the locals?

84. Find unique souvenirs.

I’ll be visiting [destination] and would like unique souvenirs that reflect local culture and traditions. I’m looking for [handmade] items within a [moderate] budget, and I’m specifically interested in [ceramics and textiles]. Please recommend local markets, boutiques, and artisans that sell authentic and original souvenirs.

a note of caution

AI language models like ChatGPT are still in their early stages, and the information they spit out might sometimes be inaccurate or contain factual mistakes. That’s why it’s important to use such tools as a springboard for your own more informed research. That said, we hope these ChatGPT prompts will help spark your imagination and creativity. Have fun!