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1. Body-camera distance
2. Posture: Straight ahead
3. Even lighting on both sides of the face
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US Visa - photo size & requirements

US Visa Applying

When applying for visa, one must prepare two identical photos in color. There are many requirements that candidates are expected to meet when it comes to photos.

USA Visa photo requirements

Required photo size is 2 x 2 inches, which makes the square with 50 mm side. Small framing is also allowed.

The face of photographed person should be placed in the center spot of the photo, and the eyes should be placed exactly between 28 and 35 mm from the bottom edge. The posture, which consists of head and upper part of shoulder, should fill about 50 per cent of the photo. The picture should be taken against a plain background and the person in the photo should stand in the frontal position with eyes turned directly towards the camera. A natural face expression is highly recommended, one should open the eyes and close the mouth. The embassy officials accept photos of a person with head covering, provided that the hairline is visible and face is not covered. The U.S. visa photo should be taken within last 6 months.

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