Does a Child Need to Be Present for a Passport Application – Quick Answer

Does a Child Need to Be Present for a Passport Application—Quick Answer

Are you looking to apply for your child’s US passport and are wondering if you can take care of everything on your own? Does a child need to be present for a passport application? 

In this blog post, we’ll clarify if your child needs to attend their passport application appointment or if you can arrange everything on your own. You will also learn who exactly should pay a visit to the Passport Agency for a child’s passport issuance.

Do children have to be present for their passport application appointments?

Minors must appear in person at the Passport Agency as passport applications filled out in their name require their presence at the meeting.

A minor cannot attempt a passport application on their own without A passport facility agent needs to confirm their passport photo checks out

Any minor under the age of 16 (sixteen) needs to come to the meeting, from infants to those who will turn adult in 2 (two) years.

Seventeen-year-olds may be eligible to use Form DS-82, which will allow them to complete the passport application process by mail. No appointment at the passport office is required.

Moreover, a child cannot come alone to complete their passport application. According to information provided by the US Department of State website, parents or legal guardians need to accompany their children.

The correct form for passport applications for minor US citizens is Form DS-11. Applying for a passport using that particular form must be completed by attending a meeting and not just sent in the mail.

The only situation in which your child and you won’t have to attend a meeting for a passport application, is when the minor is eligible to apply using Form DS-82.

They will be eligible if they meet the requirements, such as:

  • they already have a passport that they can send in with their application;
  • the current passport is in good condition;
  • the child’s current passport was issued when they were 16 (sixteen) years old or older;
  • the issuance of the current passport was completed in the last 15 (fifteen) years;
  • the passport was issued under the same name.

Only then would a child not be required to schedule an appointment in order to get a US passport. 

Applying for a child’s passport abroad

If you need to apply for your children’s passports abroad, what you need to do is head to the nearest US embassy. They offer passport services and will allow you to complete your child’s passport application. In this case, your child will have to be accompanied by you too.

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Does a child need to be present for a passport application appointment – summary

In short, a child has to attend the meeting to apply for a new passport. Their presence is a key requirement, as well as the attendance of parents. This rule applies to all minors below the age of 16 (sixteen).

If everyone’s present, you will be able to complete the passport application and receive your child’s passport in roughly 10 (ten) weeks’ time.

Does a child need to be present for a passport application: FAQ

Below you will find the most commonly asked questions about a minor’s presence during their passport application.

Do US minors have to be present for their passport application?

Yes, they need to be present if the passport application form is filled out in their name. Parents must also accompany their children to complete the application successfully.

Does a child have to be present for passport renewal?

If the child is younger than 16 (sixteen), then yes, they need to attend a passport renewal meeting in person. If they’re older, however, they may be eligible to send the application through mail.


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