Is global citizenship real?

We live in a globalized world, focusing steadily on becoming more international. 

This phenomenon is commonly referred to strengthening “global citizenship” or developing “global citizens” and promoting a number of diverse activities. How could this phenomenon be described and what does it entail? 

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Global Citizenship

What does global citizenship mean?

You might wonder what exactly global citizenship is, and if there is a definition for global citizenship? When you think about global citizenship, you might think of something related to being a citizen of the world, being free to travel anywhere and doing whatever you want. Our own country citizenships give us some rights such as voting or the freedom of speech. We can travel in some other countries outside of ours freely, but we are still restricted to do most things that we do in our own country. Would global citizenship give us more freedom? Or more precisely, is that really what global citizenship is about? 

Although being granted more freedom of movement in the world would be an interesting thing, it is not what global citizenship is meant for. A global citizen is somebody who is conscious of the greater community in this world and knows their role in it. Being a global citizen means taking an active position and collaborating with each other to make our world more prosperous, healthy and better balanced. It means taking part in different activities throughout the world, volunteering to make a difference in the world.

The term “global citizen” describes someone who:

  • Has awareness of the greater world and a common understanding of their role as a global citizen.
  • Wants to accept and recognize diversity.
  • Has an accurate view of how this world works.
  • Is up to try their best to fix social inequality.  
  • Is up to the task to make the world more peaceful and fairer for other people 
  • Is responsible for what they are doing.
Global Citizen

Becoming a global citizen – What does it offer you?

Global citizenship is becoming a widespread subject. This is because it deals with globalisation, identity and cultural diversity, sustainable growth, peace and war, and power-related inequities, wealth, and respect.

Through communication and technology, the movement of cultures and beliefs is growing, global relations and foreign politics are developing structures in which we all reside, and we are all environmentally responsible for the planet’s life and wellbeing.

We mentioned above that being a global citizen means doing something for the world you are living in. But how will you profit from it?

First of all, no one is obligated to do something that they do not want to. Everyone is free to choose what they want to do in their life. 

It’s true that taking part in global activities might not bring you wealth or any other resources but you are doing it for the benefit of this planet. Volunteering in different activities will help you grow as an individual and have a wider viewpoint of what this world has to offer to you. You will travel the world and learn more about the cultures of other countries and their citizens.

Being a global citizen means

How do you become a global citizen?

As stated above the definition of global citizenship is being a citizen who can understand how they are a part of the greater world and their responsibilities to it. Such citizens are active and take part in many activities throughout the world, thus allowing them to gain experience and learn how to make this world more peaceful.

Starting to become a global citizen is not as hard as you might think. However, be prepared to put a lot of effort into it and work tirelessly for what you want to do.

Here is a list of what we suggest you to do:


If you want to be a global citizen you should start doing so by learning more about it. Reading books, articles, taking part in global citizenship programs can help you a lot. 


Another great way is by taking part in different activities that involve helping other people with their needs. You can do some by finding global citizenship organizations in your country that can assist you in finding volunteer opportunities in your country or abroad.


Travelling abroad is probably by far the best way you can develop your skills and learn more about being a citizen of the world. By travelling in different countries you get the chance to meet different people with whom you can share opinions and learn more about each other.

Global citizenship academy

In most countries there are some global citizenship academies or programs that train you on how to become a global citizen. This way you will get to learn all the necessary things, be equipped with the right knowledge and much more.

Get to be a leader

Learn how to lead or arrange international travel groups, and consider setting up your own group.

You can also become a stronger international member by getting more socially interactive.  Participate in various academic meetings and internships that can help you in getting some experience and teach you how to become a great leader.

Global citizenship education

Global citizenship education

The knowledge provided about global citizenship informs students about other cultures and helps in finding interdependencies between cultures that go beyond just a single national identity. It focuses on sustainability and peace but also addresses issues of inequality.

The main issues of global citizenship are taught in schools or academies for global citizenships through a wide and advancing variety of interactive teaching techniques, such as oriented discussions and more. Educational systems should aim to develop students who will be successful, self-assured individuals who can make positive contributions to society, responsible citizens who can develop their own lives and values.

The reality is that individual notions of global citizenship can vary widely. It deals with identity and mindset, where it is not so flexible. The experience of a foreign student and that of a native one is almost never the same. However, the local context of the student and the institution should be a key point. Second of all, trying to teach the importance of global citizenship is important and it cannot be the same throughout each organization in different countries. The third area that should be of concern to students is reflection, where students develop the resources to seriously reflect on who they are and what they can do to leave their mark on the world.

Global citizenship misconceptions

As stated above, most of us think that there is such a thing as a citizenship document which grants us the title “global citizen” or “citizen of the world”. Thus allowing us to have more global rights. However, this is not the definition of global citizenship and all over the world people misconceive this idea.

In a way, we are a citizen of the world, but each one of us belongs to a certain country where each one of us has their own national identity, language and culture.

Global travel

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