Pinterest: 95+ Statistics, Facts, and Trends [2023]

95+ Pinterest statistics
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They make up 80% of the Pinterest audience in the US. 

But—there’s more.

Over half of weekly users access the Pinterest app during in-store shopping. Eight in 10 make the final purchase decision based on boards and pins.

Pinterest is more than just a place to look for DIY gift inspirations. It’s an e-commerce trendsetter that’s become a powerful tool for marketers.

So at Passport Photo Online, we’ve explored 55 sources to compile this list of Pinterest statistics, facts, and trends to help you stay on top of your game.

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Top 10 Pinterest Stats and Facts to Know in 2023

  1. Pinterest has over 433M monthly active users (MAUs).
  2. Active weekly Pinners are 40% more likely to say they love shopping, and 75% are more likely to say they’re always shopping.
  3. Pinners watch nearly 1B videos every day.
  4. Pinterest ranks 14th among social networks worldwide.
  5. 80% of weekly active Pinners made a purchase inspired by a pin.
  6. The median age of a Pinner is 40.
  7. Pinners spend an average of 14 minutes daily (and five minutes per session) on Pinterest.
  8. Over 85% of Pinners use the mobile app to access the platform.
  9. The average lifespan of a pin is 700 days, with 50% of total clicks coming in the first three months.
  10. Pinterest’s advertisement audience is over 250M people.

General Pinterest Statistics

  • Ben Silberman and Paul Sciarra (Pinterest’s key people) are each worth ~$1.4B, ranking 19th and 20th among social media billionaires. 
  • Pinterest ranks #1 in social media satisfaction rating in the US, scoring 76 points.
  • 26% of Americans who searched for Halloween costume ideas in 2022 used Pinterest, only falling behind YouTube (28%).
  • 58% of US Baby Boomers know Pinterest compared to 51% of Gen Zers.
  • The two most popular activities on Pinterest are viewing photos (59%) and finding products (47%).
  • There are over 240B pins cataloged across 5B+ boards on Pinterest.
there are over 240B pins cataloged across 5B+ boards on Pinterest
  • Nine in 10 people say Pinterest is a positive place.
  • ~80% of Pinterest users say the platform helps build their confidence.
  • Pinterest has seen a 200% annual increase in added videos over recent years.
  • 97% of top searches on Pinterest aren’t brand-related.
  • Human moderators are only responsible for 1% of Pinterest’s content removal. The remaining 99% of images are taken care of by AI.
  • Pinners typically spend five minutes on the site and view six pages per session.
Pinners typically spend 5 minutes on the site and view 6 pages per session
  • 85% of Pinners use the mobile app, and ~20% access it daily.
  • By 2025, US Gen Z Pinterest users might reach 26M.

Pinterest: A Company Overview

  • Pinterest’s net worth was $14B in 2022.
Pinterest's net worth was $14B as of 2022
  • Pinterest’s MAUs grew by 32% between 2019 and 2021.
  • In 2021, Pinterest earned $2.5B in revenue. That’s an increase of over 50% from 2020.
  • Pinterest revenue has increased by ~50% year-to-year since 2016, which then stood at $300M.
  • Over 70% of Pinterest’s revenue in 2021 ($2B) came from the US.
  • In 2019, Pinterest made major investments in R&D (+380%), sales (+135%), and advertising (+190%) compared to 2018.
  • In 2021, Pinterest recorded profits for the first time since 2016:
YearPinterest’s Net Income
2022 (Q1&Q2)-48M
  • In Q2 2022, Pinterest earned $1.54 per user.
  • Over 3K people work at Pinterest.
  • Asians make up 45% of Pinterest’s employees. What’s more, over 60% of Pinterest’s engineers are Asian.
  • Whites make up 50% of Pinterest’s management, followed by Asians (30%) and Blacks (4%):
Ethnic GroupShare of Pinterest’s Employees
Latiné or Hispanic4%
  • Q4s make Pinners more active, reflecting a 50% spike in average revenue per user. 
  • Americans account for 85% of Pinterest revenue per user.
  • Organic searches make up a quarter (25%) of Pinterest’s traffic.
  • Branded searches make up 55% of all organic traffic on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is the 8th most popular social media in the US, accounting for 3% of the total traffic.
Pinterest ranks 8th among social media sites

Pinterest vs. North America

  • Pinterest attracts 12% of social media traffic in the US.
  • Americans accounted for 44% of Pinterest’s desktop visits in 2022.
  • 45% of Americans with a $100K+ annual income use Pinterest.
  • Pinterest has the highest penetration rate among the US audience: 30%.
  • 46% of all women in the US used Pinterest in 2021 compared to just 16% of men.
  • 80% of Pinterest’s audience in the US are mothers aged 18–64. 
80% of Pinterest's audience in the US are mothers aged 18–64
  • 80M Americans had accounts on Pinterest in 2022.
  • Pinterest’s audience in the US may grow to nearly 110M users by 2025.
  • About 80% of Americans know Pinterest.
  • 30% of US internet users like Pinterest.
  • 39% of Americans who know Pinterest use it.
  • 20% of US social media users saw Pinterest appear in the media or advertising.

Pinterest vs. the World

  • Pinterest is visited nearly 1B times monthly.
Pinterest is visited nearly 1B times monthly
  • Pinterest had over 433M MAUs in 2022.
CountryShare of Pinterest Traffic (as of 2022)
United States44%
  • Most links to Pinterest come from Amazon (7%), Etsy (3%), and Yandex (2%).
  • YouTube (26%) was the #1 social media traffic driver to Pinterest in 2022, followed by Facebook (18%) and Twitter (7%).
  • Pinterest’s penetration rate stands at 15% in Brazil, its second-largest audience:
CountryNumber of Pinterest Users
United States80M
  • Pinterest’s MAUs fell from 478M in 2021 to 433M in 2022.
  • At the beginning of 2020, Pinterest had only 367M MAUs. Yet, Pinterest has gained an average of 21% MAUs since 2016.

Pinterest Demographics

  • Women make up over 75% of Pinterest’s global audience. 
  • 85% of Pinners start their projects by browsing pins.
  • Millennials comprise over half of Pinterest’s global audience (56%):
GenerationShare of Pinterest’s Global Audience (as of 2022)
Millennials (25–44)56%
Gen Zers (18–24)20%
Baby Boomers (55+)14%
Gen Xers (45–54)9%
  • There were 20M Gen Z Pinners in the US in 2022.
  • Most Pinterest US users have a college degree or higher (37%). 
  • People with some college education make up 36% of Pinterest’s users.
  • People with at least a high school degree comprise 22% of Pinterest’s users.
  • The higher the income, the more likely Americans are to use Pinterest:
Annual IncomeShare of Respondents Who Use Pinterest
  • 34% of Pinners come from rural areas.
  • 62% of Pinterest users come from urban or suburban areas.
  • Blacks make up the majority (35%) of Pinterest’s audience, followed by Whites (34%) and Hispanics (18%).

Shopping and E-Commerce on Pinterest

  • The number of Pinners who engage in e-commerce on Pinterest grew by 300% in 2021.
  • Shoppers on Pinterest spend 80% more time on the site than on other social media platforms.
  • 40% more shoppers look for inspiration on Pinterest than on other social platforms.
  • 80% of users found a new brand or product on Pinterest.
  • 4% of global social media users consider Pinterest their preferred shopping platform.
  • Roughly 16M Americans likely made a purchase on Pinterest in 2022.
  • 17% of Pinterest users interact with influencers on the platform.
  • Pinterest’s engagement rate with content from influencers stands at 87%.
  • Eight in 10 weekly Pinterest users make purchase decisions based on boards and pins.
8 in 10 weekly Pinterest users make purchase decisions based on boards and pins
  • Nearly 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to find shopping inspirations.
  • 60% of Pinners admit it’s where they go to find a new product, idea, or service.
  • Pinners spend over 25% of their time shopping.
  • More than half of weekly Pinners visit the site during in-store shopping.

Pinterest For Business

  • Only 19% of US social media users want brands on Pinterest. For comparison, 60% of respondents want to see businesses on Facebook, 48% on Instagram, and 40% on YouTube.
  • In 2021, Pinterest saw a 20x increase in product searches.
  • The cost per conversion on Pinterest is 2.3x more efficient than on other social media sites.
  • Pinterest ads can reach over 250M people, which accounts for 5% of global internet users.
  • In North America, Pinterest can reach nearly 100M people with on-site advertisements.
  • The basket size of Pinners is 40% bigger than that of shoppers on other social platforms.
  • Pinterest’s ad reach has an average annual growth of 12% (+28M people).
Ad Reach on PinterestDemographic
20%Gen Zers
14%Baby Boomers
9%Gen Xers
  • Brands that launched multiple holiday campaigns on Pinterest saw 4x more conversions than those that ran campaigns for Christmas only.
  • Starting a holiday campaign on Pinterest four months in advance, instead of waiting to advertise until later on, brings an average of 5x more conversions.
  • Brands advertising on Pinterest can reach 3x higher conversions. 
  • Pins on Pinterest keep earning popularity for 700 days after the publication, unlike Facebook’s 14 days.
  • On average, a pin gets half of its overall clicks in the first 100 days. For comparison, a Facebook post’s half-life is just 90 minutes.

Stacking It All Up

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How many users does Pinterest have?

There are over 433M monthly active users (MAUs) on Pinterest. Moreover, the platform’s user base grows by ~20% yearly.

How many people use Pinterest?

There are over 1B visits to Pinterest every month. However, the number of active users on the platform is around 433M.

How popular is Pinterest?

Almost 80% of social media users in America are familiar with Pinterest. Of those, ~40% (or 86M) use the site regularly.

What age group uses Pinterest the most?

More than 50% of all Pinterest users are Millennials aged 24–34. They make up 39% of the site’s user base.

What gender uses Pinterest the most?

As much as 75% of all Pinterest users are females. Males account for just 25%, but in recent years, Pinterest has witnessed an increase in the male audience, with a 40% year-to-year growth.

What do most people use Pinterest for?

Most people use Pinterest to view photos (59%), which is no surprise given the platform’s nature. Another 49% go on Pinterest to find new products, services, or brands.

Why do people use Pinterest?

People use Pinterest because it’s a positive place, according to 90% of Pinners. Plus, with over 240B boards, it’s where people find inspiration, shop, or start new projects.

Where’s Pinterest most popular?

A full 44% of Pinterest’s audience comes from the US. Brazil comes second at 8%.

Is Pinterest profitable?

Since 2016, Pinterest has made a profit only once (in 2021), earning over $300M. As of the first half of 2022, Pinterest had -$48M in losses.

Who’s the target audience for Pinterest?

A whopping 80% of Pinterest’s audience in the US are females with at least one child. It’s also popular with women, who comprise 75% of its audience.

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