Sam's Club Passport Photo

Sam's Club Passport Photo

Get your perfect biometric photo (compliance guaranteed)

What do you get?

You save time and money - take a biometric photo conveniently without leaving home

Digital photo within a few seconds or printouts shipping to your home
Professional service
Over 1,000,000 people have used our services within 7 years.
Guarantee of acceptance
If your photo is rejected by authorities, we will refund you twice the price you paid
Satisfaction guarantee
Take as many photo shots as you want - you pay only when you are satisfied

What do our users write about us?

The reviews come from our customer satisfaction surveys.

Alison Burry does a great job, They turn any photo into a passport photo within seconds. If something seems doubtful, they do it manually and send the new photos for free. They also do a fantastic service even after the purchase. I love their service, 100% recommend it.

Ann Y.

Excellent service. Very good software that enhanced our photos. They also did a manual check and had me redo one of the pictures for free. I have only used online passport photos for more than 10 years. This is by far the best.

Pauline Jackson

Can't thank these people enough, they have gone above and beyond today to produce a lovely passport photograph from my poor photograph. Thank you for all your efforts. I would recommend this company good value, professional and kind.

National Geographic

Sam's Club Passport Photo - price & size

Sam's Club Passport Photo
Width: 2 in
Height: 2 in
301 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 1.29 in
  • Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 1.18 in
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to take a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Get two U.S. passport photos for 9¢ thanks to Sam’s Club Photo Center

You don't believe it, do you? Well, we're happy to tell you it's true. To get two U.S. passport photos for 9¢ at Sam’s Club all you have to do is get a 4x6 inch passport photo template first. 

The average price for a US passport photo is 6-7 dollars but you can get it almost for free thanks to this life hack. Get your Sam’s Club photo prints online (Sam’s Club photo price is 9 cents for each 4x6 print) and then order your US passport photos to collect at Sam’s Club near you. And for those of you who didn’t know it, new members of Sam’s Club Photo Center get 50 free prints.

This life hack will not only help you to get your U.S. passport photos but also any other document (green card photos, Schengen visa photos, student id card photos, etc.). It works as follows: you get your 4x6 inch photo template including two U.S. passport photos and print it as a standard photo. Once printed, you will see how the photo you get contains two 2x2 inch photos; that is, the size established by the U.S. government for passport photos. 

This is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to get your U.S. passport photos. Besides, you won't waste any time. Obtaining your U.S. passport photo template is possible from home, using the appropriate online photo booth. Take advantage of your trip and pick up your photos at the nearest Sam's Club a few days later.

Sam’s Club Photo Print Sizes

You can find different photo print sizes on Sam's Club website (5x7, 8x10, 4x4, 5x5, 8x8, etc.). However, you will have to print your passport photo template in 4x6 size, which is usually the most frequent and most demanded option. Just get your photo template and print it for 9 cents. Use Passport Photo Online to get it in a second. Once you have it, you can print the 4x6 inch photo template, which will include two passport size photos (2x2 inches). Cut them out and you're done! You have two U.S. passport photos ready to submit. These photos will also be valid for other documents such as green card or visa since the size (2x2 inches) is similar. Get your Sam’s club photos the cheapest way possible!

Sam’s Club Passport Photo Tips

Before taking your Sam's club passport photo, you should be aware of the various requirements set forth by the U.S. government. The photo we must submit when filling out our application must meet certain guidelines or it may be rejected. That is why we must be very attentive to the indications, as any small detail can invalidate our photo. 

However, there are online photo tools capable of adapting your photo to the different requirements, such as Passport Photo Online. This online photo booth can correct the background of your photo and turn it into a plain white background, adapt your photo to the necessary measurements for U.S. passport pictures or correct all kinds of imperfections. This way, you can get not only your U.S. passport photo but also your 4x6 inch template without worrying about anything. Sam’s Club photo printing center does not guarantee that your photo will be accepted. You will take the risk unless you order a 4x6 inch passport photo template at Passport Photo Online and later print it.

Sam’s Club Passport Photo Requirements

  • The background must be white and plain.
  • The measurements for U.S. passport photos are 2x2 inches.
  • The subject must be looking straight at the camera, with his/her head centered.
  • Proper distance from the camera should be maintained. Not too far away, not too close. You must leave a margin between your head and the top edge of the photo. The top of your shoulders should be visible.
  • Your photo must be recent (taken within the last 6 months).
  • Smiling and unnatural facial expressions are not allowed. It must be neutral.
  • Choose appropriate attire. No hats, glasses, or oversized accessories. Remember that all your facial features must be perfectly visible.

When to attend the store? - Sam’s Club Hours

Sam's Club is normally open from 10 am (Saturdays open at 9 am). And what time does Sam’s Club close? Clients can find Sam’s Club open until 8 pm except for Sundays when they close at 6 pm. Remember though that Sam's Club photo service is no longer available, but you must order through their website. To do so, you must upload your 4x6 inch passport photo template and select the correct photo print size. A few days later you will be able to go to Sam's Club to pick up your passport photos.

Sam’s club near me

Access Sam’s Club Finder to check whether to find a Sam’s Club Photo Center near you. Introduce your zip code or location and look for it in a second. 

And what if I don’t find Sam’s Club near me? Whether you can’t find a Sam’s Club photo service near you or you don’t have time enough to visit it, we got the perfect solution for you. Use Passport Photo Online and order two U.S. passport photos to be delivered to your home address. You will save time and effort. Moreover, Passport Photo Online’s premium service is way cheaper than obtaining your photos at a local photography studio or photo booth. You can get your U.S. passport photos in a few seconds and from home. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Take your photos anywhere: taking a walk in the neighborhood, in line at the supermarket, on the bus…

Get U.S. passport photos at home

Access Passport Photo Online website or download its app, upload your photo and wait a minute: your photo will be transformed into a perfect U.S. passport photo right away!

Passport Photo Online guarantees that your photo will be accepted by U.S. authorities. If not, you will be refunded double the money you paid for your photo.

Receive your photos in physical format at home in just a few days or download the digital version of your photo ready to attach to your online application.

Last update: 5/16/22

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 How much is a passport photo at Sam's Club?

Sam's Club Photo Center is permanently closed since 2019 though you can still order your photo prints online.

💡 Hou much are Sam's Club photo prints?

That depends on the photo print size you choose. For instance, you can get a passport photo template and print it in 4x6 photo size for 9¢ at Sam's Club.

💡 Where can I find Sam's Club near me?

You can use Sam’s Club Finder to find the nearest Sam's Club. In case you don't find Sam's Club near you, you can think about using Passport Photo Online and get two perfect U.S. passport photos delivered to your home address.

To get a U.S. passport photo at Sam's club the only thing you need to do is to obtain a 4x6 ready-to-print template, access Sam's Club site and order photo prints for just 9 cents.

You can get your ready-to-print template thanks to Passport Photo Online in a minute. Then visit Sam's Club website to order your photo prints and collect for 9¢ a few days later.

Photo booth services are permanently closed at Sam's Club though you can still order your photo prints online and pick them up at your nearest store.

Though you cannot take your photos at the moment, you can check Sam's Club Finder to find whether to collect your photo prints.

Sam's Club is open from 10 am on working days and Sundays and from 9 am on Saturdays.

Clients can find Sam’s Club open until 8 pm except for Sundays when they close at 6 pm.

About the document

It is essential to obtain a quality passport photo before submitting our US passport application. Like other biometric photos, it must meet certain requirements or it may be rejected. Specifically, our US passport photo must meet the requirements set by the US government. For example, your US passport picture must be the right size, be taken in front of a white background, be printed on quality photo paper, etc.

Nowadays there are many places where you can get your US passport photo, however, there are services much cheaper than the commonly known ones. One of them is Sam's Club. However, to the surprise of some of you, Sam's club photo centers are permanently closed since 2019, so passport photos are no longer available. 

However, there exists a better and cheaper option to get your Sam's club photo and that's as simple as getting a printable 4x6 inch US passport photo template including two perfect passport photos and print it out at a Sam’s Club store for just $0.09!

You won't find a cheaper way to get your US passport photo. Also, this method is very convenient for those of you who don't want to waste time. Just get your printable US passport photo template, place your order on Sam's club photo center website and come to the nearest store to pick up your photos within a few days. Sam’s club photo center website offers free shipping on all products.

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