Passport Photo Hair Rules [2024 & Beyond]

passport photo hair rules
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We know that it’s important to follow official passport photo requirements. Your face must be visible, the background must be white (or off-white), and your pose straight. But what about hairstyles?

You’ve probably asked yourself questions such as:

“Should I put my hair up or down?”

“Can I take a passport photo with dyed hair?”

“Can you have a fringe in a passport photo?”

You don’t have to wonder anymore. Keep reading to discover the answers to these questions and many others regarding UK passport photos when it comes to hair.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

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And coming back to hairstyles—let’s discuss some good practices and what’s best to avoid for your passport photo!

Hairstyles for passport photos: do’s & don’ts

The most important aspect of any passport picture hairstyle is that your hair cannot obscure any of your facial features.

While the HM Passport Office doesn’t offer any specific passport photo hair requirements, there are some rules—or rather, recommendations—that you should keep in mind when choosing a hairdo for your passport photo.

Below, you’ll find concise lists of what to do and what to avoid while preparing your passport photo hairstyle.


Thankfully, the UK government’s passport photo hair recommendations are not very rigid. Thus, you can choose almost any hairstyle for your passport photo. Listed below is a detailed breakdown of acceptable passport photo hairstyles:

  • Wearing your hair down—and you might want to keep your long hair tucked behind your ears to expose your facial features
  • Wearing your hair up—a small bun, a ponytail, or a plait, all of them are fine for your passport photo
  • Having a fringe is acceptable. However, ensure it doesn’t cover your eyes or eyebrows. If you have any doubts, it might be best to pin your fringe for passport photos
  • Dyed hair is acceptable. However, if your hair is grey or very light, make sure it doesn’t blend in with the picture’s background
  • Facial hair—last but not least. All forms of facial hair, from big moustaches to full on beards, are acceptable
Examples of acceptable hairstyles for a British passport photo.


As you may have noticed, any hairstyle or hair colour is acceptable for your British passport photo as long as your facial features are fully visible. However, there are some things you need to consider before taking your picture: 

  • Hair accessories. While wearing your hair up is fine, you must ensure that no hair clips or other accessories are visible in your passport photo
  • Head coverings, including elastic bands. Your face and hair must be clearly visible in your passport photo. The only exception to this rule applies if you are wearing a head covering for medical or religious reasons
  • Voluminous hair is also a no-go for your passport photo. A small, clean bun is absolutely fine—unfortunately, if your afro is the envy of all your mates, you might need to adjust it so it doesn’t cover your facial features
Examples of unacceptable hairstyles for a British passport photo.

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How should I wear my hair for a passport photo?

His Majesty’s Passport Office doesn’t provide any specific guidelines regarding hairstyles. Most importantly, your hair cannot cover any part of your face and must fit within the picture’s frame.

Can you have hair down in a passport photo?

Yes, you can. Ensure it doesn’t cover your cheeks, eyes, or eyebrows.

What colour of hair is allowed on the passport?

Any hair colour is allowed for a passport photo. However, you might want to avoid very light, grey, or white colours so as not to blend with the picture’s background.

Can you have a fringe in a passport photo?

Yes, you can. However, ensure it doesn’t cover your eyebrows or eyes.

Can you have your hair up in a passport photo?

Yes, you can. Ensure your hairstyle fits the picture’s frame and doesn’t cover your face. Also, no hair accessories can be visible in your passport photo, so keep that in mind while styling your hair.

Key takeaway

Summing up—

Most hairstyles are absolutely fine for your passport photo. As long as your hair doesn’t cover your facial features (especially eyes and mouth) and fits in the picture’s frame, the photo will pass the biometric tests.

Remember that any visible hair accessories or head coverings (except religious or medical ones) are unacceptable.

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